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December 2012

December 2012

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Published by Jonathan Villers

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Published by: Jonathan Villers on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By the grace of God, the Philippi Baptist Churchshall
Embrace, Model
, and
the love of Godthrough Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
Philippi Baptist Church ♦ 107 Church St. ♦Philippi, WV 26416 ♦ (304) 457
Catch us on the radio live every Sunday Morning at 10:30a.m. WQAB 91.3 FM
mail: office@pbcwv.net Website: www.pbcwv.net
107 Church Street
Philippi, WV 26416
Jon Villers, Pastor 
The Baptist BridgeThe Baptist Bridge
 Inside this Issue
 Pastor’s Message...2
 Prayer requests...5
Getting to know...6 
 Announcements & Events...4,7 
December 2012
Judd Bracey, Choir Director 
Michele Moore, Pianist
Caleb Villers, Praise & Worship Leader 
Lucretia Moyer, Secretary
Marj Campbell, Organist
Zvesdana Vlasic, Custodian
Dear PBC Family,
I want to wish you a blessed Advent and Christmas Season! I am starting a new venture with the Barbour Democrat and will be writing a weekly column for them. I have enclosed the first article for you all as well!May we continue to be a people, by the Grace of God, who embraces, models and shares the Love of Godthrough Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Everything Rhymes with Orange
God made all the colors of the rainbow, I can't deny; but orange has always been the apple of my eye!
Hello there! My name is Pastor Jon Villers. I have been inspired many times over the last three years as I readDr. Shearer's weekly column, 'Just What the Doctor Ordered.' I have appreciated his insight, encouragementand faithfulness. Maybe in fifty years, I will begin to scratch the surface of his inspiration and humility. In themeantime, I am hoping you'll allow me to start a new chapter in our local paper. Thank you, Dr. Shearer for your investment in my life and in the lives of so many others down through the years.
I have pondered how to begin and think it best to start with some introductions. Who am I? What does the col-umn title mean? Where is this going?
Who am I?
Wow, even the easiest questions seem daunting when your on a deadline! The who am I question may best beanswered from the pen of a modern day prophet, Leonard Sweet.
'I am part of the Church of the Out
Control. I once was a control junkie, but now am an Out
ControlDisciple. I've given up my control to God. I trust and obey the Spirit. I've jumped off the fence, I've steppedover the line, I've pulled out all the stops, I'm holding nothing back. There's no turning back, looking around,slowing down, backing away, letting up, or shutting up. It's life Against the Odds, Outside the Box, Over theWall, the game of life played Without Goal Lines other than 'Thy Will Be Done...'' He goes on to say, 'Myfundamental identity is as a disciple of Jesus
 but even more, as a disciple of Jesus who lives in Christ,, whodoesn't walk through history simply 'in his steps,' but seeks to travel more deeply IN HIS SPIRIT!' (Soul Cafe,March 1996 Vol. 2, No. 1)
I am also the husband of the most beautiful woman in all the world, Koreen Villers. I am the privileged father of four incredible kids: Caleb, Allison, Thomas and Bobby. I am humbled to serve as the lead pastor for Phi-lippi Baptist Church. Koreen and I lead the Bapitst Campus Ministry group at Alderson
Broaddus College. Iam the treasurer of both the Barbour County Ministerial Association and the Code Blue Youth Alliance. I aman adjunct instructor at A
B College. I have avid interests in Table Tennis, Racquetball, Disc Golf and Rook!
What does the column title mean?
My affinity with a certain color starts as I came into this world with orange all around me. I was born four days before Halloween. When I was six years old, my grandmother let me wallpaper a bedroom in her house. I
found this psychedelic orange and yellow pattern and thought it was amazing! I lived in a West Virginia com
munity that bled orange and black as we cheered on the Tigers of Wirt County and was very school spirited! Ithen came to Alderson
Broaddus College in the fall of 1985 and it became a signature color for me. I tried toget A
B to paint the Apollo Statue orange when I was Student Body President, but the closest I got was bring-ing the youth from the church I served at Emmanuel Baptist in Parkersburg to come and paint my dorm rooma bright orange! Can you believe the administration gave the ok with the stipulation I would paint it back to a'neutral color' at the end of the year?! So for almost forty years now, I have collected the color orange. I cameup with the poem that starts this column many years ago and orange has truly been the apple of my eye.
That phrase, 'apple of my eye,' originated from the bible. It means the object of someone's affections. It ismentioned four times throughout the Old Testament. This passage in Proverbs Chapter 7 becomes significantfor me: '1 My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you; 2 keep my commandmentsand live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;'(ESV)
I view orange as an outward representation for my desire to be connected to God and His teachings. So for me,Everything Rhymes with Orange!
Where is this going?
I believe the words given by the Psalmist in Chapter 37
'4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give youthe desires of your heart. (ESV)
When I started out in ministry nearly twenty years ago, I wrote down some of those desires. I share them with you to let you know a little more from where I am coming!
Here are the desires of my heart.:
1) I have a heart to be a part of team in ministry
to learn from, pray with, grow alongside, hold accountableone another 
2) I have a heart to reach out to the least of these. To bind up the broken hearted, to set the captives free!!
3) I have a heart for working with and in the public schools and colleges. For building relationships, having a presence, being available to the students, faculty, administration, and staff.
4) I have a heart for a church to connect with community, by building relationships with people in the market- place, inmates and their families, families with children and youth, young adults, and single adults.
5) I have a heart to use music as a means of reaching out and building God's Kingdom.
6) I have a heart to be in the disciple making business. To train and equip others to be able to go out and train& equip others.
7) I have a heart for teaching and modeling the importance of a personal daily walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
8) I have a heart to mobilize all of God's saints to be on mission for Him.
9) I have a heart to form a small group of leaders and potential leaders to then be empowered to go forth andstart their own small groups for the purpose of making disciples of service for the Kingdom.
10) I have a heart for God's Kingdom work and not a Church's Castle work.
11) I have a heart to build bridges for God's Kingdom across, economic, social, generational, racial, education

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