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Personal Nursing Philosophy

Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Published by jagwa

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Published by: jagwa on Nov 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Personal Nursing Philosophy / Mission Statement As a future nurse, I view nursing as the most compassionate and helpful career in the world. Nurses are typically caregivers and nursing is a most rewarding career. Myphilosophy towards nursing encompasses: the environment, health and nursing itself. As my understanding develops and refines through academic learning and throughpracticum, the essential role of nursing is to assist patients for their wellness in aprofessional manner. And health in the medical field is commonly defined as a state of balance of the mind-body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Nowwhen we talk about assisting patients in a professional manner, we talk about the strictethical and moral traits that nurses must adhere to when assisting patients. Theseethical and moral traits are developed over a period of time through academic learning,discussions and most importantly when reflected through experience.In my previous term I learned communication techniques, applied in practice andthen wrote reflective journals. For example, assertive and non-assertive communication,use of body language, verbal and non-verbal form of communication. This procedurehelps the nursing students to learn communication techniques in academic settingsapply them in family or friends and then investigate the results. The nurse students getan opportunity to practice communication skills before they become professional nursesand start providing services. Before I started nursing school I was not aware of differentcommunication techniques. In general I always try to make everyone pleased duringtalking and sometimes agree with them although I am not convinced by the argument.
 As I learned about assertiveness in communication, I try to forward my argument aboutan issue instead of just agreeing. The other most important part of communication isshowing emotions in communication. For example, empathy, warmth, respect andtherapeutic touch during talking and listening. These are the important aspects of communication which I do practice and I committed to improving my communicationskills not just for my nursing employment purpose but also for use at family and society.When I started in my Licensed Practical Nursing program, it was all aboutobtaining my new skill and learning the ability to provide medical care. I have foundthere is far more to healing than just delivering medicine. The much different view nowis that nursing is a way of giving back to society. I had a fear that how I will deal withelderly and sick people and was always fearful about diseases. But now I know that it issafe to work in hospitals and with sick peoples. I enjoy helping others, and I enjoyedduring my practicum. Giving of myself to the people who need care gives me peace of mind and high spirit. Over the course of my program, my idea of what a nurse waschanged. I began to understand that a nurse was not just a person in a uniform, but anindividual that could make a difference in another person’s life.Nursing as defined to me is care and compassion delivered to create anenvironment that supports healing. This can be provided at any location and deliveredby a nurse or any person with the ability to show love and support to another humanbeing. This definition changes slightly when we account for the care and supportprovided by a health care professional. A nurse must provide competent care along theguidelines set forth the College of Licensed Practical Nurse British Columbia.

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