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Jesus Christ Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery

Jesus Christ Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery

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Published by Vineyard Stalin

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Published by: Vineyard Stalin on Jan 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery 
How long was Jesusreally in the tomb?
Tough Questions Answered
n Matthew 12:38 Jesus is asked for a sign that He’s the promised
Messiah. The religious ofcials had just accused Him of usingthe power of Satan to perform His miracles, and so He described
the only sign they would see. “Just as Jonah was three days and
three nights in the belly of a huge sh,” He said, “So will the Sonof Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth(12:40).” By this He meant that they would only know for sure after they had put Him to death, but His response resulted in a 2000year controversy surrounding the time of His death.
 Jack Kelley 
ctually the controversy exists largely among gentile believers.Most Jews familiar with their religion gured it out long ago. Butto a gentile ignorant of the Jewish calendar, the phrase in John19:31 identifying the day after the Crucixion as a special Sabbathmeant that Jesus was crucied on Friday. Even gentiles know that theJewish Sabbath is Saturday and everyone agrees that He rose againon Sunday. There isn’t any way you can put three days and threenights between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. Hence thecontroversy.Sabbath means holy day. There is one every Saturday in Israel, butthere are also several during the year that are date specic. Thatmeans they are always observed on a specic calendar date,regardless of the weekday. Think of Christmas. It always comes onthe 25th of December no matter what dayof the week that happens to be. The specialSabbath John referred to is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and it’s a date specicholy day; always observed on the 15thof the month they call Nisan. So the rstthing we learn is that the special Sabbath
mentioned in John 19:31 wasn’t
necessarily a Saturday.In fact there are three special Sabbaths in the month of Nisan alone;Passover on the 14th, the Feast of Unleavened Bread which beginson the 15th and runs through the 22nd, and the Feast of First Fruits onthe Sunday morning following Passover. All have both a historical andprophetic purpose and like all days in the Jewish calendar they beginat sundown, following the pattern of Genesis 1. This alsoconfuses Gentiles since our day begins at midnight.
What's a Sabbath?
There isn’t any way you
can put three days andthree nights betweenFriday afternoon andSunday morning. Hence thecontroversy.
Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery 
 Jack Kelley 
n Exodus 12 where the Passover is ordained, God told the Israelitesto select a lamb on the 10th and inspect it for defects until the 14th.
This means through the end of the 13th. Then at twilight slaughter and
roast it, eating it that same evening. Using some of its blood they wereto paint their door posts red to protect them from the plague comingupon Egypt at midnight. Following our calendar, these events wouldhave all occurred on the night of the 13th but for them the 14th beganat twilight, when the sun set.
 The Passover Lamb
Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery 
 Tradition, Tradition
ome years before the birth of Jesus the Passover celebration hadbeen changed and called for a brief ceremonial meal to begin the14th followed by a great and leisurely Sabbath meal on the 15th. Thistradition is still followed today. The 14th became known as PreparationDay (Mark 15:42, Luke 23:54,John 19:31), because on
it they made ready for the
great feast day beginningat sundown. It’s also calledthe rst day of Unleavenedbread in Mark 14:12. Matthewidenties the day after theCrucixion as the day after Preparation Day (27:62) so all four Gospels agree. Jesus died onPreparation day, the 14th of their month Nisan, which is Passover. Heate the ceremonial meal with His disciples in the Upper Room, andthen was arrested, tried, convicted, and put to death; all on Passover.While we commemorate these events on Good Friday, in the year of His death, Passover fell on a Thursday.
While we commemorate theseevents on Good Friday, in the year of His death, Passover fellon a Thursday.

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