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Athletic Advantage

Athletic Advantage

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Published by: Salvador Alfonso Apablaza on Nov 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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So you want to jump higher congratulations! Looking to dunk over thecompetition, blow by the defenders and own theair above the rim? You are well on your way bytaking the most important first steps alreadytaken by thousands of athletes to improve their athletic performance. As you have mostcertainly already noticed, your ability to jump iscentral to your success in your athletic career. Athletic Advantage The Complete VerticalJump Program will provide you with all the toolsyou will need to dramatically increase your legstrength, speed and vertical leap over thecoming weeks. You can expect this program toenhance your athleticism in the followingaspects:
Increase your vertical 8” to 14”
Increase your first step quickness
Increase muscular endurance
Increase muscle fiber recruitment
Decrease your 40yd dash time by0.2 to 0.4s. Athletic Advantage The Complete VerticalJump Program is a very powerful tool with allthe resources you will need except one.Commitment. Even the best program will doyou no good if you don’t stick with it. Imagine if Michael Jordan decided to just quit when hishigh school basketball coach cut him from theteam. Because he was committed he pulledthrough and became one of the biggestlegends of the NBA. In order for you to obtainall the gains this program has to offer you mustbe committed to following each part of thisprogram to the letter.No one part of this program is moreimportant than any other. Each part has aspecial aspect to offer that none of the othersdo. This program incorporates power weighttraining, dynamic weight training, plyometrictraining, nutrition and positive mentality.Without power weight training you will not havethe strength base for any of the other stages of this program. Dynamic weight trainingincorporates speed with strength to break thepower plateau reached in power weighttraining. Some very strong athletes do notpossess the power to dunk a basketball or sprint a fast 40 yard dash. This is becausemost athletic movements require a time factor much smaller than the time it takes tomaximally contract a muscle. This is whereplyometrics come in! Plyometric trainingprovides the environment for eccentriccontraction which has been proven to buildmuscle and power faster than any othecontraction. Nutrition is the glue that holds it alltogether. Your body is a hormonalrollercoaster. No, this is not the ‘sex talk’, I’mtalking about the hormones responsible for themuscle growth and body chemistry needed byevery athlete. Without proper nutrition, you willnot achieve maximal strength gains and the riskof injury is greatly increased especially duringplyometric training.Before we go directly into Athletic Advantage The Complete Vertical JumpProgram, we will quickly visit other programsand see why this program has so much more tooffer than most programs out there. Also wewill work through a detailed description of whathappens behind the scenes when you jumpfollowed by a technical look at muscle varietyand how it affects your vertical jumpingpotential.
KEY IDEAS: Most programs fall short of their promises for one of the followingreasons: They over train causing injury.They lack variety to properly change uptraining to avoid workout adaptation. Theydo not allow proper rest periods leading to injury. Thisprogram incorporates 5 main parts including power weighttraining, dynamic weight training, plyometric training,nutrition and positive mentality.
Why this program? You may be askingwhat makes this program different from everyother program out there. To answer thisquestion, let’s first start by taking a look at whatother programs have to offer and why theycannot necessarily be as good as promised.Most programs out there offer a single phaseprogram with only one means to train your muscles. These programs generally have you jumping ropes or running stairs until you cannotmove anymore or until you over train. Theseprograms tend to produce a dramatic increasein your vertical over the first few weeks butplateau quickly or produce over training andinjury. This is because doing 500 repetitions of 6 to 10 different exercises 5 days a week
causes your muscles to adapt to the work outs,adaptation is the number one reason foplateaus in your vertical gains and can only beremedied by changing up work out routines andexercises every 4 to 6 weeks.One component of training that is almostalways overlooked is rest. Contrary to popular practice in vertical jump programs, rest is justas important as the work outs you do. It takes48 hours to rebuild the damage caused bypower weight training and plyometric training.Without proper rest your routine willprogressively tear your body down until, finally,you will either reach plateau stage or over train.These are only a few of the reasons why mostprograms out there aren’t as good as theyclaim or are at the very least lack the variety totruly tap into your body’s vertical leapingpotential. Any program that says it is the ultimatewithout some element of weight training iswrong. It is true that purely plyometricprograms can yield astonishing results butstudies and experiments have shown time andagain that vertical jumping ability is enhancedmost when a training regiment incorporatesplyometrics and weight training.Don’t be mislead, though, this programdoes incorporate many exercises and possiblylifts that are found in many other programs. Itis the order and implementation of these liftsand exercises that makes this program sosuccessful and powerful. Exercise shouldalways be done working the largest musclegroups first and working through to the smallestmuscles repetitively cycling through all musclegroups. This allows your muscles to be pushedto failure more efficiently. That is where thistraining program differs from all the others.This program incorporates superior-inferior cyclic training techniques which train thequadriceps first, the largest muscle group, andwork down to the calves, the smallest of thebasic jumping muscles repetitively.This program features a three tiered workout schedule that is broken into three sections.Each section incorporates the 5 main parts tosuccessful training: power weight training,dynamic weight training, plyometric training,nutrition and positive mentality.Power weight training will provide a strengthbase for your training program. Most of your gains will be delivered by this part of theprogram for the first few weeks if you are a newcomer to weight training and will be responsiblefor some of the extra gains you will experienceover and above other programs would offer.The second component of proper training isnot introduced until a bit later in the program,after a sufficient strength base has beenestablished. This is the dynamic weight trainingphase in which some of the lifts in the power weight training phase are replaced withweighted jumps or explosive lifts that focusmore on speed than weight while the lifts thatare still present are increased in weight anddecreased in repetitions.Plyometric training is the part of thisprogram that you may be most familiar with if you have looked at other programs out there.During this part of the program you will be jumping using different muscles a lot. You willbe using your different muscle groups to failure,which studies have shown to produce maximumstrength and power gains. Each exercisefocuses on a different muscle group until youhave fatigued them all.Nutrition is our next stop in this program.This is the part of the program that may takethe most self-control. You will be eating acontrolled ratio of protein, carbohydrates andfats along with proper hydration to put your body in the optimum hormonal and metaboliczone for growth.Last is positive mentality. Even though thispart of the program has no physicaldevelopment, it is an important element in your training because confidence and mentalpreparation are a big piece of the puzzle. Thisbenefit can be seen in pep talks from coaches,listening to music or watching your favoriteathlete in action. Each of these 5 parts of theprogram are compliments of each other andtheir combination is the key to your jumpingsuccess!
KEY IDEAS: Jumping is a complicatedcombination of movements incorporatingthree muscle contractions, eccentric,isometric and concentric. These threemuscle contractions form the stretch-shortencycle which is responsible for our jumping ability.Neuromuscular memory is your body’s way of learning to jump. 
When you jump you may not give a secondthought as to what happens in your muscles,you just run to the rim, lower your body and jump. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Jumping

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