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Bashar The Paradox Connection Transcript

Bashar The Paradox Connection Transcript

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Published by Otis Funkmeyer
Bashar The Paradox Connection Transcript
Bashar The Paradox Connection Transcript

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Published by: Otis Funkmeyer on Nov 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Paradox Connection2004-08-14
 April: Hi everyone! Audience: Hi April! Etc. April: Welcome to another exciting evening of contact with Bashar. (Audience hootsand applause.) It’s so great to have everybody here. Thank you all so much for coming. I’m going to turn the evening over to Darryl, and I just would like to ask youall to join with me in thanking both Darryl and Bashar for bringing through suchwonderful information, and for sharing with us such an exciting and inspiring vision of the future. Thank you Darryl and Bashar. (Big Applause.)Darryl: Thank you all very, very much for being here tonight. I appreciate it verymuch. How many people here have never been to a Bashar session? Quite a few.(Audience amazement noises, applause.) Alright. Thank you for coming. In thatcase, I will give a very, very brief history of exactly how this channeling happened, tobring you all up to speed. Do you have a question back there? No? Okay.This channeling started, well I’ve been channeling for twenty years but the incidentsthat led to it started about thirty years ago when on two different occasions within thesame week, I had two close-range broad daylight UFO sightings here over L.A. Firsttime about 150 feet away, second time about 60 feet away, and that started me doinga lot of investigation into such things as UFOs and other kinds of what wasconsidered paranormal phenomenology. And eventually I ran across books of coursehaving to do with psychic functioning, channeling and so forth. And ten years after the UFO sightings I was introduced to a channel who waspracticing at the time, and eventually after listening to the information coming throughthat channel for a few months, the entity offered to teach a channeling class and Iwent into the class not so much thinking I was going to become a channel. I justwanted to learn more about it and I wanted to see how something like that could betaught. So, about half way through the twelve week class, after we’d been given aseries of different kinds of guided meditations and so forth to make one more open,more sensitive to whatever you wanted to connect to, be it your own higher self or another entity, didn’t really matter, I received what appeared to be, what felt like, anactual connection with Bashar and his people and an actual memory came back of having made an agreement somewhere prior to this life to do this with him, and theinformation that was there let me know that it was time to begin that agreement if Istill wanted to. So I thought about it for awhile because I wanted to make sure Iwasn’t imagining things or going crazy, or something, hallucinating from themeditations.
But after a while I realized that, no matter whether or not Bashar is real and separatefrom me and whether it’s coming from some other aspect of my own consciousness, Irealized that the information can be used to help people and for that reason I decidedto go ahead and continue the practice. And I have been doing it now for 20 years,and have done it in several cities in the U.S. and several countries around the world.I do like to stress that it’s not important that you believe that Bashar is separate andreal. It is the information that counts and if it’s something that can help you then byall means use it in your life, if not you’ll get what you need somewhere else. But hedoes seem to have a knack for presenting, for lack of a better term, very down toearth information (audience laughter) in terms of using it to make the kind of changesin your life that you would like to make. Now I’m not exactly sure what he’s going todo tonight, we’re never exactly sure what he’s going to talk about, even though wemight have some general idea.But he does present himself as a separate entity, he presents himself as anextraterrestrial consciousness. He does have a type of physicality and our understanding is that what’s going on here is kind of a telepathic connection. I will gointo the altered state, I’ll allow my brainwaves to change to match something a littlebit closer to his frequency. He will do the same from his end, and when our frequencies meet and lock, it’ll become kind of like two tuning forks vibrating inharmony and then you’ll get his thoughts translating through me into the language of course that I’m raised to understand, which is English. So he’s not really speaking,he’s just sending thoughts and you get the translation. So I’m sort of like a longdistance radio, for lack of a better term.He will come through, he will probably talk about what he wants to talk about for awhile, whatever he thinks is important for this evening for all of you as a generalsubject , as a monologue. And at some point he will then turn it over to questionsand answers. We will obviously try to get as many questions through as we possiblycan. If you are up here to ask a question, do try to keep it to the single mostimportant question so we can get as many people through as possible. If he takesyou further in your question then by all means go with him, but we just ask that youyour best to keep it focused and concise on what’s most important to you.He has talked for many, many years now on a variety of subjects. There are dozensand dozens and dozens of tapes on dozens of subjects which are available on thewebsite, which is bashar dot org, so by all means he may have covered some of thequestions that don’t get asked tonight on some of those tapes, and you may findthem there. But tonight should be interesting. Again I would like to thank you for coming. It will take me a second just to go into the altered state, and then he willcome through. So please by all means have a good time. Thanks.Yeah (to camera man). How far? Is that enough? Yes? I won’t get Bashar over here but I’ll get him over here? (laughing) Fine tuning the antenna, is that what’shappening? Okay. All right have fun, see ya.Monologue:
Bashar: Alright I’ll say good day to you this day of your time, how are you all? Audience: Great! etc.Bashar: Alright thank you. We will begin this transmission this day of your time in thefollowing way: we would like to cover three distinct ideas this day of your time.Number one will be somewhat of what you would call a political idea. Number twowill be a somewhat unusual meditation called the Paradox Meditation. And number three will be our interaction with questions and suggestions. We will not sayanswers; we will say suggestions, for we do not have answers for you so much asideas and suggestions for how you can find the answers yourself.Now, let us begin with the following idea. We have discussed with you a few timesbefore the concept of contact between various extraterrestrial civilizations and your own, and certainly as your years go by, we are coming closer and closer to the timewhen such contact can occur openly. We have in past transmissions talked aboutthe notion that by your year 2015 that the majority of people on your planet will be,as we read it, aware of the existence of extraterrestrials. Now, this can still happen ina number of ways. We are not saying that open contact will happen by your year of 2015, just that the majority of people on your planet will be aware of the existence of extraterrestrials such as myself and others. But, toward the idea of acceleratingopen contact, we would like at this time to propose an activity if we may. May we? Audience: YesBashar: Are you sure? Audience: Yes!Bashar: Want to make sure that you actually want contact with us. Alright. So then,remember that this contact is not in any way shape or form because we will solveyour problems, but because you have accelerated your energy to the level at whichyou begin to understand your ability to create the reality you desire, your ability tosee yourselves as equals to all beings in creation. It will be the result of that, and anyacceleration will occur because of that, because of your actions, your involvement,your participation, your responsibility, because it is your planet. And up to this point,our civilization and other civilizations have taken, as you would say, an arm’sdistance approach, not becoming involved in certain aspects of your society becauseit is your world and we cannot interfere.However, now, you have made enough shifts in your own vibrational energy that wecan begin to suggest some courses of action to accelerate the idea of open contact. And so, since we are now allowed to by the difference in your energy, we will do so, if you are ready to participate. It will require your participation, and here is what youwould call the window of opportunity. Between your upcoming year that you call2005 and your year that you call 2012 will be the seven year window for what we areabout to suggest to be accomplished by you. It is a seven year project. You canmake it happen sooner, it’s up to you, but as we read the energy now it is alright if ittakes seven of your years. Alright? Alright.

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