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Published by cocoy777
Excerpts from the Kyron channeling at New Hampshire.
Excerpts from the Kyron channeling at New Hampshire.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: cocoy777 on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Excerpts from the Kyron channeling at New Hampshire – BE MASTER TO YOURCELLSDear ones, you sit in an energy that we predicted twelve years ago. It's an energythat is going to become far more stable than it has been, but we'll get to that in amoment. What we want to tell you is this: The attributes of the masters are uponyou. What is it all about, you ask? It is about a changing humanity and a changingspirituality. The veil is being slightly lifted! It is being lifted so that you can seedimly through it the things you never could see before. Some have asked,
"Couldthis really be? Can I really change my life?"
The answer is yes. You come into thisexperience with what is called a contract, and the compartmentalization in yourbrain says,
"This is my contract. It always will be."
So many never understand thetruth around this. These contracts are what you agreed to as "starting energies." They get you going. No angel or prophet ever told anyone that it was forever! It justfeels that way. You had to start somewhere, and your contract is a good place tobegin. This beginning starts with where you left off, and is a simple agreement. Itrepresents unfinished business, residues of past experience, choice of parents, race,place on the planet, fears, and joys. What is not seen is that it's the Human who hascomplete and total free choice to move in any direction he or she wishes...and yes,that means out of the starting contract!Without an awakening to that fact, and without the ability of knowing of yourenablement, that starting contract is often the one followed right to the end. Howmany of you have contracts that you wonder about? What about your biologicalcontract? Does it include what happened to your sister and your brother and yourparents? Genetically surging in your DNA, what are the "starting" patterns there?What are they going to "do" to you? Are you afraid that what your relativesreceived, you will, too? Do you feel predisposed to biologically follow that path?Well, dear Human Being, perhaps it's time to put on the mantle of the master - themaster with your name, with the layers of who you are. If you do, the genetics inyour body will all listen to the mantle of the master. And when you speak toyourselves and say, "It is time for a change," the new contract is upon you. Yourcells change! They say, "We wish to be joyful and enjoy the love of spirit. We wishto change our cellular structure, our genetic makeup. We wish to influence all thatwe have with our own intent, just like the masters did." Do you understand what weare telling you? Do you understand how profound it is? Take a moment, if you wish, and think of what the masters were able to do as theywalked on this planet. They left many in their wake who were healed, sobbing andweeping in their joy and gratitude. They spouted profundities and wisdom, and theyhelped everyone they touched. They brought tribes together and affected nations. They unified the separated. They presented paradigms that were so different that
they often lost their lives because of it. Now...here this energy is - visiting you! Whydon't you take a moment and celebrate what you have created!We're in place now, you know, and we're ready. And so it is that we take our placesaround you, above you, even below you. Interdimensionally, there is no limitationabout where we can sit or stand or be. Each of you is surrounded by your own group- one that knows exactly what you've been through - that knows your weaknessesand your many questions. It is a group that is ready to take your hand and lead youone way or the other, if you ever come to that place where you would allow it...orrecognize that you have the choice to ask for it.….
Where Is the Grid Group Going?
And this grid group - where are they going? Should we be sad for them? Are theygoing home? Here is the answer. NO, and NO. This grid group that has been withme all of these years, that has moved the very magnetics of the planet to createyour DNA, returns to what you would call other jobs. It stays and remains. Itdisseminates, but it is part of the earth itself. Some of you have recognized thatGaia has life. The indigenous believed that the dirt of the earth itself was part of anentity. They saw this in the elements, and in the east, the south, the west, and thenorth. And we are telling you this: that part of this magnetic grid group will continueto work with Gaia. This group has always been here and always will be. It has to dowith the life-force of the planet. It has to do with the support of the Humans that arehere. Where is the grid group going? They're staying right here. Consider it a jobchange, if you wish. That's what's happening. What job are they going to? We willtell you next month [December]! There's another question that gets asked here, and it's one that we would like toendeavor to explain this very evening. Why is it with the grid shift lifting the veil,allowing for greater spirituality, insight, wisdom, and joy...why is it, then, that thedark side seems to be increasing so dramatically? Did you think we didn't notice? I'llgive you information that seems unbelievable. I will say it again, and there will bethose here who will not agree, but I will tell you the truth, dear Human Being: Thereis no such thing as the dark side.Listen to this. Understand this. I am not tricking you when I tell you these things. Iam giving you intuitive knowledge. Check your Higher-Selves for the integrity of thisanswer. There is no group of entities who are part of your demise. There is no groupthat you would call "the dark side" that wishes to bring you into a place of darkness. There is no group of entities that is responsible for pulling you away from the lightor taking your soul. And that is the truth. You might say, "Well, then, why does itseem like it?" This is difficult to grasp, perhaps, and not all will get it.
Let me tell you, oh powerful one: When you simply walk by water...and themolecular values within it change, what does that tell you about your influence[referring to the scientific validations that were shown earlier in the day]? Could itbe that you are a lot more powerful as an "ordinary" Human Being than you everthought? Could it be that you're not as ordinary as you thought? Indeed, this is thecase. Listen: The Human Being who focuses on dark will get dark! And it will bepowerful dark! The Human Being who focuses on light will bring in light. And it willbe powerful light! Many times we've given you the difference between thoseattributes, for light is active and dark is passive. That's old information. But here iswhat it means: When there is darkness and you choose the light, a dark areaexposed to light will become illuminated. The dark seems to vanish. It is literally notmoving from dark to light, but instead it is an alchemy of "turning on the light." Ithappens all at once. It's not slow. And when the light is turned on, all of those thingsthat were hidden in the dark are there for you to see. The point is this: The HumanBeing who begins to move to the light is moving an energy framework. Thisframework is a finite area called Human consciousness. And when you move intothe light, you're going to leave some of the dark behind. You can only hold so muchenergy in that Human framework. Therefore, if you choose a lighter energy for yoursystem, there is going to be a piece of the darkness within your past duality that isgoing to be severed - lopped off - left behind. Think of it this way: Your personal jarof energy is always full. It's filled with a combination of dark and light. When youchoose to add more light, the old dark part spills over the edge and goes away.Now, what do you think that dark part is going to do to you? It's going to plead,
"Don't leave us behind! We've been part of you for a long time. Lifetime after lifetime you embraced us, and now you're throwing us away! Don't do it!"
And thissevered part will come at you in survival mode, pleading not to be left behind. Inthis pleading, it will appear as though there's a legion - an army - pulling you awayfrom the light. Much of it will be done with fear. Let me ask you this: Who knows youbetter than you? How does this "dark side" know about all of your weaknesses? Howdoes it know about your habits? How does it know YOU so well? The answer? It'syou, talking to you! It is the powerful part of you that you have chosen to lop off andleave behind. It's an actual interdimensional layer of your DNA, responsible for thebalance between light and dark. Call it your duality engine. This is new information.
you might say,
"I still don't believe it."
All right, how about someintellectual proof? Let me ask you this. If it is true, dear Human Being, that there arelegions of dark ones trying to trick you into submission - if there are armies led byentities with horns in dark places, trying to seduce you into the dark, then why arethey so submissive?
"What does that mean?"
you might ask. Why is it that whenyou turn and face them and say no, that they run the other way? What kind of anarmy of darkness is that? What kind of power is that? Did you ever think of this?

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