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Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Moraga, CA for Nov. 20th, 2012

Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Moraga, CA for Nov. 20th, 2012

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Published by Frank May
Our speaker this week was Roger Howland with the Mayflower Society in California speaking about the earloy days of the Pilgrims. Our greeter/invocator today was Ron Mucovich.
Our speaker this week was Roger Howland with the Mayflower Society in California speaking about the earloy days of the Pilgrims. Our greeter/invocator today was Ron Mucovich.

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Published by: Frank May on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November 20 , 2012
Next Meeting: November 27Tuesday Noon Meeting at 12:00; Soda Center
Program: Trinity Center 
Respite Center for Homeless and Poor in central CC County.
Invocation & Greeter: Kevin Reneau
~*Nov 27
Trinity Center; respite center for homeless and poorNov 27
Nite at Races
committee mtg; 5:30 at May’s
 Dec 1 -- Stocking Decoration at Juvenile Hall (ID required)*Dec 4
Official visit of District Governor Laura DayDec 11
Moraga Rotary Christmas Party;6 pm at Miramonte Gardens ClubhouseDec 16
Stocking stuffing potluck dinner 5 pmDec 18
Christmas programDec 25 and Jan 1
no meeting -*Regular weekly luncheon in Soda Center**Monthly evening meeting at Soda Center
Guests this week were
Emily Orwig, President ofCampolindo Interact Club
, and our speaker,
Our speaker today was
Roger Howland
, a historianwith the Mayflower Society in California, who spokeabout the early history of the Pilgrims leading up to theFirst Thanksgiving. Roger has a BS in Anthropologyfrom UC
Berkeley and an MS from San FranciscoState. He is a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, and a volunteer at the State Library, anda former Governor of the East Bay Mayflower Colony.King James I was crowned in 1603, and required thatall of his subjects worship the way he specified. Thosethat didn
’t were fined, imprisoned, or hanged. Many
Separatists escaped to Leyden, Holland, wherereligious freedom was well established. Theseseparatists continued to print and smuggle religioustracts into England. By 1620, pressure from Englandon the Separatists caused several of them to gainpermission to emigrate to America.The 102 men, women, and children that survived thearduous 66 day crossing in the Mayflower that arrivedin what we now call New England in November 1620are popularly known as the Pilgrims. They are alsoknown for celebrating the first Thanksgiving inNovember 1621.
Prior to the Pilgrims’ arrival, t
he coast of New Englandhad been explored by English sailors and fishermenfrom Newfoundland, and some trading with natives wastried. Relations with the natives were very wary after an English captain treacherously captured 24 of their men to be taken elsewhere and sold as slaves or curiosities.However, one native called Squanto was treated well,was quartered by Spanish monks, and was eventuallytaken to England and learned to speak English. Heeventually made his way back to New England, andwas able to act as interpreter for the natives andPilgrims.During the first winter, about half the Pilgrims died. Thecrop seeds they brought with them were not suitable for the climate, and yields were poor. However, assistedby Squanto, they were able to conclude a militaryalliance with the Wampanoah tribe who helped themplant and fertilize suitable crops, which saved thecolony.
Pres. Frank
thanked and honored
Mr. Howland
bysending a $25 microcredit donation in his name to awoman in Pakistan to expand her home-based blanketbusiness.
Ron Mucovich
gave a Thanksgiving prayer, and ledthe Pledge of Allegiance to begin the meeting.
Pres. Frank
announced a few Club members packedand shipped six boxes of quilts to Rotary
HurricaneSandy relief in the New York area. Many of the quiltswere very intricate, with a lot of skilled and loving workput in to them. In addition, individual Club membershave donated to date
, which will be matched bythe Club from its disaster contingency funds. The Clubalso received a
check for $250 from Club 56 CeramicHouse
, a business, and this will be sent also.
Pres. Frank
reported that 17 Moraga Rotarians,spouses, and friends had a great time at Golden GateFields last Saturday, along with Rotarians from 34 other Clubs in the area, an estimated total of about 550people.He also asked that Club members who have not signedup to attend the Club Christmas party on Dec 11 shoulddo so quickly, to help the organizers firm up their catering numbers.

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