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Table Of Contents

I. SyStem RequIRementS
I. 1. Macintosh Requirements
I. 2. Windows Requirements
I. 3. Software Requirements
II. Aquafadas Digital Publishing Overview
II. 1. Aquafadas Digital Publishing Consists of 4 Main Parts
1.1. Authoring Tools:
1.2. Validation Tools:
1.3. Publishing Tools
1.4. Application Creation Tools
II. 2. AVE Digital Publishing Diagram
III. Aquafadas InDesign Plugins Overview
IV. A Quick Look at the AVE File Format: AVE MAG vs AVE PDF
IV. 1. AVE MAG: Magazine Variant
IV. 2. AVE PDF: Document Based Variant
IV. 3. AVE Refow: Refow Variant
IV. 4. AVEComics: Comics Variant
V. Installation Guide
V. 1. Installing the AVE Digital Publishing System
V. 2. Upgrading
V. 3. Rolling Back to an Earlier Version
VI. Previewing Interactive Documents on your Macintosh Computer
VI. 1. myKiosk for Desktop
VI. 2. Installing Xcode
VI. 3. The iOS Simulator
VI. 4. Installing myKiosk Desktop for Macintosh
VI. 5. iOS Simulator with myKiosk Installed
VI. 6. Install myKiosk for Previewing on your device
6.1. Installing myKiosk on your iPad or iPhone
6.2. Installing myKiosk on Your Android Device
VI. 7. First Launch
VII. Quick Tour
VII. 1. Guided Tour of the AVE Project Manager
1.1. Create an AVE PDF Project
1.2. Import your InDesign document (Made for Print): AVE PDF
1.3. Export
1.4. Transfer your Publication to an iPad
1.5. How AVE PDF works in myKiosk
VII. 2. Creating Your First AVE MAG project
2.1. Add Articles to Your Project
2.2. Add Content to Your Articles
2.3. Publish and Transfer Your AVE Magazine
2.4. How the AVE MAG Works
VII. 3. Guided Tour to AVE Interactivity
VII. 1. Interactivities Supported in both AVE MAG and AVE PDF
1.1. Picture
1.2. Slideshow
1.3. The Slideshow With Thumbnails
1.4. Movie
1.5. Button
1.6. HTML Page
1.7. Actions
VII. 2. Interactivities Specifc to AVE PDF
2.1. Smart Reading
2.2. Refow
2.3. Automatic Meta
VII. 3. Interactivities Specifc to AVE MAG
3.1. Slider
3.1. Three Ways to Transfer Your Publications
VIII. The Project Manager Panel in Depth
VIII. 1. Logging in
VIII. 2. My Projects
2.1. Creating a new project
VIII. 3. Project Structure
VIII. 4. “Articles” in AVE MAG = “Document Spreads” in AVE PDF
4.1. Creating a New Article (AVE MAG) or Adding a New Document Spread (AVE PDF)
4.2. Importing an InDesign Document
4.3. Changing the Order of Articles or Document Part
4.4. Article Options Drop-Down Menu
VIII. 5. Project Manager Buttons (Above Titles)
VIII. 6. Project Manager Buttons (Below Project Structure)
VIII. 7. Project Settings
7.1. General
7.2. Metadata
7.4. ePub Reader
7.5. Fonts Management
VIII. 8. AVE Project Manager Settings
8.1. Preferences
VIII. 9. Previewing your Articles in My Kiosk
9.1. Previewing a Single Article
VIII. 10. Previewing an Entire Issue
2.1. Page Orientation Settings
IX. 3. Actions
3.1. Defning the Action
3.3. Reader Action List
X. Enrichments
X. 1. Picture Enrichment
X. 2. Slideshow Enrichment
2.1. Simple Slideshow
2.2. Slideshow With Thumbnails
2.3. Defning the Slideshows Behavior
X. 3. Movie Enrichment
3.1. Graphic User Interface
X. 4. Audio Enrichment
4.1. Actions on Finished
X. 5. Button Enrichment
X. 6. To Image
6.1. Actions on Touch
X. 7. Slider Enrichment
X. 9. HTML Page Enrichment
9.1. Ken Burns Efect
X. 10. Refow Enrichment
X. 11. Smart (Guided Reading) Enrichment
X. 12. Comparator Enrichment
X. 13. Read Aloud Enrichment
X. 14. AVE Comics
X. 15. Map Enrichment
X. 16. Animated Image Enrichment
X. 17. Show AVE Enrichment
X. 18. Simple Maze Enrichment
X. 19. Simple Draw Enrichment
X. 20. Matching Game Enrichment
X. 22. Drag & Drop
X. 23. SubLayout Enrichment
X. 24. Advanced Button Enrichment
X. 25. Convert to Motion Path
25.1. Supported Features
X. 26. Gallery
26.1. Adding Images into the Gallery
26.2. Viewing the Gallery From Within Your Issue
26.3. Personalizing the Gallery
XI. ePub File Generation
XI. 1. Creating an ePub Project
1.1. AVE MAG or AVE PDF?
1.2. Facing Pages or Non-Facing Pages?
1.3. Refow or Fixed Layout?
XI. 2. Migrating your content into clean Templates
XI. 3. Adding Interactivity
XI. 4. What Types of Fonts are Supported?
XI. 5. Embedding Metadata
5.1. Converting Page Items to Images
5.2. Prefight
XI. 6. Generating Your ePub File
XII. AVE and AVE HD (Retina)
XIII. AVEPublishing.com
XIII. 1. Before Publishing You Will Need:
XIII. 1. Creating a ZAVE
XIII. 2. Hosting a ZAVE
XIV. The AVE Publishing Portal
XIV. 1. Creating a New Title
XV. Developer.Apple.Com
XV. 1. Creating The Bundle ID
XVI. AVE Publishing Continued
XVI. 1. App Specifcations
XVI. 2. Creating an Issue
XVI. 3. App Specifcations
XVI. 4. Application Specs: The Dashboard
XVI. 5. Application Specs: Settings
5.1. Setting up a Publication Product
5.2. Setting up a Subscription Product
XVII. iTunes Connect
XVII. 1. Adding a New App
XVII. 2. Setting up in-App Purchases in iTunes Connect
2.1. Contracts, Tax, and Banking
XVII. 3. Setting Up in-App Purchases
XVII. 4. Selecting the in-App purchase Type
4.1. Setting up a Non-Consumable in-App Purchase
4.2. Setting up a Auto-Renewable Subscriptions
4.3. Setting up a Free Subscription
4.4. Setting up a Non-Renewing Subscription
XVII. 5. Submitting your in-App purchases for Review
XVII. 6. Enabling Newsstand
XVII. 7. Replacing an Atom Feed
XVIII. Developer.apple.com
XVIII. 1. Installing Xcode
XVIII. 2. Generating Your Development Certifcate
2.1. Keychain Access
XVIII. 3. How to Share an Apple Certifcate and its Private Key
XVIII. 4. Adding Devices to Your Apple Developer Account
XVIII. 5. Adding Development and Distribution Provisioning Profles
XVIII. 6. Development Provisioning Profles
XVIII. 7. Distribution Provisioning Profles
XIX. Testing Checklist:
XIX. 1. Publishing Licenses
XIX. 2. Application Licenses
XIX. 3. Issue Setup Check
XIX. 4. Uploading ZAVE Files
XIX. 5. Defning the in-App purchase in the Portal
XIX. 6. App ID’s
XIX. 7. AppFactory
XIX. 8. Xcode
XIX. 9. Test Push Notifcations
XX. Exporting for Test-Purposes in AppFactory
XX. 1. Exporting to myKiosk (iOS Simulator)
XX. 2. Generating an IPA File for Testing
XX. 3. Viewing the IPA on a Device
XXI. Testing on Device
XXI. 1. Setting up Test Accounts
XXI. 2. Testing a purchase
XXI. 3. Setting up your Device as a Test Device (SUPER IMPORTANT)
XXI. 4. Testing a Free Download
XXI. 5. Testing a Paid Download
XXI. 6. Testing a Subscription
XXI. 7. Linking and UnLinking an Account
XXII. Push Notifcations
XXII. 1. Setting Up
XXII. 2. Verify peer using Entrust Root Certifcation Authority
XXII. 3. Testing Notifcations
XXIII. Testing is Done — Ready to Upload Binary
XXIII. 1. Create a Distribution IPA fle in AppFactory
XXIV. AVE AppFactory
XXIV. 1. Downloading and Installing AVE AppFactory
XXIV. 2. Creating a New Kiosk template
XXIV. 3. Choosing the Correct Kiosk template
3.1. My Great Bookstore:
3.2. Elegant Kiosk Universal:
3.3. Elegant Kiosk:
3.4. Wired Kiosk Universal:
3.5. Wired Kiosk:
3.6. Spotlight Kiosk:
3.7. Remote Reader (iPad):
3.8. Single Title Kiosk:
3.9. AVE Reader (iPad):
XXIV. 4. Selecting your App
XXIV. 5. Setting up an Elegant Kiosk App
5.1. Elegant Kiosk: Sections
XXIV. 6. App Info (Generating a Certifcate for App Factory)
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Aquafadas Digital Publishing 2.5 h

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