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Love Always Wins

Love Always Wins

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Published by bheff004
An opinion paper on the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, the effect on our nation, and the way to move forward.
An opinion paper on the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, the effect on our nation, and the way to move forward.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: bheff004 on Nov 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brittany HeifferonOct 28, 2012COMM 2020Essay Exam #2“Darkne
ss cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannotdrive out hate; only love can do that.” These immortal words spoken byMartin Luther King, Jr. seem to resurface with every tragedy and act of hatred that our country faces. Not only do they speak of the battles we allface—darkness versus light and hate versus love—but they also boldly claimthe truth in how one wins over the other. The infamous attacks that tookplace September 11
, 2001 mark an act of hatred against our country thatwe will never forget. Displayed in the former President George W. Bush’smemorable speeches after the attacks, Americans came together in love,grieving with one another and also helping each other in moving forward,aiming to
seek justice and defend our way of life
. Our country was once againawakened to the reality that evil is real and we cannot idly
wait for it to happen, but consistently stand up for what we know is right and fight for the good
Along with the many emotions that swept across our nation the morning of September 11
, the majority of Americans wanted answers. The reason for this attack, the cause, the people behind it—so many questions lingered within the hearts of those who were affected in everyshape and form. In George W. Bush’s Address to Congress, those questions were answered as he broadly claimed, “Enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country” (Bush2001). Bush identified these terrorists as an organization known as Al Qaeda and further 
explained their mission and goals. “Al Qaeda is to terror what the mafia is to crime. But its goalis not making money; its goal is remaking the world—and imposing its radical beliefs on peopleeverywhere” (Bush 2001). A group like this would not settle for one attack and walk away.Learning more about the intentions of these people made us realized that we are not always assafe as we would like to believe. As Bush continued to explain, “The terrorists' directivecommands them to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans, and make no distinctionsamong military and civilians, including women and children” (Bush 2001). Living our normaleveryday lives does not keep us exempt from falling victim to attacks like these. We cannotdismiss an attack like this as a fluke or something that would never happen again. “Theseterrorists kill not merely to end lives, but to disrupt and end a way of life” (Bush 2001). Theintentions of these attackers would go far beyond the impact of that day and all eyes fell on our nation for a response.As Americans, we pride ourselves on our resistance of defeat. Through a morning of confusion, grief, and fear, our country came together to defend our land and seek justice. AsBush stated, “Tonight we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger, and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or  bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done” (Bush 2001). Seeking justice not only toavenge those who were lost that day, but also to defend and continue our way of life, proves to be an obligation of our country as a whole. “But the only way to defeat terrorism as a threat toour way of life is to stop it, eliminate it, and destroy it where it grows” (Bush 2001). Bushtouched on efforts that would need to be taken, including “dramatic strikes” and “covertoperations” all throughout a “lengthy campaign” (Bush 2001). He did not shy away from the factthat this would not be a quick and easy solution. Continually encouraging determination,
 perseverance, and a long pursuit, Bush makes it clear that this was a long road ahead.The fact remains that the evil we were faced with that day is an evil that would not justfade away. As Bush so plainly stated in his State of the Union Address, “Evil is real, and it must be opposed” (Bush 2002). As much as we would all like to believe in the good of everyone, wecannot ignore the fact that there is an evil in this world. This evil does not sit back and wait to be provoked, but it strikes with a vengeance and leaves devastation. As Bush spoke of the manyAmericans affected by September 11
and the months after, he commented on the “sorrow and pain that will never completely go away” (Bush 2002). But our country has always been one tonot let that evil linger. We
surround each other in love and support, in hope andfreedom, seeking good in the face of evil. We trust in a better future, one of peace and prosperity, and we know we will only get there taking it one dayat a time.
Our foundation a
a country i
one that i
like no other. In pur 
suit of freedom,liberty, and happiness for all, we seek to be united despite all the ways weare different and all that tends to separate others. In light of the September11
attacks, Bush claims,
“We were reminded that we are citizens, with obligations toeach other, to our country, and to history” (Bush 2002). Unlike any other nation, we are foundedon these principles under a God of freedom and of love. Because of the God in which we placeour trust, we know what is right and what is wrong, and we join together to fight for this good.The ways we believe to fight for this good may differ, but we all seek the same good. As Bushstated in his commencement address at West Point,
“Different circumstances requiredifferent methods but not different moralities. Moral truth is the same inevery culture, in every time, and in every place” (Bush 2002). Though some

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