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Visions - BCs Mental Health and Addictions Journal -Cannabis-2009

Visions - BCs Mental Health and Addictions Journal -Cannabis-2009

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Published by: KingstonCompassion ClubSociety on Nov 25, 2012
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BC’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal
Vol. 5 No. 4 | 2009
2 Visions Journal | Vol. 5 No. 4 | 2009
Published quarterly,
is a nationally award-winning journal which provides a orum or the voices o peopleliving with a
mental disorder or substance use problem,their amily and riends, and service providers in BC.Visions is written by and or people who have used mentalhealth or addictions services (also known as consumers),amily and riends, mental health and addictions serviceproviders, providers rom various
other sectors, and leadersand decision-makers in the eld. It creates a place wheremany perspectives on mental health and addictions issuescan be heard. To that end, we invite readers’ comments andconcerns regarding the articles and opinions expressed inthis journal.
The BC Partners are grateul to BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, an agency o the Provincial Health Services Authority, or providing fnancial support or the production o Visions
bc partnersvisions
Seven provincial mental health and addictions non-protagencies are working together as the BC Partners or Men-tal Health and Addictions Inormation. We represent AnxietyBC, British Columbia Schizophrenia Society, Canadian Men-tal Health Association’s BC Division, Centre or AddictionsResearch o BC,
Society or Kids’ Mental Health,Jessie’s Hope Society and the Mood Disorders Associa-tion o BC. By working together we have a greater abilityto provide useul, accurate and good quality inormation onmental health, mental illness, substance use, and addictionsincluding how to prevent, recognize, treat and manage theseissues. Our goal is to help people eel empowered and im-prove quality o lie.
web-only articles
available at www.heretohelp.bc.ca/publications/visions
3 Editor’s MessageSarah Hamid-Balma4 What Do We Know About Cannabis?Philippe Lucas6 Cannabis Glossary7 Cannabis Background8 Cannabis and PsychosisAlasdair Barr, Ric Procyshyn & Heidi Boyda9 Why People Use CannabisRielle Capler11 Cannabis, Tobacco and Alcohol Use inCanadaGerald Thomas & Chris Davis12 The Legal History and Cultural Experienceo CannabisAndrew Hathaway14 From Thrills to Ills: Why pot smoking is riskybusinessGeorey Grifths16 Cannabis and My Road to HealingKerry Porth17 Cannabis and Me: A cautionary tale...Anita Smith19 Alternatives: Miracle marijuanaMichelle Rainey20 Marijuana: Help or hassle?Emily Smith22 Should We Have Been More Aware? Howcannabis changed my lieMatt
Should We Have Been More Aware?Epilogue: Mom’s ViewGinaCannabis: A mental challengeMark Ware
Visions Journal | Vol. 5 No. 4 | 2009 3
editor’s message
subscriptions andadvertising
I you have personal experience with mental health or sub-stance use problems as a consumer o services or as aamily member, or provide mental health or addictions serv-ices in the public or voluntary sector, and you reside inBC, you are entitled to receive
ree o charge (oneree copy per agency address). You may also be receiving
as a member o one o the seven provincial agenciesthat make up the BC Partners. For all others, subscriptionsare $25 (Cdn.) or our issues. Back issues are $7 or hardcopies, or are reely available rom our website. Contact usto inquire about receiving, writing or, or advertising in the journal. Advertising rates and deadlines are also online. Seewww.heretohelp.bc.ca/publications/visions.
contact us
Mail: Visions Editorc/o 1200 - 1111 Melville StreetVancouver, BC V6E 3V6Tel: 1-800-661-2121 or 604-669-7600Fax: 604-688-3236Email: bcpartners@heretohelp.bc.caWeb: www.heretohelp.bc.ca
editorial board
| Representatives rom each BC Partnersmember agency
| Sarah Hamid-Balma
structural editor
| Vicki McCullough
editorial assistants
| Megan Dumas, Stephanie Wilson
| Kailey Willetts
| 1490-2494
Sarah Hamid-Balma
Sarah is Visions Editor and Director o Public Education and Communications at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division. She also has personal experience with mental illnessThe opinions expressed inthis journal are those o the writers and do notnecessarily reect theviews o the member agencies o the BC Partners or Mental Health and AddictionsInormation or any o their branch ofces
24 When Help is Not at Hand: Teens turning tomarijuana or emotional problemsJoan Bottor, Barbara Moat& Joy Johnson25 Tips or Cutting BackRielle Capler27 The Health Eects o Medical MarijuanaProject
 Linda Balneaves, Joan Bottor, H. BindyKang, Rielle Capler and the
 research team28 Vaporizers: Sae alternatives to smoking?Mridula Morgan30 Compassion Clubs:Working or health and libertyKailey Willetts
ter our Visions issues on alcohol and tobacco, I’d been hoping orsome time to round out the trilogy with cannabis. Cannabis is un-doubtedly a hot issue and even thought Visions is a substance use journal in its own right, we were pretty sure we’d have—like in Alcohol andTobacco—a lot o crossovers into mental health. We were right on all counts.In researching this issue and trying to nd contributors, a quick strollaround the Internet reveals a lot o very strong pro-cannabis and anti-can-nabis advocates. We don’t want this issue to be either. We wanted it to bebased on credible research so we could set myths aside, but also grounded inreal experiences and context. Because the context o use is so important. Themore I’ve personally learned about cannabis, the more I knew that we didn’twant to paint it just in black and white, just the extremes. We want to ll inthe middle.Our Vision at the BC Partners—the group that brings you Visions Journal,the HeretoHelp website and many other resources—is to help provide goodquality inormation to help you eel empowered to make more inormed choic-es about your health. Each author speaks or themselves and/or their agencyonly. More than any other issue, I encourage you to read many articles in thisissue, even ones that don’t t your current opinion o cannabis. I want you tothink about what your attitudes and assumptions are, suspend them or a lit-tle while, and listen to the various perspectives in this issue. Be curious. Askquestions. Talk to other people. Look up the research that’s brought up in manyarticles. Share this copy o Visions with others. And make up your own mind.I an article excites or angers you—or just makes you think—tell us about it.Be part o the conversation.Visions is no stranger to controversy. Our sexuality issue back in 1999 ran-kled some readers and we’ll be looking at that topic again with our
issuein the Fall. We want to pick themes that are timely and that add to importantconversations—or even help ll gaps in knowledge. So whether you smokeweed or not, I think you’ll nd this issue ascinating. You are bound to, as I did,learn something new.

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