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Matthew 18 Letter to RCG Ministry-RCG

Matthew 18 Letter to RCG Ministry-RCG

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Published by Tim Kitchen

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Published by: Tim Kitchen on Nov 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Steve / Joan Thompson1134 Partridge Dr.Wadsworth, OH 44281-8805Darrell / Brenda Gaug2012 Katherines LaneCopley, OH 44321  November 9, 1999 Mr. Arlen Burke600 Norton LaneMcMinnville, OR 97128Mr. Peter DeneeRR#2 1006 E/W Line N.O.T.L. Ontario,Canada L0S 1J0Mr. Ron Laughland401 MosstrailGoodlettsville TN 37072 SUBJECT: Mat 18:15-17, I Tim 5:19-21 vs. Mr. David C. Pack  Dear Gentlemen:We are bringing a matter to you that is quite serious. As “peers” [you gentlemen] to Mr. Pack, and as ministers,we are presenting a situation to you in light of Mat 18 and I Tim 5 as we have already gone before Mr. Pack with witnesses.The gravity of the situation is such that the following two things have occurred in the Akron Ohio area as aresult of Mr. Pack’s behavior:· Of all the people hired to work for Restored Church of God (USA), prior to the FOT ’99, only one is left· Of all the leading men in the Akron OH congregation (those who were in the Deacons & Elders meetings),only one is leftAgain, both of the above situations are the direct result of Mr. Pack’s behavior. Since the letters of resignationand/or termination (attached) by Darrell Gaug, Joan Thompson and Steve Thompson are quite explicit coveringMr. Pack’s problems, we will only summarize them here – Mr. David C. Pack is causing division within theBody of Christ.The letters that we wrote were presented to Mr. David C. Pack on Monday, October 11, 1999 as the first step of a Matt. 18:15 process.Immediately upon receiving those letters, Mr. Pack went to the Gaug’s home. He [Mr. Pack] effectively
Matthew 18 Letter To RCG Ministryhttp://web.archive.org/web/20080820072737/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...1 of 32/25/2012 10:03 AM
escalated this to a review before witnesses (making this the second step in Matthew 18:15-17), by allowingMr./Mrs. Bill Sheppard Jr., Mrs. Nancy Sheppard, and Mr. Tim Mobley to come over to the Gaug’s home todiscuss various problems. Mr./Mrs. Thompson arrived later that evening.The end result of the meetings that day was that several of us heard Mr. Pack say the following:
“I am guilty of all points in all three letters.”
It needs to be noted that while talking with Mr. Pack during discussions on October 11 about the letters andother allegations, he lied. Specific examples are: he said he had nothing to do with the selection of who was onthe opening and closing prayer lists, song leaders, and speakers at the Feast sites (Mr. Pack is the one thatspecifically approved the lists prior to sending them to the co-ordinators). He also denied calling Steve an“unbalanced fool” (note that he started with being guilty of the contents of the letters) to Darrell Gaug and then justified such a thing if he had done it by telling us that Mr. Armstrong had done similarly to Mr. RaymondMcNair. Notice this last thing carefully – every time something was pointed out to him, he pointed to Mr.Armstrong and says he did no more than did Mr. Armstrong in a similar situation.Mr. Pack asserted over and over in these meetings that we had to forgive him (70 times 7) while continuing tolie about things!Most of the witnesses (all the leaders of the local congregation) had decided to leave RCG permanently prior tothis point. However, after Mr. Pack had left, it was discussed that we should give him one to two weeks toshow fruits of repentance. The result was his spin doctoring in the updates of October 15 & 22, 1999 placed onthe RCG websitehttp://www.restoredcog.org-- copies attached (October 15 Update-October 22 Update). He then started rumors about different persons. He claimed that Steve Thompson emailed the world about the problems, but when challenged by Steve, immediately backed down. He has claimed that Darrell and Joanembezzled funds on the day they left.Due to the number of lies that Mr. Pack has been caught in, we have begun reviewing several things Mr. Pack has told us over the past several months. One such topic concerned the events surrounding his departure fromGlobal in early May of this year. Please find enclosed a letter from what was the Global Church of God, datedMay 3, 1999, wherein Mr. Pack was not only disfellowshipped and his employment was terminated, but he wasalso removed from the ministry for causing division.He now claims to be the author of the two books, “Except the Lord Build the House” and “Except There Comea Falling Away”. At one time he said he did not author these. So Steve Thompson contacted Karen Ray. Whatshe says is what he use to tell people in Akron -- he had not written those books, but at best was a “co-author.”We continue to discover things are not the way he “remembers” them.In addition, we have uncovered a lengthy string of current and former members of RCG and GCG who have been treated in a similar manner by Mr. Pack as we are being.Meanwhile, during the two weeks that we have sat out of RCG’s services (giving Mr. Pack an opportunity toshow fruits of repentance), Mr. Pack’s actions need to be reviewed. On Monday morning October 11, Mr. Pack said he was responsible for everything in the letters. By Monday evening, he was only 90% responsible. Bylate Thursday evening of that week, he was “maybe responsible” for a small amount. While doing this, heshowed partiality working to get Darrell Gaug and family to come back, while slandering everyone else.Let us be perfectly clear. Mr. Pack has been trying to get Darrell Gaug and family to return to RCG, whileignoring ALL the others he has offended this year.We are now into week three and there have been some pretty wild rumors that have been going around. Mr.Pack was found to be the source of several of them, such as “Steve Thompson wanted the church to pay him$125/hr,” “Bill Ambrose was writing checks to himself and embezzling funds,” and, “Steve Thompson said thatMr. Pack would file a suit against us in three weeks.” We (collectively) have been accused of calling and
Matthew 18 Letter To RCG Ministryhttp://web.archive.org/web/20080820072737/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...2 of 32/25/2012 10:03 AM

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