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Topics of PhD Thesis

Topics of PhD Thesis

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Published by Krishna Kumar

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Published by: Krishna Kumar on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Topics of PhD theses for admission in 2012
Jrk nr
TopicProfessor Raul Eamets
Labour market mobility and productivity2.
Human capital and migration: knowledge transformation in small open economy3.
Depression and labour markets: effects on structural changes and on productivity4.
Reservation wage and previous job experience5.
Modernization of European social model: combining social security and labour marketflexibility
Professor Toomas Haldma
Contingencies influencing management accounting development7.
Accounting in public sector institutions8.
Companies’ performance measurement and management9.
Performance measurement and management in public sector10.
Impact of innovation system on companies’ performance
Associate Professor/Senior Research Fellow Anneli Kaasa
Between-firm social capital and its influence on firms12.
Relationships between social capital and firms' social responsibility
Lecturer Andres Kuusik
The influence of smartphones on consumer behaviour
Professor Jorma Antero Larimo
Advertising/communication strategies – cultural values and advertising performancerelationship – Focus on Estonia or Comparison between Baltic States or e.g. Estonia vs.Russia and/or Finland or multicountry analysis15.
Cultural values in advertising/communication - Focus on Estonia or Comparison betweenBaltic States or e.g. Estonia vs. Russia and/or Finland or multicountry analysis16.
Foreign acquisition or alliance strategies and performance analysis17.
Internationalization – performance relationship/Determinants of an OptimalInternationalization Strategy18.
Export marketing strategies – performance relationship in SMEs/ Between traditionalexporters vs. INVs/BGs and/or family vs. Non-family firms: Focus either in Estonia orComparison between Baltic States or e.g. Estonia vs. Russia and/or Finland ormulticountry analysis
Lecturer Kertu Lääts
Influence of information technology developments on management accounting informationassurance and usage20.
Links between management accounting innovations and performance management
Senior Research Fellow Jaan Masso
The impact of foreign direct investments on the home and host country of investment22.
Innovation, science and technology indicators23.
The impact of innovations of firm performance24.
Labour mobility across firms and occupations
Professor Tõnis Mets
Success factors of technology and knowledge-based SMEs of small open economy origin(R&D, IP, strategy, business models, collaboration with universities, different aspects)26.
Entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial processes (different aspects)27.
Customer-driven experimentation-based innovation (and product development) for globalmarkets
Professor Tiiu Paas
Determinants and trends of regional economic growth and convergence, growth andinequality29.
Ethnical diversity of labour force and determinants of peoples’ attitudes to immigrants30.
International labour mobility, determinants, relation to economic development31.
Regional disparities in productivity and industry mix in EU32.
Cross-boarder labour mobility (e.g. the Estonian-Finnish case)
Associate Professor Eve Parts
Characteristics of business cycles in transformation economies34.
Policies to overcome economic crisis and their efficiency
Associate Professor Kaia Philips
Valuation of human capital: adequacy of the educational level and skills with the demands onlabour market36.
Wage determinations and its influencing factors37.
International labour mobility and its impact to the labour markets of sending and receivingcountries38.
Flexibility and security in labour markets
Professor Olev Raju
Economic crisis in Estonia 2007-201040.
Estonian taxation system and its impact on economy41.
Local governments’ economic situation in Estonia42.
Ecology and economy43.
Estonian state budget in the context of EU economy

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