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CollinsCourier Nov

CollinsCourier Nov

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Published by NZNats

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Published by: NZNats on Nov 26, 2012
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Colln’ Corer 
Delverng relt or Papakra
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Crme own n Cone Mnk
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It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to be your MP or Papakura in 2012.The electorate covers all o PapakuraTownship, the Manurewa suburbs o Randwick Park, the Gardens and WattleDowns. It includes Takanini, Alriston andArdmore, Drury and Runciman, Karaka,Te Hihi, Kingseat, Clarks Beach and Waiau Pa.I’ve had the opportunity to meet many o you and attend many extraordinary events in your communities this year and I would like to thank you all or your warm hospitality and support.Despite the challenges New Zealand hasaced over the past twelve months, theGovernment is making good progressand achieving some great results.Our annual economic growth is 2.6 per cent – the highest since 2007, beore therecession and Global Financial crisis. Our plan is building growth-based on savingsand earnings, not consumption and debt.Crime is at a 30 year low, 600 extrapolice are on the beat, including 300more on the rontline in CountiesManukau, and the prison population is atits lowest since the 1930s. We’ve put more than $14 billion into our public health service – patient waiting times are down, visits to the doctor anytime o the day or night are ree or most under-sixes and our local District
V o Chn
Page 4
New clroom or locl chool
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Locl lege plyer enjoy cce
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 Jh Colln
Health Board perormed 590 moreoperations in 2012 than last year. We’ve boosted Early ChildhoodEducation unding, creating 3500 moreECE places nationwide. Since 2008Papakura has welcomed seven extra ECEservice providers.I came to Parliament in 2002 determined
MP or Papakura Hon Judith Collins with Betty Morris, Bryan Cartwright and Gina Sangster at the opening o the Karaka Bowling Club season.
 to be a voice or law and order, lower  taxes, and strong, stable government.I’m pleased to say this National-ledGovernment is delivering across allportolios but o course, we can’t do italone.I’d like to acknowledge and thank our local boards, local councillor CalumPenrose, Police, Saer Papakura Trust,
 Judith Collins is working for Papakura
Maori wardens and community volunteers who work tirelessly to makesure our electorate remains a vibrant,enterprising and sae place to live andraise our amilies.
Hon Jh Colln
Building a safer New Zealand 
Togher entence & trengthenng bal law
Crme  downBetter polcng
The lowest crime rate in 30 years
for the worstserious violentoffenders,under3 strikes rule
for seriouscriminals
for crimesagainst children
600 extra police
on the beat
= 20 police
1044 tasers
in police car
testing formore offenders
Law to dismantle
gang fortifications
in place forthe worst boy racers
Recorded crimes per10,000 people
 Judith Collins is working for Papakura
Foc on the Famly CortAlcohol Reorm BllAlcohol and Drg Cort plot begnCrme down n Conte Manaka Workng together, delverng relt
Earlier this year, Justice Minister JudithCollins unveiled the Government’s plans to reorm the Family Court.“I really enjoy visiting court and justicesector sta around the country to learnmore about the opportunities to improvean already outstanding justice system,” Judith says.“The Family Court reorms will help todeliver a modern, accessible amily justicesystem that is efcient, eective and putschildren at its heart. We want to empower individuals and amilies to solve their disputes outside o court, where possible,This Government is committed to driving lastingchange to New Zealand’s drinking culture. The AlcoholReorm Bill outlines a wide range o measures toreduce alcohol-related harm in our amilies andcommunities, without penalising responsible drinkers.The Bill empowers local communities to determinewhere and how alcohol is sold, increases personal andparental responsibility or the support o alcohol andintroduces a risk-based licence ee regime to reducealcohol-related harm.This month Justice Minister Judith Collins opened NewZealand’s frst Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment(AODT) Court trial pilot in Auckland.AODT Courts, which operate out o Waitakere andAuckland District Courts, handle deendants withsevere alcohol or other drug dependencies.Deendants are given opportunity to deal with their addiction beore sentencing to help preventreoending.The Government’s continued ocus on rontlinepolicing and crime prevention has seen an 11.1 per cent drop in crime per head o population in CountiesManukau or the 2011 fscal year.MP or Papakura Judith Collins says these results areexcellent news or the electorate.“On behal o the community I acknowledge our localPolice, Community Saety Patrols and Maori wardensor their hard work and continued commitment tokeeping our communities sae,” Judith says.“Across the country recorded oences were downby 5.2 per cent, with 21,802 ewer crimes in the fscalyear to 30 June 2012. The crime rate per head o population ell by 5.9 per cent.“This is the lowest number o oences in any fscalyear since the late 80s, and the lowest crime rate per head o population since beore electronic recordswere kept.“These results show Police are well on their way toreaching our target o an overall reduction in crimeThe hard work o the justice sector and justice sector agencies is starting to pay o.Crime is at a 30 year low, prosecutions were down 10per cent last year and the prison population is orecast to all 7 per cent by 2020. These achievements to datenot only afrm the Government’s ocus on law andorder, but also the hard work o everyone in the justicesector – Police, Courts and Corrections.The frst results against our (BPS) targets show the total violent crime rate ell by 7 per cent or the year to30 June 2012. That’s almost 3,000 ewer crimes – and thousands ewer victims. to minimise the harmul impact the courtprocess has on children.“That’s why we’re proposing mandatory participation in the successul Parenting through Separation course, establishing anew Family Dispute Resolution service,and introducing three new court ‘tracks’or cases to ollow to help peoplenavigate the Court independently,” Judithsays.These reorms mark the frst signifcantchanges to the Family Court since it wasestablished in 1981.o 15 per cent by 2017, which will mean 45,000 ewer crimes in our communities every year rom 2017.“We must keep working closely with Police, localagencies, neighbourhood support teams and residents to make sure the zero-tolerance message continues toresonate in every home, school and workplace withinour communities.”The rate o homicide and related oences has droppedby 22 per cent, and the rate o serious assaults resulting ininjury has dropped by 8 per cent.New Zealanders deserve to be sae rom all crime, but these categories need an especially strong ocus becauseo their seriousness and the terrible impact they have onvictims. The total reported crime rate has allen almost 6 per cent (or 21,337 ewer crimes), youth crime by 4 per cent,and re-oending by nearly 6 per cent.Results show we had around 1,000 ewer oenders comingback into the system this year, which is antastic – i we canmove people away rom a lie o crime, we’re making society saer and relieving the burden on the taxpayer.
Hon Judith Collins visits sta at Manukau District Court.Hon Judith Collins with Detective Superintendent Mike Pannett, NZ Police and Deputy Commissioner Operations JohnBilich, New York Police Department.
Ms Collins welcomed Inspector Vitale Laaele (VJ) to thedistrict recently in his new role as Area Commander or Counties Manukau South. VJ joined the police orce in 1985ater a career in the army, including at Papakura. During his time with police, VJ spent 15 years in the CIB – including ten years as a detective in the Waitakere CIB. VJ previously worked with Judith when she was Minister o Police.
MP or Papakura Hon Judith Collins with Inspector Vitale Laaele and Papakura Electorate Agent Jan Robinson.Hon Judith Collins with Sergeant Sonny Ioseo and memberso the Flat Bush Neighbourhood Policing team (Otara) at the Ormiston Road Police Station, Counties Manukau.(L-R) Police Commissioner Peter Marshall, Corrections Department Chie Executive Ray Smith, Deputy Chie Executive CrownLaw Andrew Hampton, Ministry o Justice Deputy Chie Executive Sector Group Brook Barrington, Secretary or Justice AndrewBridgeman, Hon Judith Collins, Minister o Police Hon Anne Tolley and Minister or Courts Hon Chester Borrows.
Communities will have more input in decisions about the number and location o liquor outlets through localalcohol polices (LAPs) and local authorities will beable to limit the sale o alcohol and set conditions onlicences.Local communities, like ours, need this Bill. We’reencouraging all political parties get behind the AlcoholReorm Bill so we can pass it into law as soon aspossible. Judith visited Adult Drug Courts in San Francisco andNew York City recently to see how the United States’ justice sector and health agencies are working tocombat oending uelled by drug abuse.“I was impressed with the practical assistance givenand the messaging provided to oenders appearing,” Judith says.“To see how some specialist US courts operateand how eective they are in dealing with addictionproblems was very valuable.”
 Judith Collins is working for Papakura
Ed l Ftr at ParlamentBldng lnk wth ChnaMP lanche new boat at MaraetaMore pport or veteran
Ethnic Aairs Minister Judith Collins hosted members o the Islamic community at Parliament to mark Eid ul Fitr, the end o the asting month o Ramadan. Judithacknowledged the contribution the Muslim community makes to New Zealand, andour nation’s trading endeavours.Earlier this year Judith Collins made her frst ofcial visit to China as Minister o  Justice and Minister or Ethnic Aairs to discuss New Zealand’s growingrelationship with China.During the visit, Judith met with a number o political leaders and ofcials in Beijing,including host Minister o the State EthnicAairs Commission Minister Yang Jing, andvisited sites in Yunnan province in China’ssouthwest. It was the frst time Yunnan hadhosted a New Zealand Minister.MP or Papakura Judith Collins joined theCoastguard Maraetai team at MaraetaiBeach Boat Club to launch their newrescue vessel earlier this year.The vessel is crewed when required,24 hours a day, 365 days a year by adedicated team o volunteers rom theCounties Manukau area. Judith thanked Coastguard Maraetaior their hard work and commitmentThe Government is committed to sup-porting our veterans and acknowledges the tremendous sacrifces they havemade or our country. We’ve approved an additional $60 millionor our veterans over the next fve yearsand will introduce new legislation tomodernise the War Pensions Act. We’re increasing the War DisablementPension and Surviving Spouse Pensionrates by 5 per cent, beginning on 1 April2013 (on top o the orecast CPI increaseo 1.8 per cent), and increasing eligibility or support services such as home helpand lawn mowing, which will beneft anestimated 3,000 additional veterans and1,100 surviving spouses or partners.This is a very signifcant and meaningulcommitment in what are difcult fnancial times. We’re ensuring our services better meet the needs o elderly veterans aswell as those involved in modern day anduture deployments. We’re implementing 132 o 170“It was great to see existing commerciallinks between New Zealand and theprovince in practice and to consider possible areas or urther development,particularly in horticulture,” Judith says.“My visit helped deepen New Zealand’sdialogue on ethnic aairs issues in Chinaand underlined the value we place onensuring a well-integrated Chinesecommunity in New Zealand.recommendations rom the LawCommission and we’ll be extending arange o support services to all veteranswith qualiying service on the basis o need.This includes the introduction o twocoverage schemes, with the creation o ACC on 1 April 1974 being the point o division between the two schemes. We’re also introducing a new Veterans’ Weekly Income Compensation paymentor veterans under the age o retirementand unable to work, which will be paidat 80 per cent o the average wage(signifcantly higher than the currentVeteran’s Pension rate), and establishesa veterans advisory board and specialistmedical advisory board to provide theMinister with independent advice. Work has begun on drating the new Bill,which will be introduced into Parliamentas soon as possible, and I encourageveterans to have their say during theSelect Committee process.“New Zealand’s Chinese communitiesmake a signifcant contribution to our nation’s economy and they continue toenrich the lives o all New Zealanders through the sharing o Chinese arts,culture and traditions.“My visit also provided an opportunity  to register at senior levels that NewZealand remains ambitious about theuture o our bilateral partnership.“Despite dierences in size, political andeconomic development, New Zealandenjoys a positive political relationship withChina and this is going rom strength tostrength.“I am very grateul or the warmhospitability I received rom the Chinesepeople during my visit and I look orward to celebrating the 40th anniversary o diplomatic relations between NewZealand and China later this year.”
Hon Judith Collins with Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key, Dr Anwar Ghani, President o theFederation o Islamic Associations o NZ and Asi Khoya, Administrative Director at FIANZ.Hon Judith Collins with NZ Ambassador or China Carl Worker.Hon Judith Collins, Minister o Justice and Minister or Ethnic Aairs with Zhao Yang, ViceMinister o the Overseas Chinese Aairs Ofce o the State Council.Hon Judith Collins with members o the Islamic community, Grand Hall, Parliament.Hon Judith Collins with members o Coastguard Maraetai Inc.Hon Judith Collins with (L-R) Cadet Lance Corporal Steven Armstrong, Cadet Lance CorporalShaun Paget, Cadet Corporal Antonino Motuliki, Second Lieutenant Scott Stapleton NZCF -Papakura Cadet Unit Commander at the Papakura RSA.Hon Judith Collins at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC, United States. TheCemetery is the fnal resting place or more than 400,000 veterans.Hon Judith Collins lays a wreath on behal o New Zealand at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC, pictured with Mr Jan Scruggs, Founder.
 to making sure boaties stay sae as they enjoy the water, beaches and parks inand around the Hauraki Gul.The Coastguard services the AucklandInshore area which is the Hauraki Gul and Firth o Thames and is accessedby public boat ramps at Pine Harbour,Beachlands, Omana, Maraetai, KawakawaBay, Orere Point, Kaiaua, CoromandelPeninsular plus Waiheke Island andCoromandel.

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