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Affinity Nr4 Patriarchy

Affinity Nr4 Patriarchy

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Published by yoshi_hoshy
One more political zine about anarchism, men and feminism
One more political zine about anarchism, men and feminism

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: yoshi_hoshy on Nov 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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of the woman who kills her rapist is not the same as that of the prisonguard who tortures an inmate.Finally, I wanted to briefly address the relationship between patriarchyand violence, in particular the argument that by advocating violence orengaging in acts of violent resistance we run the risk of reinforcing thedomination of men and promoting aggressive, competitive behaviour thatvalues typically masculine characteristics and therefore alienates women.Whilst I certainly share a desire to actively challenge patriarchy in ourmovement, and those who use violence to reinforce their position in thegender hierarchy should certainly be called on it, I don’t agree thatviolence itself is to blame, or for that matter is inherently masculine. Theargument that the use of violent tactics reinforces a macho culture thatvalues men more than women runs perilously close to accepting theconventional stereotype of women as somehow more passive, gentile andakin to non-violence.
Sexism is Driving Me Mad.Literally.
I am a naturally confident and outgoing person but sexism is making mefeel depressed, withdrawn and unable to cope with social situations.Sexism is attacking me on two main fronts; firstly through physical,verbal and emotional abuse and secondly by silencing my attempts tochallenge and articulate this abuse and its effects. Before the abusivecomments pour in (oh the irony!) let me just say this: my case is notspecial, I am not unlucky and this is not my fault. I am only guilty of having been born female in a patriarchalsociety. While the odds may attimes seem stacked against me, I am dedicated to resisting and I amdetermined to recover.
It would be near impossible to describe in detail the amount of physicalabuse men have inflicted on me over the course of my life. Mymemories of primary and secondary school are full of being slapped,punched, kicked and sexually abused by boys. Lacking self-confidenceand self-worth, during college I was trapped in a physically, sexually

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