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Bashar Self-Empowerment Transcript

Bashar Self-Empowerment Transcript



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Published by Otis Funkmeyer
Bashar Self-Empowerment Transcript
Bashar Self-Empowerment Transcript

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Published by: Otis Funkmeyer on Nov 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self Empowerment Workshop1987-03-15
B: All right I'll say how are you all this day of your time as you create time to exist?Q: Great! (Various answers)B: Welcome. We extend to you, first of all, our deepest appreciation for your willingness to co-create with us this day of your time (whatever day that may be doesnot matter) this interaction. This expansion. This acceleration. This realization of your own self-empowerment. And we extend our appreciation in allowing us to reflect backto you that each and every one of you individually and collectively, are quite capable,by definition, simply because you exist, of creating the reality you desire... the realityyou prefer.First and foremost, you are always creating the reality you believe, or have beentaught to believe most strongly,
the reality that is the most likely reality you arecapable of imagining can occur in your lives. You are always creating your reality.This workshop, as you call it, is not about the idea of teaching you, in a sense, to dosomething you are not already doing. You already have absolutely perfectcommandment over the creation of your reality, because each and every one of youare: gates, channels, valves, through which the energy of infinite creation flows tomanifest as the idea you know to be physical reality, and the experiences containedtherein. But as the society you have created yourselves to be for many tens of thousands of your years, you have bred out of yourselves the realization that you arecreating your reality, so that much of the creation of your physical reality isunconscious, as you use that term.The idea of our interactions with you, and the interactions of all levels of consciousness with you at this time, is to awaken you to what you are already doing.So that when you become consciously aware of the fact that you are already creatingyour reality, you can then know that you are already in control and therefore you cancreate the reality you prefer to create, rather than creating realities that you do notprefer by allowing your unconscious fears, doubts, and guilt’s to attract those realitiesfor you.Now is the time, and the timing, for each and every one of you to wake up into therealization that physical reality is simply what you dream it to be, what you imagine itto be. And that, literally speaking, physical reality
a dream. We do not mean by thatphrase to invalidate its existence. On the contrary. What we are saying is that whilewhat you call physical reality is an illusion, all reality, all ideas that you call reality, aresimply the construct of the perceptions initiated by what you have been taught tobelieve at any given moment is true for you.
The truth is composed of all truths. No one truth is any more real than any other truth.Each truth that you choose to believe in at any given moment still brings with it,automatically (because you are automatic creators) ... will bring with it a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining system or logic, that will make it seem as if the truth youare living at any given moment is, for that moment, the only truth there is. Bydefinition – for you to be able to experience in a focused way, any particular truth atany given moment – by definition, you must exclude 99% of all other methods so thatyou have the ability to focus on the one particular method that, for you at themoment, works.When you discover, when you change, when you incorporate new ideas into thebeing that you are, and your beliefs and emotions and your thoughts changeaccordingly, and you discover “new truths”, as you say, this does not mean that theold truths are now wrong, and that your new truth is now more right. It simply meansyou’re different. You are on a different frequency, a different vibrational plane, andyou now attract into your life the truth that represents who you are; the truth thatworks for you now.Each and every being, each and every truth, each and every path, each and everymethod, is a different way that the Infinite Creation has of expressing itself: throughthe creations (all of us) that it is.So all beings are simply all the different ways that All That Is has of expressing itself within the creation that it is; and there is no one way that is better than any other way.If there were only one way there would only be one person. All of you look around –you are surrounded, infused, and interlinked with all the different ways that creationhas of expressing its relationship to itself. You are all reflective mirrors reflecting for each other in love light, and unconditional trust and service, all the different aspectsof the beings that you are. So that you can see in the many ways that people expressthemselves, all the different options of all the ways you might choose to expressyourself; to explore, expand, and add to the understanding of yourself as a co-creator.Now this day, this so-called day of your time (again, no matter what day it is) it will notbe the same day when we finish this interaction. You will not be the same peoplewhen we finish this interaction.Now, many of you may hear this phrase, "You will not be the same people" and youwill think, "Oh yes, I will have changed"; but many of you may take this phrase veryphilosophically. "Well, yes, I may not act the same, I may have different ideas,different attitudes, different habits, different behavior patterns, but of course I will stillbe the same person." No. A person is not literally who or what you are. A person, in asense, a persona, a personality, is an aspect, an artificial construct. Natural in onesense, but it is a projection of an idea, an aspect of the total energy, non-physical,and conscious being that you are.So when you change the idea of what you are at any given moment, you literallybecome, literally become a different person. You may think you look the same. You
may think you have many of the same traits that you used to, but you will no longer be the you,
used to be, before this interaction. You (the new you) may wish tocreate a degree of continuity so that you can still function in the Earth reality game for a while – to allow those around you to relate to you in semi-familiar ways, so you donot have to, in your terms, start from scratch; but you will not be the same personliterally.You will have redefined yourself and any redefinition, any change in any of thevariables of the energy equation you are, changes the whole equation in much thesame way that if you have a cube, all sides being the same color, and you changeone color on one side. Well, yes, you can say, "But I have only changed one color onone side. Only one side is different. The rest is the same." But understand, as a totalconcept, the whole cube is a new cube.You will discover, by what you would call the end of this interaction, whether you areparticipating, as you say, live, or whether you are in this way utilizing your mediaformat (watching or listening to your tapes or reading your transcripts), that you will,in participating, be in the interaction as live as anyone. The energy at any givenmoment is always recreated in that moment absolutely for the first time. It is never arepeat. It is always new because you are never the same. You are never a repeat.You are always new.Every moment is a new moment. As you redefine it, you redefine the entire universe.So we will have spent many days here this day, and you will be many people this day. And, at the end of this interaction, which will not be an end, and not even abeginning, but an on-going; you will have stepped through a doorway, through athreshold, and you will have firmly entered a new level of acceleration, a new energystate that will assist and propel you in the directions you prefer to create in life.Experience is the key. You live in a world of physical action.What we are supplying in this interaction, if you will, is a kit, a kit of simple tools. Onyour journeys you may use these tools anytime, anywhere, anyway you wish. Theyare malleable on purpose. During the exercises and techniques we will share withyou, if for some reason your imagination chooses to interpret them slightly differentlyor grandly differently than the way we are suggesting by the visualizations we willsupply, it is all right. You know what you are doing. We believe you know what youare doing, even if don't choose to think that you do. For the timing of this interactiongrant yourselves the benefit of the doubt and believe that you know what you'redoing.If anything should change, let it change, knowing that the change is a part of the pathyou are. Not an interruption in it. In your meditations this day, these days, of your time, if you should hear sounds, feel, see ideas, do not think they are distractions. Add them into your meditation. If something occurs... a sound, an idea, it belongs inthe meditation. The universe does not do extraneous and pointless things, andneither, really, do you. There is nothing that cannot be applied in a positive direction if you are of that attitude, if you are of that mentality. So incorporate anything that theold you might have termed a distraction into the meditation, and the more you add,

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