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And I Start to Write About False Heroes

And I Start to Write About False Heroes

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Published by Karol Piątek
Read the tale ..... and understand
Read the tale ..... and understand

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Published by: Karol Piątek on Nov 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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.......And I start to write about false heroes.
By Karol Piątek
Chapter 1: Conveney ...
"What are You doing? Are You sure, You are skilled enough? .... " man wasasking me, while I was performing my second incantation."After being haunted and being trained, what can go wrong?...." - I replied with true fear in voice."Amateurs .... those kids will suffer, if You blew it". He was reffering to hypnotizing newborn children, so they will not see all ghost, ghouls, spirits, that surround one. It is acustom for all new born kids."Hypnosis done" ... I answered - "Let's wait for their reaction" ... and so did I released myghosts."Behave Yourself fools, or I will crush You again" - my guardian directed this to myghosts, as well to me. Not the first time, not the last."Do You think it is fair, that we disallow them to see those spirited creatures? Like acloak? Like a ...?""Arggggggh ... I told You once. I only obey orders. I don't care if this is fair or not. I knowonly it is better like this, for them not to get scared to death or being hunted right after being born" he replied - "So do You think we should ask every parent - Hey, doYou want Your child to see world of ghosts in the world of the living, when it becomesone month old? Do You want us to make a party and invite ...?"""I was not asked to carry those ghosts, not that I don't like it, although sometimes askingwouldn't be a bad idea. That's final phase, kids haven't noticed any of those 3 of mine"."What about Your daughter?" he started "Is she willing to see those ghosts thatYou carry? Is she ready to face them?""I thought You are my mentor and I should ask the questions ... Your appearance can'thide the answer, which is obvious ... Those ghosts are for me, not for my children. My
children will have normal life, without such burden ...""You call it burden .... You call it burden ...... How dare You ......!" - he shouted directinghis fist, which reached my face and so I landed on the hospital's floor.When I finally got up, I spoke through blood "Ah,don't worry. I will tell You whole story,as You seem to be missing a lot ... And don't forget to take Your ghosts."

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