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RCG June 7 Update-RCG

RCG June 7 Update-RCG

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Published by Tim Kitchen

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Published by: Tim Kitchen on Nov 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 7, 2000Greetings Brethren,The following fairly lengthy Update is entirely excerpted from our regular Member/Subscriber letter written yesterday.While I do not normally post this information on our website in an Update for everyone to view, I felt the material includedhere was a clear exception to this general policy. I hope everyone will read what is included here very carefully. Hopefully,you have already read the brief Update posted earlier this week dated June 5, 2000 (posted Monday night).
New Booklet
With this letter you will find my newest booklet entitled
Should You Join The Restored Church of God?
(Delays on my book 
There Came a Falling Away
grew to be so many, since the writing of this book was completed, that I have actuallyfully finished two new booklets that you have now received before the bigger book has even gone to press.) This new booklet is being sent to everyone on our mailing list at the same time. I hope that everyone who receives it will read it verycarefully. Anyone who comes with us in the future will be asked to read this booklet carefully as they make their finaldecision regarding whether or not to come with RCG. You will notice that it is a fairly thorough checklist of all of the kindsof issues that people making this decision might be concerned with most. I have often said that we want everyone whocomes with us to understand exactly what they are committing to in their decision to do this. It is my hope that even all of those who are already members of RCG will carefully read this booklet (perhaps twice) and be able to clearly reaffirm their  previous decision to come with us.
There Came A Falling Away
I have lost count of how many times that this book was just about to "go to the printer" or it would "soon be on its wayto you," etc. As mentioned above, seemingly endless delays have kept us from getting it to the printer on time. Mr. JimLeighty is working extremely hard to finish the book so that it can go to the printer, perhaps, as soon as tomorrow or thenext day. There is no question that Satan does not want this book to be released, and I suppose that all I can say, once again,is ‘I can hardly wait.’
[I have just been handed the fully formatted version of 
There Came A Falling Away.
It may now, in fact, go to theprinter by tomorrow or Thursday just as suggested earlier in this letter! The printing process is expected to take upto three weeks.]"CDs, Compromise, Conflict & Conscience" Sermonette
Of course, by now all of you have heard this Sermonette. As I said in the cover letter, I could have said a great dealmore about why sending these CDs out would have been a terrible mistake. Not one member has raised objections and I amvery encouraged about that. You are all aware that a CD of Mr. Armstrong’s books, booklets and reprint articles incirculation at the time of his death is already under way. While this is a very special project, it is also an extremely large oneas well and will take a significant amount of time and effort to be able to do it properly. If we do it correctly, it will be a veryspecial treasure for all that wish to receive it. I’m sure that you all agree.I suppose it’s possible that some who came with us primarily "signed on" because of the "CD project." This number would certainly be very few but it is another clear reason why I felt it so very necessary to write the booklet included withthis letter. We have had people come with us for a variety of wrong reasons. While neither we nor people themselves canever know their own heart 100%, this booklet is our sincerest attempt to help them know why they wish to walk with us.It is at this point that you may wish to stop and read the website announcement dated June 5, 2000.
Website Difficulties & Changeover
Some of you must have by now noticed that our website still occasionally (erroneously) displays a reference for thosewho may still wish to order the "HWA CDs." Clicking on this location sends you to where you may order them. We have
RCG June 7 Updatehttp://web.archive.org/web/20081120141523/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...1 of 52/25/2012 10:17 AM
had two different computer experts come assist our office, at considerable expense, to try to untangle why our computer does this, seemingly spontaneously, in such a way that when we delete it in one place it pops up in another. It is almost asthough our website has a hidden virus that causes this problem to reappear by some strange means. We hope to soon havethis completely under control. It is in this regard that there are several problems that must be explained to you at this time.At the time the man on retainer resigned from our employ, we were in the middle of switching our website from hiscontrol in Chicago to our control here in Akron with another company we had obtained to host it for us. Upon findingtremendous resistance to this changeover, (for reasons I cannot, at this time, explain to you) we had to forcefully seizecontrol of our website from his control. This caused us great problems, time and expense too numerous to tell you about inthis letter. I can tell you that God’s Church is now paying $30 per month for our service instead of $250 per month for thesame service which we have been told was paying for some and maybe all of the other websites this man who was recentlywith us was hosting at the same place outside Chicago. I am very thankful to be able to tell you that we are no longer payingmore than eight times as much for this service. Everyone knows that "Mr. Pack doesn’t know a computer from a wristwatch"and I guess I am rather easily taken advantage of in the technical area. I am sorry that a lot of you have had difficulty findingour website over the last almost two weeks or so, but we trust that the problems that we have been experiencing have now been resolved. I feel bad for the previous church this man was with because they did not own the domain name of their church andtherefore could not legally seize control of their site when this same man departed from them and came to us. They tell methat he now controls what was the website that they thought they controlled and, I must tell you, I never fully understoodthat at all. (I have never been to that website a single time.) They did not know he controlled it until he was gone. This iswhat they have plainly said to me. They had to actually establish a new website that included a similar but different namefrom the one that they had operated under for quite some time. I feel terrible that I and the Restored Church of God weretotally unaware that this is how he was operating while he was with us and that another church was hurt as a result. I havedeeply apologized to them and they have most graciously accepted our apology.
Herbert W. Armstrong Trust Fund
This leads me to a somewhat parallel problem that we just learned of yesterday. When this same man came with us, allof you are aware that we had plans (announced September 15, 1999) to start a Herbert W. Armstrong Trust Fund that would be operated and controlled by (but funds kept separate from) the Restored Church of God. The Trust Fund was opened and a post office box was secured. This man told me we needed to have a separate post office box, and so I told him to go and getone for us. I thought this new post office box (sitting right beside the box with the number assigned to the Restored Churchof God - - #23295 - - here in Wadsworth) was registered in the name of the Restored Church of God. I learned yesterday thatit never was. We asked him to open this box shortly after he got here. He then registered it in his own name. No one wasever told this. We trusted him. Herein lies the problem. Just as when he left the previous church also retaining control of the post office box that they had entrusted to him, the post office informed us that he has complete control, and apparentlyalways has, of all of the funds arriving there. I learned that I, as CEO and leader of the Restored Church of God, only
that we in RCG controlled it. Boy, was I fooled.I did think it strange that absolutely no money, whatsoever (not one dime), came into the Trust Fund since late Aprileven though we had notified 8,000 households of its existence three weeks earlier (via his e-mail list). I didn’t even reallyquestion the fact that the income to the fund dropped to zero until a month later and the resignation of the man whogoverned (and we now realize completely controlled and accessed it) the contents of the box, had already occurred.
So,would all those of you who were sending checks to the Herbert W. Armstrong Trust Fund who are members of theRestored Church of God please stop sending them to Box 23283!! THE HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG TRUSTFUND ( THAT THE RESTORED CHURCH OF GOD THOUGHT IT GOVERNED) NO LONGER EXISTS! WEDO NOT INTEND TO EVER RESURRECT IT. The Restored Church of God will pay for all printing projects of any kind that we undertake!
In this light, it is interesting to note that the old Trust Fund was overdrawn by approximately $3,500, an amount thatmight now be difficult to recoup. Just before he resigned he told me he had overspent the fund. Of course, I am not privy tothe amount that came in during the month of May that we might never know about. I am certain that we will have more to
RCG June 7 Updatehttp://web.archive.org/web/20081120141523/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...2 of 52/25/2012 10:17 AM
say about this in time to come. For now, I merely wanted to alert you to what has happened.I have carefully gone over a whole variety of quotes from my recent booklet
"Should Accusers Be Answered 
?" just toencourage myself in light of the current onslaught planned against us (which was threatened to be launched yesterday atnoon). I was going to refer you to key sections of the booklet to remind you of exactly what I predicted would happenwhenever people leave us for other groups. The die is cast. Ferocious attacks will continue against us - - probably growingever greater each time that they occur. The attackers now know that I will not answer my accusers. Yet I am left with theneed to always try to inoculate people (whenever possible) against new attacks that we may suspect or even know arecoming. Such is the case now. I strongly urge you to read this booklet once again, slowly and carefully.Now let’s talk about a remarkable phenomenon occurring in the church that we have never discussed in this way before. Have you ever asked yourself 
Christ prophesied "offense, betrayal, hatred and lawlessness" would aboundamong His people at the end time? Do you see this kind of attitude going on in the churches of this world? Do you see itoccurring in the WCG? No, we do not! There is but a fraction of this sort of thing occurring in the churches of this world inthis same way. It is even likely that various ecumenical movements in the churches of this world will draw them even closer together as time passes and prophecy advances in Europe. This is already happening. But now let’s consider something quiteimportant!What are the people in the Worldwide Church of God currently feeling? Also, are the kinds of attitudes beingexperienced among the splinter groups evident in the WCG? Absolutely not - - but why? The answer lies in the following.Ask yourself, how do they feel and how do they view their leaders? They feel enlightened. They feel liberated by new"truth." They feel thankful that they have grown out of previous "errors" that were taught to them by Mr. Armstrong.Correspondingly, they also feel quite thankful
to the leaders
there who have taken them in the direction that they have gone.This feeling even generally includes those former brethren who have left the WCG and headed for Protestant churches. Theyare filled with joy and even exuberance. Their future looks bright. The world now looks cozy and warm as they "discover"over one billion new "fellow Christians." The love they feel for their "new Christ" feels overflowing, at times. Oh, they maystill have a bit of resentment hiding deep inside toward Mr. Armstrong (but this may even be overshadowed by sympathy for him or a feeling that he would have "come to see these things for himself given time"). However, generally they feelwonderful about the bright new path into new "truths" that they have embarked upon. The devil is also satisfied with wheretheir journey has ended. For now, they have his "blessing," so to speak.Now let’s turn the coin over and examine the people who have stood up (in full or in part) for the truth. We see anentirely different world! How do they feel? How do they also feel toward their former leaders? They feel betrayed. They feellied to. They feel sold out. Sometimes they have been victims of this process several times. They are suspicious. They aremistrustful. They feel a need to "watch-dog" everybody. Amidst this already unstable picture we must add that there aretares, flatterers, false brethren, and even those who would "kill and think they do God service." Of those who
are converted
,we now know that the great majority are lukewarm. Let me tell you, we have just described what Christ understood 2,000years ago would create a climate that is ripe for and rife with "offense, betrayal, hatred and lawlessness." All of this is thenatural by-product of apostate leaders completely defecting from the truth and departing from God. Do you understand this? Now add the influence of Satan in a very different way from that described above. He comes armed with all of his "devices"as the "accuser of the brethren" and as a "roaring lion" toward all of the converted people in any of the splinter groups andhe does not have an interest in "blessing" any of them. Do any of us doubt this? Prophecy tells us plainly that this will notchange in any way other than growing steadily worse as time passes (II Tim. 3:13).I hope now that you can understand why I say that the group that is most fully holding fast to the entire Truth of Godalso lies most squarely in harm’s way and that the "die is cast" for all of us in terms of the attacks we can expect the future tohold. Only you know how you will handle these attacks as they intensify. This is yet another reason for my having writtenthe booklet included in this mailing.
The man who resigned openly bragged to another employee (just before resigning) of his training in "campaigntactics." He explained that he was "trained to be skilled in the ability to take anything he does or any situation thathe is involved in and spin it in whatever direction necessary for his benefit and so that he will come out on top." Hesaid he was "skilled in deflecting blame from himself and pinning it on others." I guess we should all "stay tuned" on
RCG June 7 Updatehttp://web.archive.org/web/20081120141523/http://home.neo.rr.com/lils...3 of 52/25/2012 10:17 AM

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