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Candida Revoltion

Candida Revoltion

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Candida Revolution
Candida Revolution

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Categories:Types, Research
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How You Can kill CandidaAnd Prevent the fungusthat causes most cancer!
The CandidaTreatment
All truth passes through three stages....First, it is ridiculed.Second, it is violently opposed.Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
 Arthur Schopenhauer,
German philosopher (1788 – 1860)
henwe look at our history we can see that the‘truth’ is ever evolving and changing in all areas of 
civilisaon, but in this book I am going to concentratespecically on the medical ‘truth’
Hundreds of years ago the idea that plague and disease
in general could be spread by ny lile micro organismswe could not see was unbelievable! The suggeson that
you could stay healthy by washing and using soap wouldhave you laughed at for hours!People laughed at the idea as everyone knew that theonly way to protect yourself from the demons that
caused diseases would be to buy special proteconamulets, poons and even to aach leeches to suck out
the evil demons causing the illness. Ah, how we laugh
now at these ridiculous ideas but the fact of the maer
is that these ideas were once believed by the mass of 
the populaon!It was only through the work and determinaon of dedicated sciensts such as Alexander Fleming(inventorof penicillin) and Louis Pasteur (germ hypothesis andinventor of pasteurisaon) who ignored the laughter
- that searched for the evidence for their discoveries

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