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Conspiracy to Dumb People Down

Conspiracy to Dumb People Down

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Published by cocoy777
Learn the global scheme to suppress the intelligence of the people.
Learn the global scheme to suppress the intelligence of the people.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: cocoy777 on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Conspiracy to Dumb People Down
They conspired to enslave and dumb us at DNA level!
“17. Yes,in fifth density you will have bodies,you won’t be “light beingswithout form.” This is an excellent question as it begs clarification of howyour current bodies can function along Earth’s ascension pathway.Souls thatabsorb the light,which is constantly available to all,are changing at cellularlevel from carbon-based third density bodies to crystalline-based bodies thatcan survive in the higher frequencies.Eons back in your time, darkly-inclinedsouls
altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies.That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness,illness, aging, death, and severely decreased capacity forintelligence and spiritual clarity. Those limitations are beingreversed
by the ever-increasing intensity of light in bodies that areabsorbing it.Actually,
your “travel ticket” is the absorption of lightthat comes automatically with living in godly ways.
“18. Please understand that this clarification pertains only to bodies, not tosouls. Each infant, whether perfect in form and brain power or with flawedphysical make-up or what you call “mental retardation,” is born with alighted soul, or the Christ consciousness, and full awareness of pre-birthchoices. That soul level awareness remains in the most severely ‘mentallyretarded’; and in people with healthier brains,”
 Parenting, Religions & Schools diminish that spirituality or that spiritual awareness
“the awareness recedes with adaptation to functioning in a dense body andexternal influences such as parental training, peer pressure, academic andreligious teachings and societal philosophies.
Spiritual growth isremoving self from external influences and “going withinsomessages from the soul can reach consciousness.
The Illuminati controls our educational system to limit our learning – read: dumb us down!
19. This is a good place to address the plaint from an educator, which I havesummarized: “Why don’t students think, reason and use common sense?” The self-serving unenlightened ones who nevertheless chose the name“Illuminati” control the educational systems and produce textbooks andother teaching materials. They want schools and society to produceautomatons who don’t ask questions but rather think and perform as taught. Their control extends toproviding diversion such as TV programming,advertising,emphasis on sports and elimination of the arts,violent games
and raucous “music”contained within handheld instruments, gamingarcades,pornographyon the Internet. In combination, these darkly-contrivedmethods have been successful in“dumbing down” many young people,butalong with positive developments in other aspects of your world, thissituation is changing too.
The reforms teachers need to do now
20. Many teachers are “seeing the light” and inspiring students to developtheir minds and talents and skills.Souls are being born in bodies with theenhanced DNA of crystalline cellular structure and are rightfully referred toas Crystal Children. Otherswith increased intellectual capacity, spiritualclarity and aspirations camein the two generations beforethe Crystals andareknown as Indigos.Sadly, in many cases these youngsters wereconsidered abnormal, treated harshly and drugged into submission – onceagain, through the manipulation of dark ones who convinced unsuspectingcounselors and parents that these exceptional children must conform to the“norm.As knowledge about Crystal and Indigo individuals is spreading,some of the older ones are becoming aware of their greater potential andmaking life changes accordingly; parents are recognizing their youngchildren as gifted and wisely treating them as such; the use of drugs to keepchildren with extraordinarily active minds in a stupor is lessening; and,indicating awareness of the beneficial influence of fine music, the numbers of youth choirs and orchestras are growing.
When labels should be removed and leave only names
21. Along with our honoring the Crystal and Indigo souls, I want to say aswell that labels can keep feelings of separation alive and kicking. Of coursenames are necessary for identification, but labeling social orders, governingstyles, political parties, religions, races, cultures, professional positions andphilosophies with the intent to emphasize differences vs. similarities,separateness vs. unity, superiority vs. equality, or competition vs.cooperation is another dark ploy to create divisiveness among you and keepfar from your minds that Oneness of All is the universal truth.
December 28, 2008 Matthew message
Show patience, love, mercy to the evil ones
Not only is it important to focus only on what you want in your life and yourworld, but also to refrain from thoughts of retribution, revenge, or punishing
others. Those carry the heavy negative energy attachments that account forgeneration after generation of violence, brutality and oppression as one sideretaliates for what the other side’s ancestors did to the first side’s ancestors,thus incurring karma upon karma for all those souls to deal with. While weunderstand the desire to hold accountablePresident Bush and othersoperating within the Illuminatifor their actions that amount to crimes againsthumanity itself, we encourage you to let the judicial system do what it willand be content with that.20. When the Golden Age plan was formulated, Bush and those other strongsouls willingly agreed to fill their roles as long as necessary, then join thelight forces. Those roles were essential to the part of the plan that coveredthird density karmic completion and subsequent reconciliation of darknessand light within balance, wherein all is light.However, although theyinstinctively knew the time was at hand for them to merge into the light,their enjoyment of power and reluctance to relinquish it weakened their soulresolve and allowed darkness to leap into their psyches, destroy theirconscience and dominate their decisions and actions.As a result, manymillions of souls have requested and been granted amended contractsbecause their physical lifetimes were much more difficult than chosen orwere cut short; the amended contracts provide the growth opportunities inspirit worlds that planetary circumstances denied those souls, and they aremoving apace in their evolution.
What kind of “punishment" will evil men get? What is hell? Why ‘Judge Not’ is very true teaching?
21. Whatever “punishment” you may feel “fits the crime” committed by Bushand all the other like-minded individuals, we tell you thatthey have imposedupon themselves unimaginably harsher consequences than any of your legalsystems could ever conceive.By universal law, at physical death those soulswill be drawn to areas where the energy is commensurate with their lifetimeenergy registration, and in the mandatory review of the past lifetime,
theywill experience every emotion and pain they ever caused others toendure
. That is a hellyou cannot comprehend, but if you could, theinseparability of every soul with every other and with God wouldevoke thesame compassion for them that we feel, and it is why time and again wehave urged you to send them light.22. You would be in awe if you could know persons at soul level, the rolesthey agreed to play and if they fulfilled those missions, in this momentousclosing act of third density. But at this point in consciousness-raising, most of you can know others only through their obvious attitudes and actions;therefore,
another aspect of the Golden Age plan is, “Judge not thatye be not judged.”
Just as the transformation underway in the United

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