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vegan receipes

vegan receipes

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Published by pallen

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Published by: pallen on Nov 26, 2012
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Compassion Over Killingcok.net
Easy Vegan Recipes • 1
Easy  VeganRecipes
delicious, animal-friendly farefrom compassion over killing
2 • Easy Vegan Recipes
Compassion Over Killingcok.net
Compassion Over Killingcok.net
Easy Vegan Recipes • 3
Egg-Free Breakfast Scramble
Serves 2
• 1 14-ounce package extra-firmtofu*, drained• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil• ¼ teaspoon turmeric• 1 tablespoon garlic powder• 1 teaspoon onion powder• ½ cup nutritional yeast*• salt and pepper, to taste• ½ pound mushrooms, chopped (optional)• 1 green onion, finely chopped (optional)• 1 bell pepper, finely chopped (optional)
1. Using a fork or potato masher, crumble the tofu into small pieces andsauté in oil in a frying pan.2. After a few minutes, add the remaining ingredients and lightly toss in thepan until well-cooked. Serve warm.
Fluffy Pancakes
Serves 4
• 1½ cups flour• ½ teaspoon baking soda• 1 teaspoon baking powder• 1 tablespoon sugar• 1½ cups soy milk* or water• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1. Mix together the dry ingredients and then stir in the wet ingredients. If thebatter is too thick, add 1 tablespoon of water at a time until reaching thedesired consistency.2. Pour onto a pan with a nonstick surface and cook over medium heat,flipping once when the edges begin to bubble and brown.3. Top with fruit and/or syrup and serve warm.
* See page 7 for a New-To-You Food Guide 
Carrot Muffins
Serves 6 to 8
• 1 cup whole-wheat flour• 1 cup oat bran• 1 tablespoon cornstarch• 1 teaspoon baking soda• 1 teaspoon baking powder• 1 teaspoon all-spice• ½ teaspoon cinnamon
cup grated carrots
cup maple syrup• 1 cup water• ¼ cup canola oil1. Preheat the oven to 375
F.2. In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients (flour throughcinnamon) and the grated carrots. Add all of the wet ingredients, maplesyrup through oil. Mix well.3. Pour the batter into a lightly oiled muffin pan and bake for 25 to 30minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.
The hard-boiled truth about eggs. Meet Jane.
When Compassion Over Killing investigatorsfound her at an egg factory farm, one of herwings was pinned in the wires of her cage.Painfully thin and dehydrated, she struggled soviolently to free herself that her wing dislocatedand her tendons ripped. We rescued Jane, andafter having her wing amputated, she nowenjoys her freedoms at a sanctuary where shebasks in the sun, scratches the earth, and eatsher favorite snack—green grapes.Nearly 300 million egg-laying hens aresuffering in wire cages in the U.S. Visit
to learn the truth about eggfactory farms and discover more deliciousegg-free recipes.
Six months after rescue
4 • Easy Vegan Recipes
Compassion Over Killingcok.net
Compassion Over Killingcok.net
Easy Vegan Recipes • 5
Moo-Free Cheese Sauce
Makes about 2 cups
• 2 tablespoons soy margarine*• 2 cups nutritional yeast*• 1 tablespoon garlic powder• 1 teaspoon onion salt• 1 teaspoon basil• 1 teaspoon turmeric (optional)• 1 teaspoon mustard• ½ to 1 cup soy milk*1. Melt the soy margarine in a pan.2. Once melted, add the remaining ingredients, whisking well. Add moresoy milk for desired consistency.3. Continue stirring until well blended. Delicious served over pasta, nachos,or grilled vegetables.
Chicken-Free Gravy
Makes 4 servings
• 3 tablespoons soy margarine*• 1 cup flour• 1 cup nutritional yeast*• 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning**• 1 teaspoon onion salt• dash of pepper• 2 cups vegetarian broth or1 vegetarian bouillon cubedissolved in 2 cups boiling water1. Melt the soy margarine in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add theflour, nutritional yeast, and seasonings, stirring quickly with a whisk.2. Add the broth, stirring until blended. Continue cooking and stirring for 5minutes, or until thick.
* See page 7 for a New-To-You Food Guide ** Poultry seasoning—a mixture of sage, thyme, marjoram, and other herbs—can be found in nearly every grocery store.
• 8 bulbs garlic• 8 tablespoons olive oil• 1 loaf French or Italian bread• 6 tablespoons olive oil• dashes of oregano, rosemary,or basil1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.2. Cut off the tops of the bulbs of garlic, exposing the tops of each clove.Drizzle each bulb with a tablespoon of olive oil. Wrap well in tinfoil andbake until soft, 50 to 60 minutes.3. While the garlic is baking, cut the bread into 32 slices. Place the slices ona baking sheet and brush each piece with olive oil. Sprinkle on oregano,rosemary, or basil. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until golden brown.4. When the garlic is done, spread onto Herbed Crostini and serve immediately. • 4 large baking potatoes• ½ small butternut squash, cubed• ½ cup soy margarine*• spices, to taste
“Cheezy” Potato Skins 
Serves 4
1. Preheat the oven to 450°F.2. Place the potatoes in the oven and bake for 1 hour. (Note: Do not wrapthe potatoes in foil.) While the potatoes are baking, steam the butternutsquash until tender and then scoop out of the rind into a large bowl.3. Once the potatoes can be easily pierced with a fork, remove them fromthe oven and cut in half. Scoop out the potatoes from the skins, leavingabout 1⁄4 inch attached, and put in the bowl with the squash. Add the soymargarine and any spices, such as black pepper, sea salt, garlic powder,or cumin. Mash until the consistency of lumpy mashed potatoes.4. Place the skin halves onto a baking sheet and spoon the mixture into eachskin. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.5. Serve as-is or with tofu sour cream or salsa.
Herbed Crostini with Roasted Garlic 
Serves 8

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