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Women's Fat Loss and Nutrition Guide

Women's Fat Loss and Nutrition Guide

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Published by Callie Durbrow
Reset your metabolism and lose fat without any dieting gimmicks. This is a 5 day plan designed to kick start your body and get you burning fat efficiently.
Reset your metabolism and lose fat without any dieting gimmicks. This is a 5 day plan designed to kick start your body and get you burning fat efficiently.

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Published by: Callie Durbrow on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fix Your Broken Metabolism
Take your temperature in the morning with a digital thermometer for 4 days straight.If you
re around 98.6 you
re doing fine, if you
re in the 97
s your metabolism has beendropped between 10-20%.If you
re below 97 that means your metabolism is pretty messed up and may bereduced anywhere from 30-50%.Metabolism = body
s ability to burn calories at rest, not during workoutsYou need to increase your calories by 250 each day to increase and rev up yourmetabolism. This may seem like an odd thing to do if you
re trying to lose fat and youmay be freaking out about calories. That
s why you
re in the position you are in now.Calories are not your enemy when it comes to your metabolism. Think of your body as acar and the food is the fuel (gasoline). You need a certain amount to run efficiently andeffectively. If not then you
ll be stalled out on the side of the road.
Macro-Nutrients (what your body needs)
There are three basic macro nutrients that your body needs to survive and functionefficiently. Here is a
quick overview of why they are important. There
s a lot morescience to all of these, but this is really all you need to know to make your nutrition planwork.Carbohydrates- your body
s main source of energyProtein- the building blocks of your musclesFats- help regulate hormone and brain function
Protein = 1 gram of protein per pound of Lean Body Mass.Carbohydrates = If you are between 11-15% body fat you
ll want .7-.8 grams perpound of lean body mass and 1 gram per pound on training daysIf you are above 15% body fat (which will be the majority of people) your carbs shouldcome from fruit, veggies, sweet potatoes and yams, brown rice, oats and quinoaFats= Despite the common thought that fat makes you fat, this is only partially true.Fat is used an an energy source just like carbohydrates but if too much fat isconsumed in combination with other macronutrients it can lead to increased body fat.Basically you want to stay away from a lot of fat consumed with carbohydratesbecause the body will first use carbs as fuel and then whatever is left over will bestored. It
s essential to choose the right kinds of fats for supporting immune function,
decreasing the risk for heart disease and some types of cancer and supporting healthyhormone levels.Most Americans get too much saturated fat in their diet from processed and fast foods.To optimize fat loss and overall performance focus on fat from sources like raw unsaltednuts, avocado, greek yogurt, nut butters, oils (coconut, canola, olive)
Hormone Regulation (and why you NEED it)
One reason for failed fat loss is that your hormones are out of wack. Hormones controlmany functions in your body and if things are not working correctly, you won
t seeresults.
Here are some common issues.Low testosterone levels:
(obviously this applies mostly to men): Testosterone is the male sex hormone and ithelps to build muscle and eventually burn fat.
Ways to increase testosterone naturally:
1.Avoid processed and boxed foods2.Eat organic foods3.Take in adequate amounts of fats like grass fed beef and coconut oil4.Lift weights5.Perform high intensity interval workouts instead of slow, steady cardio6.Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night
High Estrogen Levels:
Estrogen is the female sex hormone. Men want this to be low and women want anadqeuate amount but unfortunately many women are dealing with elevated levels. If youhave too much estrogen, you will not burn fat. Period.
How to regulate estrogen levels naturally:
1.Eat organic meat, organic fruits/veggies and wild caught fish2.Detox your liver. All estrogen compounds pass through the liver and if your liver ismessed up from too much booze you will always have an excess. Limit your alcoholconsumption.
3.Avoid soy products
High Cortisol Levels:
Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases body fat storage and can also effect yourcognitive abilities, leaving you in a bit of a brain fog. Cortisol levels are extremely high intoday
s society with our stress and high-paced life.
How to Decrease High Cortisol Levels:
1.Train 45-60 minutes each session, no more2.Avoid excessive amounts of aerobic exercise (aka slow cardio)3.Avoid stress. Give yourself 10 minutes per day to just relax and think. No phones,computers or anything electronic
Poor Insulin Sensitivity:
This means your body
s ability to tolerate carbs in impaired. This is a common issue formany people and can lead to excess fat gain.
How to fix poor insulin sensitivity:
1.Lower your body fat2.Get most of your carbs from fruit, veggies, sweet potatoes, oats3.Keep your carbs low for a few days per week
Adrenal Fatigue:
This is simply being overworked, overtired and stressed. This is most people today.There are some easy fixes for this but they require serious work.
How to fix adrenal fatigue:
1.Get to sleep by 10:30pm every night2.Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night3.Never train your body to failure4.Cut out excess caffeine. 1-2 cups of coffee per day is okay.5.Lower your stress
Toxic Liver:
Your liver is the processing source for foods and beverages. Even in a healthy diet planthere are toxins. If your liver is constantly being overworked it will lower your ability toburn fat and will not be able to function at it
s highest level.
How to detoxify the liver:

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