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The Reason for God - Dance of God

The Reason for God - Dance of God

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Published by Dave

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Published by: Dave on Nov 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Reason for God:
The Dance of God 
Christianity makes the most sense out of our individual life stories and out of what we seein the world’s history. We have seen how the Bible accounts for where we came from(origin), what’s wrong with us (problem) and how it can be fixed (solution) with moreexplanatory power than competing accounts. Now it’s time to look at the biblical story line as a whole – the drama of creation, fall,redemption and restoration.Trinity: God is one being who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and HolySpirit. God is eternally and fundamentally relational and community-in-unity.The gospel of John: The Son is living eternally in the “bosom of the Father” (1:18). TheSon describes the Spirit as living to “glorify” Him (16:14) and in turn, the Son glorifiesthe Father (17:4) and the Father glorifies the Son (17:5). To glorify someone is to praise,enjoy and delight in them for who they are. You find ultimate joy to see their joy, tosacrifice your interests to make them happy.
: Each person of the Trinity center on the interests and desires of the others. None demands that others resolve around him. Each voluntarily pours love and delightinto the other two, an interpenetrating life/dance of God.What this means is God is eternally Love and relational at the core of His being.If God is unipersonal, this means that God was sovereign and powerful from all eternity but not love. Love is absent until God create other beings to love. Power is the primaryessence of God, not love.
But if God is triune, love is His essence. Ultimate reality is a community-in-unity. He is infinitely joyful and doesn’t need to create other beings because he is lonely.He created us in order to share His joy and invite us into this dance – know, delight andresemble Him. If we do not live this way, we are not going against reality. If you makeeverything else revolve around your own interests/needs or unwilling to experience lossof being in committed relationships, you are out of touch with your own nature (in theimage of God)CS Lewis: The only place besides heaven that is safe from the pain and suffering of relationships is hell.
But we failed because we wanted to get God to orbit around our goals and interests – self absorption and social disintegration. The dance of joyful, mutually self givingrelationship is impossible in a world where everyone tries to get everything else torevolve around them.1

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