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Jim Leighty Followup-RCG

Jim Leighty Followup-RCG

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Published by Tim Kitchen

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Published by: Tim Kitchen on Nov 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Brethren,As Passover approaches we are all aware of the time of self-examination. This is a year like no other year inrecent history. This year the Passover service will be held, as you know, on the Sabbath. It would seem thatwith all that is going on in God’s Church this year is more than special. That is the reason why this letter is being written. We, as God’s people, must take the time to be
sure that we are in the right place. Wemust also be
sure that we are not in the WRONG place.In my last letter – and I do hope that this will end soon – I wrote and made the statement that I did not run off and use the mailing list. This statement was made primarily because I was told that the next person that usedthis list in the manner used by those before me would be
declared an enemy of the church
and would be prosecuted. I will state here and now that I am neither an enemy, nor an adversary of the church.
 I firmlybelieve that if I simply go away and keep quiet, I then could be viewed as an accomplice in Mr. Pack’s deceptionand 
then I would be an enemy!
If he finds it necessary to prosecute me for what I have to say then let that beits own statement.In (Mt.7:20) God says by their fruits you will know them. In the following paragraphs I hope that we will see proof of the fruits of a man that is either working with God, working for himself, or maybe we will see that Ihave taken my crown and thrown it to the wind. By the end of this letter one of these statements will be true.God says in I Timothy 1:7
 For God has not given us the spirit of fear but, of power and of love and of 
a sound mind.
It is with this God given sound mind that I firmly state the following: What kind of a mind rushes into printing projects using a process that ultimately causes these same projects to be done two, and sometimes, three times? It is a well-known fact and he has made it a point tolet people know that we have had to reprint this booklet or that booklet. While all the time masking thereal reason with the excuse that the printer had made the mistake or that there was formatting problemswhen all along it was his “Get it done yesterday”, “I have a gun to my head” approach. He will then state because of a “printer mistake” that
we have turned lemons into lemonade.
Tithe money, as he has stated privately, has been “
literally thrown in the middle of the floor and set on fire
”. (Knowing that this statement was made privately he will deny it of course.) I have personallywatched him use the same printer, that he knows will produce a bad product, but because of 
lack of  basic organization, he then will
use the printers
later in an arm twisting session, after the sale, in order to
a rate reduction.
This process has been going on for close to one whole yearthat I know of!
Every single time he would over commit on a project, wait until the last minute, braghow fast he got HIS part done and then rant and rave on how everybody else dropped the ball and thenwonder why we were behind schedule. This, of course, caused everyone to scramble and looseconcentration on vital detail.
Take a look at your first copy of the
 Keys to Revelation
andsee for yourself. There are at least four scriptural errors alone. All because he was in a hurry to
impressthe church
with something they could
get their hands on. He would say if the people
something in their mailbox they would
that the work is being done. Mr. Pack did not have the faithto understand that the people in Restored were stronger than a few pieces of paper in the mailbox! A booklet a month, done right, would have been good steady progress. But he had to have two or three.After working with Mr. Pack for almost a year I have come to learn that the lemons were in his briefcasethe whole time! Names will not be mentioned but ask yourself these questions:What type of mind hires someone that will not give up his Social Security number and then give them
Jim Leighty Followuphttp://web.archive.org/web/20080829195158/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...1 of 32/25/2012 9:58 AM
total control of the books? This point is somewhat misleading. It should read…,What type of mind does not even to ask for a Social Security number and still give him control of the books?What type of mind also allows this person to have complete and unfettered access to the church’scheckbook?What type of mind hands this same person the church’s credit cards?
What type of mind is informed of this person’s predisposition well in advance of employment andhires them anyway?
The Lack of responsibility should scream at you! Mr. Pack will publicly admit that he hired this person and thathe takes
responsibility. But I will add here that this is done for two reasons. One, as a public relationsmove in order to
like he’s doing what is right. And
most despicably
is used
as a banner and a badgeunder the heading of persecution in order to prop up his stature as a shepherd as well as tool for control!! Doyou understand what was just said? He makes these decisions and then tells everyone that we are being persecuted. Words alone can not convey the true meaning of the circumstance we find ourselves in. It will takeears that hear in order to understand the real problem that confronts us all.Then ask yourself…What type of mind will replace that same person with someone who has virtually no accreditedaccounting experience and blindly lets the books go again into an accounting abyss?What type of mind finds that after this second individual leaves that the books are again so far out of linethat he has to spend more Tithe money and bring in the “area’s top accounting firm” to straighten out the books?What kind of mind will again, after the second person leaves, tell everyone that we are being persecuted?
 Most everythin
is done with one motive in mind. The last full day of my employment Mr. Pack came out of his office thrilled that we were going to have two new booklets and another edition of 
The Pillar 
in people’shands before the Spring Holy Days. (Once again pushing that same
 printer snowball 
down the hill – causing thesame chain reaction of costly mistakes.) At that time I said, “yes it will be nice for people to have this material. Now that we have hit the dregs of winter and it will be nice for those in the church to have something toconcentrate to help them prepare for Passover”. His next statement was unbelievable “
Yes, it might inspirepeople to give more for the Holy Days!
”. While this may be a completely innocent thought a leader of Godshould have kept it at just that, a thought (IICor.10:5). God says in Mt. 12:34 “out of the abundance of the heartthe mouth speaks”.This shows a mind that is concentrating on money for the wrong reasons! It is that simple. This also is the typeof mind that, as
he admits
, was
swayed into ordaining an individual partially because of monetarysacrifice.What type of mind thinks in this manner? It is a mind that thinks of nothing but control and manipulation. Amind that has become so accustomed to manipulating those around him that he does not see it when it is comingright at him. This is the type of mind that you are allowing to guide you spiritually!You can see now that either Mr. Pack is working for himself or I have taken my crown and thrown it out of thewindow.One last and, what should be a, totally shocking example of Mr. Pack’s mind can be found in his latest book 
 How often should The Lord’s Supper be taken?
At the bottom of the first paragraph on page 9 the followingstatement can be found,
 As a side note, while researching my genealogy, I learned that our family name is
Jim Leighty Followuphttp://web.archive.org/web/20080829195158/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...2 of 32/25/2012 9:58 AM

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