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Eco-Emergency and First-Aid Guide

Eco-Emergency and First-Aid Guide

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There are only 3 things we think you need in case of emergency (or even just for a little boo-boo). A way to call for help, confidence by way of knowledge and having the right stuff...right?
There are only 3 things we think you need in case of emergency (or even just for a little boo-boo). A way to call for help, confidence by way of knowledge and having the right stuff...right?

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Published by: Borden Communications on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eco-Emergencyand First-Aid Guide
Content, product testing and layout byBorden Communications + Design
There are only 3 things we think you need in case of emergency(or even just for a little boo-boo).A way to call for help, confidence by way of knowledgeand having the right stuff...right?
The second item to have on hand (or in head) is knowledge.Take a course, have a book or booklet on hand, create achecklist for your home and family, because sometimes it’shard to remember what to do under pressure.
The most important thing tohave in close contact is justthat: contact. Always carry acell phone in case of emergency.
Contact HelpKnowledge
You know there are many things you should have onhand just in case, but are your emergency essentials alsoeco-intelligent? We hope the suggestions on the nextpage help you out, but most importantly - think smart+ be safe!
Have the Right Stuff 
The following products are not just good to have in case of an emergency, but also for smart, healthy living everyday.We believe in prevention, not just eco-reactions.
Coconut WaterIf you find yourself without tapwater, you still need to drink!Coconut water is nature's bestelectrolyte, and has morepotassium than a banana, lowacidity, no fat, no sugar added andno cholesterol. It hydrates betterand faster than water. Plus, noone should ever buy or drink evilplastic bottled water!
Bottles and JarsIf you find yourself with anemergency warning, you caneither rush out to buy evil bottledwater, or you can fill your ownmason jars, bottles and containersthat you've saved from yourkitchen with tap water! It'shealthier for you, for us all, andsaves a trip to the store to spendyour hard earned dollars, too!
Slom Glass Bottle
Alternative EnergyUse a multi-functional, solarcharged, crank powered devicethat you can always count on. Nobatteries required. We need light,sound and most certainly oursmartphones, so purchasing aquality flashlight/radio/chargerthat requires your energy and notan outlet.
Polar Fleece BlanketsPolar fleece blankets cancommonly be found using recycledmaterial (make good use of thoseevil water bottles?) They are alsolightweight, and water repellent,so they are easy to travel with andare great for any physical activity.Find them
 Polar Fleece Blanket www.mec.cawww.rei.comwww.etsy.com
Emergency CandleDon’t get stuck with standardparaffin, lead-wicked candles thatemit black soot and fumes(because breathing that in maycause a different kind of emergency!). Would you believethat this safe, chem-free, 100%pure beeswax candle can warmwater + food, plus give youwarmth + light? That’scomforting. (Just make sure youhave matches!)
 Pure Beeswax Candleswww.purebeeswaxcandles.com
BandagesImagine a bandage that is free of icky PVC, and still sticks! Plus allof their packaging is made fromrecycled and/or biodegradablematerials.
 All Terrain Companywww.allterrainco.com
Healing OintmentsGo to your local health store orsee a naturopath and they will bethrilled to help you put togetheryour kit. For itch relief , we loveApis, for pain relief we use Arnica,to soothe and treat burns andwounds our choice is Aloe Vera,and we rely on Thera Wiseointments for so much. Explorealternatives - this stuff reallyworks!
Visit a naturopath or  your local Health Food Storewww.therawise.com
Stay FullCanned foods are typicallysomething to stay away from fornumber of reasons, but have onhand because it’s ready to eat!Most cans are lined with BPA (eventhe govt has declared that asdangerous!) so choose Eden whouses BPA-free linings and certifiedorganic ingredients.
 Eden Foodswww.edenfoods.com

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