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Michigan Wing Encampment - 2009

Michigan Wing Encampment - 2009

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Published by CAP History Library

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Nov 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 Edition 3 of 6
Welcome to day five of encampment! Icertainly hope you are enjoying the timeyou have experienced in Alpena so far.Your week is half over and I am sure thatyou have gained some valuable lessons totake back to your home squadrons. En-campment is a process of continual learn-ing from the moment that you arrive atencampment until the moment you driveout of the base gates. Your encampmentexperience does not end there should youchoose to further your training by comingback on staff. In my vast years of servingon encampment staff I have found thatthe learning experience continues through-out your encampment career from flightstaff, through Cadet Leadership Schooland even serving on senior staff.I remember learning many valuable lifelessons from working with my basic flightstaff. From there I went on to learn ad-vanced leadership skills at Cadet Leader-ship School. From those lessons, I havetaken everything memorable about mybasic year as a cadet and have tried toimplement that whenever possible.I encourage you to do the same back atyour home unit and at future encamp-ments. I leave you with the most pricelesslesson that I feel that a cadet can bringhome from encampment is teamwork andgaining life-long friends from across thestate of Michigan.This year I have the privilege of having anassistant Commandant of Cadets 1st LtRetzlaff from Oakland Composite Squad-ron. She has been a tremendous help tomyself and the cadet staff.Congratulations to C/CMSgt del Rosariofrom Alpha Flight for winning the firemangear race! 3 cadets got to race to try andget on the 30 pounds of fire fighting gearthe fastest. With Cadets cheering andyelling loudly C/CMSgt del Rosario tookhome the prize by a narrow margin. Thisprize, a new book of jodies, should comein handy.The cadets learned a lot about fire ser-vice, the importance of all the gear andwhat it is used for and had time to ask lotsof questions. Later, cadets went outdoorsfor a tour of the base fire truck inside andout and witnessed a master stream noz-zle demonstration which poured out manygallons of water.Cadets attended a class about fire fightingtaught by SSgt Willman and 1st LtMurray. Topics included Air Force firefighter training, MIWG SAR academy andhow it inspired SSgt Willman to go into firefighting, and SSgt Willman’s military andcivilian fire fighting career.Special thanks to Capt. Dave Watts forsaving the day!
Welcome To Encampment!
By Maj Christina Watts, Commandant
Thank you WBKB Fire Truck Demo
By 2d Lt Vinson and 2d Lt BowdenWalking alone on base is a NO NO!!!! It isa good idea for all members at night towalk with a buddy. This is a large basewith many hazards especially with militaryvehicles and construction.Cadets, whether basic or staff shouldnever walk alone at night, or put them-selves at risk of being alone and then hav-ing to walk somewhere. This is for yoursafety.
Daily Safety Moment…
By Maj Woolston
By RocketryToday our first rocketlaunch was a success!!! Acouple of rockets took afew times to launch cor-rectly without losing theirrocket engine. It wasquite an interestingevent, and no one gaveup.According to C/AmnGardener, “Third time’s the charm!” To C/AmnGardener’s relief, the third time his rocket shotinto the air, it returned with all of the parts.Congratulations Rocketry, for building yourrockets with success!!
A true NCO
By C/CMSgt Sara FishbeinThis morning, SMSgt “Pops” Biddle (USAFretired), taught classes for the cadet wing. Myflight was there to listen to him speak aboutAir Force careers. Pops encouraged cadets towait until they were sure of what they wantedfrom the military before speaking to recruiters.He also gave insightful advice about enlistedand officer careers, as well as informationabout the other branches.He also spoke about the role of the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). In his words, “NCOs are the ones who really run the mili-tary.” During this class, he shared many sto-ries from his 28 years on active duty, includinghis time as a boom operator on a KC-135.Pops is a beloved member of the CAP com-munity and I know myself and the rest of thecadets greatly enjoyed his classes this week.Thank you to CaseyCoffey from Channel11 News in Alpena forspending some timewith us this week.CAP has been on the6pm news two timesso far with hopes of more. Casey had thechance to go for hisvery own O Flight!
Encampment Editorial Staff
1st Lt Mark Curtis, Director2d Lt Robert Bowden, Asst. Director1st Lt Rick Lauterbach, Videographer2d Lt Carol Vinson, Newsletter Staff Have Photos? Please see us at the PAOOffice in 440 after the duty day for us tomake copies!
Internet Access Graciously
Provided by:
Random Photo Goodness
Give ’EM the Brick !
 Our beloved C/Maj Bacero received notone but TWO gold bricks. Apparently acadet should not kick Lt Col Cotton!
Greetings from
Everyone Loves PT
By: C/CMSgt Luke Rondeau"Good morning cadets; you have thirtyseconds to get outside for PT!" How manyof you have wondered why we do PT everymorning and every evening?C/SSgt Smith at Foxtrot Flight saysthat "PT is a good way to relieve stress."We do PT not only to strengthen our bod-ies, we do PT to learn to motivate our-selves and our fellow flight members, aswell. C/A1C Fillmore, also from Foxtrotsays that "PT is challenging, but reward-ing."Remember, though, PT is very activeand it is important to drink lots of water.Also, stretch out alot during cool-down.That is the most important time to stretch.I'll see you on the PT field. One lastthought..."If you keep your mind positive,you can do anything."
Life on Flight Staft
By: C/MSgt Jake SuszkoClose your eyes, drift off and imaginesome things for a second. You are beingtold to find cadets needing meds from MedBay, SOP your locker, and get your flightto the chow hall in five minutes. This ishow it feels to be on flight staff.When something needs to be done, itworks its way through the chain all theway to flight staff. Moving cadets is ourresponsibility. Waking cadets up is ourresponsibility. Getting cadets in bed is ourresponsibility. We also do all the activitiesand have the same requirements as ba-sics.If you are on staff at your squadron,being on encampment staff is an entirelydifferent beast. It is hard, stressful, and if you don't use your diaphragm, you willhave no voice by Day 3.It is also very rewarding. It is our re-sponsibility to produce the cadets that willlead the wing in a few short years.
Quotes Heard around CLS
 “My CLS experience has taught me more inthe past three days than I have learned inthe past 3 years.” –Cadet Serra, CLS “CLS is the best thing a CAP leaders can at-tend if they want to learn how to do their jobas best they can. I would recommend CLS toany CAP cadet” -Cadet Z. Myers, CLS “One recommendation I would give to some-one planning on attending CLS is to not thinktoo highly of themselves because at CLS youare going to learn that you aren’t perfect.Even great leaders will learn somethingnew.” -Cadet Koulchar, CLS “If you are attending CLS- be yourself, re-member your customs and courtesies, useyour time properly and do your best is allthat matters. The most memorable thing thisweek has been the friends I have made.” -Cadet Maciag, CLS “Overall, CLS will challenge you to step outof your comfort zone. You will have tons tobring back to your squadron” -Cadet Kosik
Dawn Lennox-Hanley
Excellent job keep us all posted on the hap-penings at Encampment...wish I were theretoo! Hi C/Msgt Hanley, hope you are learningtons at CLS, can't wait to see you at Gradua-tion and to hear all your awesome stories!
Ron Brown
Hello to Kris and Tim Brown and the rest of the Lapeer Composite Squadron! The Browns
Jennifer Kooshian
 What an awesome day for everyone! Hello toPeter and Jeremiah Kooshian and all of theHudsonville Metro Squadron!
Shannon Funkhouser
Thank you to all of C.A.P staff for all youhave done and especially those who helpDerek out. You all are truly in a league of your own, and I am proud to have my sonswith this organization!
Susan Klotz Wiggins
 Just want to say thank you so much for theupdates and say hello to my son Kyle Wig-gins.
Jacqueline Yaple
Hello to everyone who rode up with me toAlpena, especially Mary Yaple my daughterand Amanda Shields. Hope you are all hav-ing a great time
Alyssa Ansah-Asante
WOW! Sounds like cadets are in store forexcitement; enjoy! Hi C/Amn Ansah-Asante!Absorb it all-what great experiences. We arelooking forward to seeing you on graduationday!!!
Steve Schelske
 did Cadet Schelske break any bones yet or isit gonna be tomorrow?
Thursday, 23 July 2009 Edition 4 of 6
If you are a cadet or senior member at the2009 GLR Encampment at the CRTC, manywords may come to your mind to describeyour experience here. AMAZING is oneword that comes to my mind. As XO(Executive Officer) for Encampment thisyear, my main responsibility is to ensuresmooth operation for all areas. Sometimesthat includes being everywhere and know-ing everything that goes on, however, italso includes staying out of sight and outof the way.Amazing changes take place during thisweek. The biggest changes that are seenare in the basic cadets. They arrive notknowing what awaits them, armed onlywith the stories from fellow cadets and theencouragement received from seniormembers to attend this activity. From totalconfusion and not knowing what to do, theweek’s training turns them into focusedteam members and a strong asset to thisorganization. These basic cadets gothrough an amazing transformation, notonly seen by the staff and other cadets atencampment, but also by their parentswhen they arrive home.Senior members also go through an amaz-ing experience as they watch the cadetsdevelop and mature in front of their eyes.They see young boys and girls turn intocadets, leaders and future staff. All this isthanks to the amazing experience we callEncampment…
Welcome To Encampment!
By Maj Machcinski, Executive Officer
One Big Family
By 2d Lt Bowden and 2d Lt Vinson
Look out below
A few quotes from the rappelling tower
Flash – Boom!!!Yes, we still have the threat of thunder-storms and other severe weather. If youcan hear thunder, you can be closeenough to be struck by lightening. So,what to do? Get indoors. You are far saferindoors. There are safe areas to go to onbase:*In the bathrooms of your barracks awayfrom windows, such as, under the sinks orin the showers. *Building 440, especiallyin the center of the building. *The CollinsCenter restrooms. Or, as a last resort, anybuilding that is open; go to an area awayfrom windows.
Daily Safety Moment…
By Maj Rutherford
Many of you may have been wondering aboutall of the different wing patches you’ve beenseeing this week. This year at the GLR En-campment, along with our usual Michigan Wingmembers, we have members from the NewYork Wing, National Capital Wing, KentuckyWing, Texas Wing, Indiana Wing and Massa-chusetts Wing.Everyone inMIWG has heardof this encamp-ment and howgreat it is… andthe word isspreading. Thisyear we havetwenty out-of-wing members from three different regions.Friendships are forming that may carry on foryears. This week at encampment will bond youwith many others for a lifetime. Take the op-portunity to get names, addresses, phonenumbers, etc., so you can stay in touch. Whenyou get home, you can sign up to become afan of Great-Lakes-Region-North-MIWG-Encampment on Facebook. That’s anothergreat way to stay in touch and also view themany photos that have been taken over theweek by our PAO staff.C/CMSgt Neil Liagve Awesome! Everyoneshould do it. It’s not as scary as it looksand it’s a lot of fun!C/SMsgt Gerard – There is nothing betterthan the feeling of free falling off a wall.C/SMSgt Joel Cortright – My spidey sensestingled as I crawled carefully up the wall. Ibecame spiderman.C/SrA Anastasha Collins – It’s one of thebest experiences I’ve ever had free fallingoff of the wall.C/Ssgt Nate Weil – In just three days,I’ve gone from a quiet, unsure follower toa confident leader and there’s still twodays left! I also have a bunch of newfriends.
Welcome Maj Gen Amy S Courter
By 2d Lt BowdenWe are honored to have Major General Amy S.Courter, the Civil Air Patrol National Com-mander, Col Charles L. Carr Jr. Great LakesRegion Commander, as well as Col Michael A.Saile, Michigan Wing Commander, joining usfor the rest of the encampment. Maj GenCourter is a former MIWG Commander andcurrently lives in South Lyon Michigan. MajGen Courter is a huge supporter of the cadetprogram and is often heard saying that Michi-gan wing is her home. WELCOME HOME MA’AM

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