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Edel453 Spring2012 JoslynBOMGAARS Geography LP3

Edel453 Spring2012 JoslynBOMGAARS Geography LP3

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Published by Joslyn Bomgaars

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Published by: Joslyn Bomgaars on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Title of Unit: All About Maps! Lesson Plan #_3_ out of _5_  Title of Lesson: Map Scale
Summary of the Lesson Plan
 This lesson is designed to show another type of map as part of this unit. Students will learnhow a map scale works to determine actual distances.
Follow That Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills
children’s book will be used to introduce following amap and the amount of time it takes to travel around. This will be read at the beginning of the lesson.
Target Population:
grade level
At grade level
Whole group discussion & activity, individual assessment
Compare uses of maps and globes.
Recognize different types of special maps, i.e., neighborhood, school, and classroom.
Have students meet you at the carpet and read them the book
Follow That Map!: AFirst Book of Mapping Skills.
Have them return to their seats.2)Using the Elmo, place a map of the United States. To review what they have learned, askstudents what they see from this map. (Responses may include, title, map key, andcompass rose. Some may identify the map scale at the bottom left.3)Point out the map scale which is located on the bottom left of the map. Tell the studentsthat a map scale will help them measure distances on a map. Give an example, if I weretraveling from San Diego to Miami, how would I measure the miles?4)Use a ruler to demonstrate that one inch on the map scale is equal to 300 miles of distance on the map. Have students practice measuring distances with a ruler on themap.
Next, ask the students how to find the distance between two places when they are 3inches apart on the map. If they struggle, tell them to multiply 3 times 300 (3x300). Askwhat the distance would be. (900miles)6)Ask students to use a ruler and the map scale to answer the following questions:a)In northern Nevada, about how many miles is it between the east and westborders? 300 milesb)About how many miles is it from Elko to Promontory Point? 150 miles
EDEL 453 Spring 2012 Karen Powell- Instructor Submitted by: Joslyn Bomgaars
 Title of Unit: All About Maps! Lesson Plan #_3_ out of _5_  Title of Lesson: Map Scalec)
About how many miles is it from San Francisco to Ogden? 600 miles
Give each student a political map that has a map scale and a ruler. Have each student find thedistance between the following cities on the map individually:a)Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Floridab)Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, Californiac)Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City, New Yorkd)Anchorage, Alaska and Salt Lake City, Utahe)Dallas, Texas and Cheyenne, Wyoming
What skills do students need in order to be successful with this lesson?Students need to know their multiplication facts and know how to multiply in order to figureout the mileage, unless they don’t mind adding it all up the hard way.
How will you follow up or extend this lesson? To follow up on this lesson, I would use the Skill Builder: Read a Map Scale
What can you do for students who don’t grasp the concepts?I can pull students into small group and review the map scale together.
Where do you anticipate having problems with this lesson?I feel students might struggle on how to determine exactly how far one place is to another.Using a ruler will help them, but they might struggle with multiplying as well.
Follow That Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills
by Scot Ritchie
Map with map scales
Paper & pencils
EDEL 453 Spring 2012 Karen Powell- Instructor Submitted by: Joslyn Bomgaars

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