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Bashar Perspectives Transcript

Bashar Perspectives Transcript

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Published by Otis Funkmeyer
Bashar Perspectives Transcript
Bashar Perspectives Transcript

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Published by: Otis Funkmeyer on Nov 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PERSPECTIVES1986-07-16New Rooms Analogy and Conceiving Physicality
B: All right, I’ll say: How are you all this evening of your time, as you create time toexist? AUD: Perfect. Great. Fine. Et cetera.B: We will begin this interaction with the idea that as you have created your physicalreality to be represented to you as one of limitation -- as one of forgetfulness, as onewhere you have chosen the idea of imposing barriers around yourselves for thepurpose of experiencing the limitation of your creatorhood -- recognize, therefore,that as you have created this scenario, as you have created your physical reality tobe this type of scenario, you may use the analogy, or liken the scenario, unto one of your houses which contains many rooms.In this way you will find that as you are in any particular room, you may not be awarethat there are other rooms to be in. The idea of the room, the four walls, floor andceiling, may comprise the entirety of your reality at that given moment that you findyourselves to be in that room.Simply recognize that the idea we are going to utilize this analogy for is that in your physiological reality you have created it to have just so many walls, a floor and aceiling, and you many times will find yourselves assuming -- based on what youbelieve to be true about your reality, based upon what you have been taught fromgeneration to generation for many tens and hundreds of thousands of years -- toassume many times that the idea of your physical reality comprises only the roomyou are familiar with. And that you are not necessarily aware that there is anythingbeyond that particular room, even though it may even be a part of the house in whichyou live. Are you following along so far? AUD: Yes. Yes.B: Therefore, when you finally allow yourselves the notion that you may exist in ahouse of many rooms, and begin to explore the possibilities of being able to find anddiscover many more of those rooms other than the one in which you have resided for many tens of thousands of years, you are still going to find from time to time thateven in the exploration of the new idea that there may be other rooms, you may onlyhave the tools you have been used to using at hand, to give yourselves theopportunity to even know that there are other rooms.So recognize the measurements and the exploration that you will undertake manytimes will carry with it certain notations, certain notions, certain preconceived ideas
based upon the idea that you are only used to using certain tools. And even whenyou are exploring something new, many times you will only use tools you are used tousing that represent the old ideas you have been living to explore something to youthat is new, rather than allowing yourself to know that there are new tools with whichyou can relate more easily to the new situation, to the new room you are exploring.Therefore you will find that, as we have discussed many times, the idea that youhave not realized to be true for you is that your imagination, the ability to evenconceive that there is another room in the house, is in and of itself the tool for exploring that room. It is in all reality -- the moment you conceive that there is another room -- in all reality therefore, you are in that other room. For you may look at it thisway: the perspective that you now know there is another room means that you mustbe outside of the room that you have been in all along to be aware of the fact thatyou now know there is something else.Therefore recognize that because of the habits you have created, many times youwill not allow yourselves to believe that because you can conceive there is another room, you must already be in that other room, and you will restrict yourselves tousing the old ways of looking at it by assuming that all you have given yourselves is awindow from the room you are in, looking into the room you want to be in, stillassuming that you are in the room you do not want to be in, looking through awindow you wish you could enter.That is simply your choice of perspective. The idea is that once you are aware thereis another room, you must by definition be looking back upon the room you used tobe in, from the perspective of being in that new room -- because to be aware thatthere is something else is to actually be that something else.This is a simple cognition -- it may sound mysterious at first; there may not be anapparent connection to you -- but it is a simple cognition when you allow yourselvesto realize everything that you determine to be your physical reality is only the productof a vibratory frequency; no less or more real than any reality you experience.What you normally call your physiological reality is a product of your imagination -- ina sense, very literally a dream. But it is the dream; it is the portion of your dimensionof imagination that you have decided to enhance with the quality you have inventedthat you call solidity. That is the only thing, that one variable in the overall vibrationequation that creates this physical reality to seem more real than anything else youcan imagine. But this is a product of your imagination -- just as anything you haveever conceived of in your imagination, as a probable or possible reality, you woulddecide or desire to experience.It is up to you to understand that you are creating your reality from these vibrationalfrequency desires, and any reality you have ever experienced that seems so verysolid to you has only ever been the product of your belief that that reality is moresolid than anything else you have ever conceived of. That is what makes it solid; thatis what makes it so. It is the only thing that creates a difference in what you callmateriality and the rest of your imagination dimension.
It is all a matter of frequency; it is all a matter of understanding the simplicity that justas you have the device you call a radio, you can only receive what you are tunedinto. You have to be on the same wavelength; you have to be in that reality in order toperceive of that transmission, of that information.Therefore, turning this idea around, you can therefore understand that anything youdo perceive, anything you desire to be -- because you are conceiving of it, becauseyou can even have the perception -- at that moment you ARE that person, you AREthat new reality. The only thing missing from the equation is that you do not believethat the conception is the same thing as being that new person. All you need to do atthat moment in having the conception -- knowing that to even have the conception isalready being beyond the idea you think you are, not beyond the idea you have to dosomething to become beyond -- simply recognize that if you are that vibration, if youhave that conception, all you need to do is act like you know that having theconception is the same thing as being that idea. As soon as you are willing to express that degree of conviction, that degree of certainty, the same degree of certainty you have about anything else you take for granted as being real in your reality, you will then allow the physical reality, which isonly the reflection of what you believe it to be, to begin to shift and change its shape,to reflect the new idea, the new conception that you now hold to be true for you. Areyou all following along? AUD: Yes. Yes.B: The idea, simply stated, is: it is that simple. The idea, simply stated, is that yousimply have a habit of thinking that once you conceive of an idea; you must need anecessary process in order to become -- in order to become something in the future-- the idea you think you must strive to achieve; rather than simply recognizing thatthe moment you conceive of it, you are the idea. All that is necessary for you to see that the physical reality around you becomes thatidea is for you to act like you are the idea you have now conceived yourselves to be.That is it. It is that simple.Thank you. Sharing!
Fire Ceremony and Strength
Q: Do you remember a German girl who was here about five weeks ago?B: Yes.Q: Yes. She called me from London today and she wanted me to ask you aboutsomething. She wanted to know if you had any information or knew anything about afire ceremony, something that she heard about called Agme Hotra -- something that'sbeen on many other planets, she said. It involves a fire and a pyramid, and a singing

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