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E marketing

E marketing

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Published by globalgideons
this document contains info on e marketing.
this document contains info on e marketing.

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Published by: globalgideons on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Relationship marketing
Relationship Marketing involves developing long term relationship withcustomers so that they provide you with ongoing business. An organisationmust exceed customer satisfaction expectations, in order to retain customersand develop long term relationships with them. Traditional transactionalmarketing involved firms focusing all of their marketing efforts on attractingcustomers for "one off" sales rather than repeat business. It takes firms a lot of work to persuade customers to spend money on their products for the first time.However once you have developed a long term relationship with a customer,further sales require less work and cost less; so it makes sense to keep existingcustomers happy!
Attracting And Retaining Customers
Relationship marketing involves the organisation implementing strategy toattract customers and strategy to retain the customers (they have attracted) on along term basis. Methods used to attract customers include lots of marketingcampaigns promoting the firm, its products, its brands and its special (pricing)offers. Methods used to retain customers include good quality products,competitive prices, loyalty cards, a focus on customer satisfaction, excellentcustomer service and even individual account managers for larger clients.
Methods Of Monitoring Customer Satisfaction
Long term relationships need customers to be continuously satisfied with your  business even when things do not go to plan. Therefore it is important tomonitor customer satisfaction and implement strategy to improve processes asand when required. Methods used to monitor customer satisfaction include:Focus groupsPersonal interviewsQuestionnairesMystery ShoppersCustomer complaintsEmployee feedback Suggestion boxesOnline surveys andGeneral customer comments.
It is important to monitor customer satisfaction regularly as customer wants andneeds continuously change. Adapting and changing to reflect customer requirements will help the organisation develop the long term relationship itwants with customers.
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Key concepts
Relationship marketing
was first defined as a form of marketing developed from direct responsemarketing campaigns which emphasizes customer retentionand satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions.
 As a practice, relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the longterm value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising andsales promotional messages.
With the growth of the internet and mobile platforms, relationship marketing has continued to evolveand move forward as technology opens more collaborative and social communication channels. Thisincludes tools for managing relationships with customers that goes beyond simple demographic andcustomer service data. Relationship marketing extends to include inbound marketing efforts, (acombination of search optimization and strategic content), PR, social media and applicationdevelopment. Relationship marketing is a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with clients and sales prospects.
It alsoinvolves using technology to organize, synchronize business processes, (principally sales and
marketing activities), and most importantly, automate those marketing and communication activities onconcrete marketing sequences that could run in autopilot, (also known as marketing sequences). Theoverall goals are to find, attract and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company alreadyhas, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. [1]Once simply a label for a category of software tools, today, it generally denotes a company-widebusiness strategy embracing all client-facing departments and even beyond. When an implementationis effective, people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduceoperational costs.
he Ethics, Laws and Tips to Success with Email Marketing
A customer recently requested that an article about email marketing,the ethics behind it, what to watch out for, etc. be written. Emailmarketing is a topic we've covered frequently over the years so nowis a great opportunity to revisit that topic to make it relevant fortoday (and another chance to prove that we usually listen to whatour customers want)! So here you go, an article about emailmarketing, the ethics behind it and what to watch out for, etc.Enhanced brand awareness, improved company credibility andincreased sales are a few things that can be accomplished whenusing email marketing properly. When not used properly, just theopposite can occur such as inconsistent brand identity, damagedcompany credibility, reduced sales and even legal problems. Toobtain the benefits of email marketing and avoid the pitfalls, hereare 8 tips to email marketing success.
1) Brand Consistency
When it comes to branding, consistency is the key to success. Whenit comes to email marketing, your messages need to be consistentwith your brand. How many times have you received an emailmarketing message that doesn't have the same look, feel andconsistency with the brand from which you received the message?It's often overlooked as businesses will rush into email marketingwithout understanding that this is just another way to deliver yourbrand message. While your email messages don't have to look

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