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Birdman and Sparrow

Birdman and Sparrow

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Published by Eric John E

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Published by: Eric John E on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Birdman and SparrowByEric EuchlerEric John Euchler25 Winooski Falls WayWinooski, VT 05404Phone: 413-652-7237eeuchler@gmail.com
EXT. ROOFTOP - NIGHTBIRDMAN and SPARROW stand atop the sill of the roof, lookingout over the city. Birdman stands with one leg on agargoyle, both his hands on his hips with his chest puffedout and his chin raised high. Birdman is wearing a customtailored superhero costume with a long cape over hisathletic frame. Sparrow is leaning against the stairwellwall, shivering. Sparrow is wearing a t-shirt and jeans,both of which are too bag for his skinny body, and a capeand domino mask.BIRDMANIt’s quiet. Perhaps too quiet.SPARROWIt’s cold. Definitely too cold.Birdman frowns and turns to look at Sparrow.BIRDMANYou know its not very Heroic tocomplain like that.Sparrow walks away from Birdman, and hugs himself.SPARROWWhatever.Sparrow walks over towards a group of pigeons that walkaround on the roof. He stops halfway over and bends down topick up a pebble. He then straightens up, and tosses thepebble at the birds.Birdman looks at Sparrow again, and jumps in front of him.BIRDMANWhat are you doing?SPARROWI don’t know. I’m bored.Sparrow picks up up another pebble and tosses it at thebirds.BIRDMANStop.SPARROWWhat’s the problem?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.BIRDMANWe are supposed to be defending theweak. Throwing rocks at birds ispretty much the complete opposite.Birdman turns away back toward the gargoyle.SPARROWThey’re not rocks.Birdman stops in his tracks.BIRDMANWhat?SPARROWThey’re not rocks.BIRDMANWhat? Of course they are.SPARROWNuh uh. They’re just pebbles.Birdman closes his eyes, grasps his face with his palm andlets out a deep sigh.BIRDMANI don’t care, I honestly don’tcare.SPARROWYou always do this?BIRDMANDo what?At that moment they hear an alarm go off in the distance.SPARROWYou always...BIRDMANShut the fuck up Sparrow there’strouble afoot. Quick, to theBirdmobile.Birdman runs and leaps off the gargoyle. As he falls heholds his cape outstretched, catches the wind and lands onthe ground with an ease.Sparrow sighs, then quickly picks up another pebble andtosses it at the birds before he runs over to the fireescape. He then climbs down.

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