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How to RIP Games

How to RIP Games

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Published by miftnidzo
How to RIP DVD Games
How to RIP DVD Games

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Published by: miftnidzo on Nov 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to RIP games
There are many people trying to learn how to RIP PC games, but have no idea how to start.I just thought i might give a small tutorial to help those to begin.PC game RIPs can be done in two ways,1. Ripping-off content that is not essential2. Plain simple compression
Ripping-off content~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Games contain Audios, Cinematics (Cut-scenes), Credits, Unlockables, Extras and supportfor other languages. Not all these are essential to play the game. Some or all of these maybe removes to reduce the size of the game.Steps (Common to all RIPs)1. Install the game to your hard drive2. Download and install any requires patch for the game3. Download a working crack and apply it4. Run the game once and verify that the crack works, also goto options and reduce all thedisplay options to LOW (helps low end PCs run your rip)
Steps to Remove contents
If you had noticed any language options while installing the game, it means that the gamehas multiple language support. We may remove all othre languages that are not requiredexcept the primary language (ex. English).1. Browse to the location of the game and search the subfolders for any files/ folders namedafter languages.Note: Shortforms of languages may also be used such as En-English, Po-Polish, Es-Spanish,Ru-Russian, etc.2. Delete all other languages but your primary languageNote 1: It is better to create a dump folder where you move all these files so that you mayrecover them if your game dodes not load without them.Note 2: Run the game after deleting a set of files and make sure the game runs properlywithout them, if not restore those files and proceed with the next set.3. Now search for folders named Videos/ Movies/ Art, these may conotain the cinematics(cut-scenes). Do not delete the entire folder but browse into the folder and look at the files.
4. Most modern games use a popular format called BINK, with the extension .bik for thevideos. These files can be viewed and recoded using RAD game toolsfromhttp://www.radgametools.com/bnkmain.htm 5. You can also recode the cut-scenes to a lower resolution or frame rate to reduce gamesize without loosing the videos. (This will be covered later in advance Ripping tutorial)6. For now you may delete all the videos or just the unnecessory ones such as credits, Introvideo or developer logo.7. Run the game to make sure the game does not pop up any error messages. If youencounter any errors at the playback of the deleted videos, you may create a black jpegpicture and encode it into a bink video using RAD video tools (more details will be publishedin the advance ripping tutorial).8. Similarly look for a folder named Audio / Sounds9. You may delete the unnecessory audio files (but make sure you do not delete any gamesounds, because playing a game without sound effects will be quite DUMB).10. Finally look for any folders named HELP or Support. These contain help files for thegame which are not required while playing the game, so you may delete them too11. Now that we have removed the extra content, let us proceed to COMPRESSING thegame files to reduce size
Steps to Compress game files
Let me cover the basic compression alone now. More detailed compression for specific filetypes will be covered in my later posts.
Things needed:
Step 11. Open UHARC_GUI2. Open the directory containing the files that you wish to archive.3.Select the entire game folder4. Select the Add Selected button5. You can specify the name of the archive to be created at the top of this window6. Under Compression choose ALZ-3 (Best) and enable multimedia compression
7. Under options make sure Include Subdirectories is selected and select Store relativepaths8. Select OK.Now that we have compressed the game into a single file, let us go to the final step of making a dos installer for our RIP.
Creating a Batch file
1. Open the folder where our compressed game file is present2. Open notepad and type the text between the horizontal lines
 _________________COPY ___ START___________________@echo off  _________________COPY ____ END ____________________Note: Now we need to display a message about the name of the game and the name of theripper so for this we’ll use a command called echo
 _________________COPY ___ START___________________echo GAME NAMEecho RIPPED BY “YOUR NAME” echo.echo.echo.echo.pause __________________COPY ____ END ___________________eg
@echo off color 0C

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