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The Forest Girl Chapter 2

The Forest Girl Chapter 2

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Published by AndrewElliott
A tale about a child upon an epic adventure; this Chapter details some of that adventure.
A tale about a child upon an epic adventure; this Chapter details some of that adventure.

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Published by: AndrewElliott on Nov 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Forest Girl Chapter 2
Then, time swept over them like a dream, and below them theworld escaped into a pool of silence and darkness. The mountainstowered over the land as though they had once been royal palaces,with lairs and dungeons that went deep into hidden fortresses.Estraya took Godiva by her hand. Her eyes were pale and cold.Moonlight became shadowy and dim. Estraya pointed to amountain wrapped in cloud and a blizzard of snow. His eyes werecast upon it as though he had been taken in by its spell. Very dark and menacing were its corners—as dark as the grief of a wanderingtraveler who is lost and forbidden. The snow swirled out of themountain caverns as though it had been released from a long punishment, and the wind was as cold as death.They climbed near the top of the mountain, reaching a ledgewith jagged stones beneath. They could hear the loud frighteninghowl of wolves in the distance. Estraya knew this land by memory,and they were both on the verge of despair as they heard thewolves beginning to run straight for them. Furiously, the wind began to blow, and now hastily Estraya grabbed Godiva by her arm; but the poor girl was struggling to move, for fear had taken possession of her.Out of brave compassion Estraya soon snapped his fingers.Light came suddenly into her eyes, and Godiva found herself climbing down a steep icy cliff: moving so fast that even the windcould not keep up with her. Like liquid gold, starlight helped themdown the stone of the mountainside, and there was a great rush of cold buried in the deep impenetrable darkness. Then, Godiva ranwith a thumping heart, for there was no cause for her to be lessafraid, and she heard the wolves barreling through the center of aforest that they had just entered; and she could hear them growlingin their throats.Did the wolves only know where they were, then they wouldsurely have been devoured. But Godiva went secretly into the
mouth of a cavern, and was lying as silently as a stone. Estraya joined her behind some heavy rocks, and with a notion born of trickery he threw out some stones. The wolves snapped their teethas the stones went in all directions, and their eyes burned furiouslyas though they were eager to eat flesh. But they could find nothing.Although they snarled, and made the poor boy and girl jump intheir skin, they were soon like ghosts in the night, and vanisheddeep into the cold and dark wilderness.The cold grew in its bitterness as the wind blew without asound, and the stars were as gold as wild honey. Estraya gazed outof the cavern doubtingly, for he did not trust the night’s silence andstillness. But he had hardly emerged out of the cavern’s shelter when he saw Godiva making a torch out of a stick and some dry bark. She was resourceful and clever, and knew that her effortswould keep them safe and warm. But now the wind rustled at their feet, and they could not guess how long the forest would be, for itseemed like an endless desert. Darkness can be a light in its ownway, for it gives the heart its fire, and can burn as bright as anystar. The snow was pale and turned the sky into a blanket of pearlsand white diamonds, but the whisper of the night went untroubledfor a while, for time seemed to be in a world apart.In the next moment, the sky rained darkness, and they couldsee their own breath in the frosty night air. The moon sparkledthrough some clouds, and they could see a hollow cavern lyingnearby. It was covered in smooth patches of ice, and in its mouth itlooked like a dim sea of darkness. They could hear the drum andrumble of something terrible within. Shrieks that could pierce theheart like an arrow, and hidden tunnels that were as mysterious asthe black of night.Fear came over them like a wind, and snow fell through the bright web of moonlight. Their flakes were like crystals of silver,and the cold of their icy touch were like kisses of sweet innocence.Estraya put his head into the black darkness. Moonlight
streaked the rocks upon the solid entrance walls. Godiva followedas though her feet had been stuck in ten feet of snow. They came toa slender path, blocked by pillars of stone. Estraya said to creepsilently, for he warned her that there were many foul monstershiding in the darkness. It was colder inside the cavern than it wasoutside, for they could feel it in their bones. The cavern fell deeplyas though it would go on forever. There was nothing morefrightening than this unfamiliar silence. They were too scared evento talk, for in the distance they could hear a shrill cry as though achild had been weeping for its mother. Small wonder they walkedon their toes, and stuck to the walls like wanted thieves.In the next moment, Godiva raised her torch high. Bats on theceiling began to fly out of dark holes, and disappeared into tunnelsthat could not be seen by the naked eye. Faith seemed to hang upona thread, but they had to be utterly fearless if they were to climbthe steps of this mysterious dungeon. The tunnels they walked bylooked like giant vaults. It was as though people had once livedthere, but that was before everything had crumbled into smoke anddust.Then they walked further up the dark stairway of ice andstone, and went across many bottomless and steep cliffs. They alsoclung to the strong mountainside as though they were afraid to die.In the distance, there was a great and deafening noise as thougheverything had burst into a fiery blaze. At this moment, themountain began to shake without warning. Rocks began to fall, andin all directions there was destruction and a loud cry of mayhem.The cry was so loud that their ears began to hurt, and it was like acrash of thunder when lightning strikes the peak of a tall mountain. Not long afterwards, Estraya ran, keeping his head andshoulders as steady as a calm wind, as the crash of boulders echoedoff of the rafters of the wide mountain tunnels. Behind him Godivafell and stumbled as though she were stuck in a pool of quicksand; but she possessed a resilient heart, and was not to be defeated just

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