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Działalność CSR Huawei w Europie - Paździrnik 2012

Działalność CSR Huawei w Europie - Paździrnik 2012

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Published by HuaweiPolska

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: HuaweiPolska on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Huawei Europe CSR Brochure
Connecng Euroe
   H   u   a   w   e   i   i   n   E   u   r   o   p   e   :   E   n   r   i   c    h   i   n   g   L   i    f   e   t    h   r   o   u   g    h   C   o   m   m   u   n   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
   T   a    b    l   e   o    f   C   o   n   t   e   n   t   s
About UsJoint Message by Mr. Kevin TAO, Huawei WEU President & Mr. Jim LU, Huawei CEE & Nordic PresidentMessage rom Stean Crets, Executive Director, CSR EuropeHuawei’s CSR approachFair operationsBridging the digital divideCreating opportunities through educationCaring or employeesEnvironmental protectionSocial contribution5468141822283236
Table o Contents
   H   u   a   w   e   i   i   n   E   u   r   o   p   e   :   E   n   r   i   c    h   i   n   g   L   i    f   e   t    h   r   o   u   g    h   C   o   m   m   u   n   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
   M   e   s   s   a   g   e    f   r   o   m    K   e   v   i   n   T   A   O   a   n    d   J   i   m    L   U
Huawei has been operating in Europe or ten years.During these ten years, Huawei has been ocusing onand meeting customer needs, continuously investingin local countries, and integrating into local markets.This practice has helped Huawei become what it is to-day: a global industry leader, operating locally, com-mitted and visionary in its approach and promoter oopen, air, and competitive environment.Currently, Huawei has 41 subsidiaries in EU countries,10 R&D centers, 20 customer innovation centers, anda workorce o over 7,000. In 2011, Huawei’s pro-curement rom Europe reached 2.9 billion Euros. Allthese achievements will constitute a solid oundationor our long-term growth in Europe.From its own experiences, Huawei has ully recog-nized the signicance o a harmonious, open, andtransparent interaction between companies, society,and governments. As rightly put orward by AntonioTajani, Vice-President o the European Commission:“CSR is a signicant pillar o Europe’s economic andsocial uture and a key element in ensuring sustain-able growth.” To seek a business environment thatis harmonious and conducive to sustainable develop-ment, every company needs to ormulate and imple-ment a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategythat suits the actual conditions o the company itsel.These actions constitute a company’s aspirations ordevelopment and social responsibilities.Huawei has a long-term CSR strategy in Europe. Weare constantly expanding our investments in Europewhile complying with the laws and policies o eachcountry where we operate. We work to improve theenvironment o the industrial chain and increase localand global cooperation to orm a win-win situations;we strive to provide convenient and quality inorma-tion services to European citizens and industry part-ners through our proessional teams and innovativetechnologies; we pay attention to Europe, especiallyor the rural areas, helping bridge the digital divide bybringing broadband solutions to electronic inorma-tion services there. Additionally, we increase our e-orts in developing young talented people in Europe,keep them abreast o new technologies and business
Joint Message by Mr. Kevin TAO, Huawei WEU President &Mr. Jim LU, Huawei CEE & Nordic President
models, and prepare them or the steps betweeneducation and work environment. This is also an acto nourishing talent or Huawei’s uture developmentand the inormation industry in Europe at large. Weocus more on the development o our employeesso that they can benet more rom Huawei’s growthwhile playing their part during this process; we pushor technological innovations to constantly reduce theenergy consumption o communications networksin a bid to make green IT a core eature o uturenetworks. Last but not least, we interact a lot withthe communities where we operate and contributeto cultural exchanges and community development.Huawei is in the inormation industry, which is charac-terized by technology-driven growth, great potential,and globalized operations. The infuence o multiplecultures and the international market is ubiquitousacross the industry. With these actors at work, Hua-wei is committed to leveraging its own capacity andinfuence to give back to society, create social value,and turn this value into the driving orce or itsel andor social development.Huawei will continue to pursue its development strat-egy o “globalization” in the next 20 years. Europe,being the largest market or the inormation industryand the hub or most advanced technological inno-vations, is o strategic importance to Huawei. As aglobal company that pursues localized operations,Huawei will ulll its commitments on social responsi-bilities as always and enable Europe to experience thetangible value brought by Huawei. We believe that, inaddition to job creation, tax contributions, and tech-nological innovations, CSR will be an important pillarin helping Huawei become a true partner o Europe.
   H   u   a   w   e   i   i   n   E   u   r   o   p   e   :   E   n   r   i   c    h   i   n   g   L   i    f   e   t    h   r   o   u   g    h   C   o   m   m   u   n   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
   M   e   s   s   a   g   e    f   r   o   m    K   e   v   i   n   T   A   O   a   n    d   J   i   m    L   U
Kevin TAOJim L

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