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Michigan Wing Encampment - 2011

Michigan Wing Encampment - 2011

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Published by CAP History Library

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Nov 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Saturday, 13 August 2011 Edition 1
Dear Encampment Participant,Welcome to the 2011 Great LakesRegion Michigan Summer Encamp-ment! On behalf of Col RobertKarton., CAP Commander of theGreat Lakes Region; and on behalf of Col Leo Burke, CAP Commander of Michigan Wing, I share a great levelof pride and anticipation in you at this
year’s Encampment. Your
participation and enthusiasm marksthe best of what Civil Air Patrolrepresents.Your senior and cadet staff have puthundreds of hours into preparing forthis encampment, some of them ayear or more. Without the hard workand dedication of your staff before,during and after, this Encampmentwould not be possible. Each andevery one of them has my thanks fora job well done.I imagine that you might have someanxiety about this week- that is OK.It is going to be a challenging event.Yet, I anticipate and expect that youwill succeed in your efforts. Why?Because there are people here to leadand guide you. Keep a positiveattitude. Focus on the goalsestablished by your unit leadership.Trust their experience. Press ahead.Know that there is a reason andpurpose for everything we do intraining. Expect to be held to a veryhigh standard. Know that you willsucceed.At the end of this week you will leavea changed person. The nature of thatchange remains in your hands! Takethis week, do your very best, andknow that everyone here is dedicatedto your success.Semper Vigilans!As you look around you will see a lotof senior members, many of these
members are on “vacation” from their
day jobs so they could come andsupport the encampment for theweek. If you see these officersaround during the week make sure totell them Thank You.
Maj Dave Watts
Vice Commander-
Maj Sheila Cerny
Executive Officer-
Maj Phil Argenti
Commandant of Cadets
- Maj Chris Frey-tag
Assistant Commandant of Cadets-
Training Officer -
Capt Wilman
Administrative Officer-
1st Lt Lhamon
Finance Officer-
Capt Locke
Logistics Officer
- Maj Pangburn
Safety Officer-
Maj Woolston
Public Affairs Officer
Capt Bowden
PAO Staff 
1st Lt Fischer
Health Services Officer
- Maj Rutherford
Health Services Staff 
- Maj Gorman-Capt Hickmott
Communications Officer-
1st Lt Ewing
2d Lt Yang
Standardizations and Evaluation Of-ficer
- Capt Davalos
Air Operations Officer-
Maj Thalmann
Glider Operations Officer-
Maj Payne
Model Rocketry Director
- Capt Johnson
Chief Tactical Officer-
Lt Col Cotton
Commanders Welcome
By Major David Watts
New for 2011
By Capt Robert Bowden
Encampment Senior Staff 
By Capt Robert Bowden
Welcome HOME! Iam sure you have allheard this a few timesby now and for all of us who are returningto encampment wetruly are home.You are reading the encampmentnewsletter
 At Ease
which is publisheddaily by the Encampment Public AffairsDepartment. This year we have lotsexciting new things going on includinglive streaming parts of the encampmentonline for your parents and friends towatch, A new photography websitewhich we will be posting all of the weeksphotos to and our always popularFacebook group where parents and writein to their cadets and get their commentspublished in
 At Ease
.We have a great public affairs staff consisting of Capt Bowden, 1st Lt Fischerand C/SMSgt Surgalski. 1st Lt Carson wasour guest photographer during in pro-cessing today.Unlike many other groups and activitieswhere the leadership is off somewhere ina office, the Great Lakes Region NorthEncampment gives you the opportunity tointeract with senior CAP officers, we arehonored that Col. Leo Burke the MichiganWing Commander is joining us for a fewdays before going down to Louisville, KYfor national Boards, This is his 34th En-campment. Col Ed Phelka the formerColorado wing commander is teachingCLS this year.My last words of advise are to enjoy theweek, This is a week you will rememberfor the rest of your lives and you willmake life long friends here this week. Askquestions and be a sponge, soak up asmuch information as you can and neverquit learning. Were all here to help you.
Encampment Public Affairs Staff 
Capt Robert Bowden, DirectorSM Rita Fischer, Newsletter Staff C/MSgt Sam Surgalski, Cadet Staff 1st Lt Bill Carson, Guest PhotographerHave Photos? Please see us at the PAOOffice in 440 for us to make copies!
2011 Encampment Sponsors :
Random Photo Goodness
Greetings from
During this week you will see many cadetsat the encampment, Some have differentcolor cadet staff hats and some are in theblues uniform most of the week and someare wearing a yellow encampment shirt,Who are all of these other people.
CLS (Great Lakes Region Cadet Lead-ership School)
CLS is a intense week long course thatchallenges cadets and pushes theirleadership skills to a new level. Teamworkis a major focus of this school and cadetwho graduate usually go on to serve onthe basic encampment staff next year.CLS is a requirement for cadets to earnC/Lt Col. The core of CLS is lead byexample. C/MSgt
C/Maj are eligible toattend this course
NCOS (Non Commissioned OfficerLeadership School)
The NCO School is designed to teach cadetairmen and NCOs small unit leadershipand is based off of the very popular andsuccessful CLS. NCOS is open to C/AMN
Model Rocketry
Cadets will start from scratch and learn allabout rockets. They start off with an alkaseltzer rocket, a film canister rocket, andtowards the end of the week build a scalemodel of a rocket. The goal is to make therocket work and be able to keep its engineand land with a parachute. At the end of the week they will have completed theCivil Air Patrol Model Rackety program andwill earn their model rocketry badge.
What is Honor Flight
By C/MSgt Sam Surgalski
Healthy competition is part of the Civil AirPatrol encampment experience. While youand your flight will work hard each andevery day, certain flights will beshowcased for their teamwork anddedication. This is known as the dailyhonor flight. To be part of an honor flightis an honor! It means that your flight hasbeen noticed by your cadet or seniormember leaders for its effort during theday.In addition to this, one of the biggestachievements your flight can worktowards is the all-famous honor flight of the week. The winner will be unveiled atthe end of encampment, and you will havebragging rights and the knowledge thatyou and your flight did their absolute bestthat short span of 7 days.The Honor flight is can be distinguished bythe red guidon.During the week there will be one basiccadet selected to be the honor cadet of the encampment.With that in mind, be loud in drill, try yourbest in inspections, and do your part tohelp achieve honor flight of the day orweek!
Flight photos are tomorrow morning,Make sure your blues look extra sharp.Thank you all in advance for your cooperation during your photos
Kathy Morandy-Pease
This is to my sonAllen Kay. David and i are so proud of you.Put your best foot forward during NCOSchool. Love Mom
Claudia Knudsen
Nathan Knudsen have afantastic week! Remember...Look up, notdown. Look forward, not back. Look out, notin. I am very proud of you! Love Mom
Tina Sawyer Lodenstein
Went to theGrand Haven parade to watch my son walkwith other cadets. I was a bad mom I madehim crack a smile while marching You mustpay attention and not pay attention to crazypeople yelling " HEY SENYKO DONT YOUSMILE " love you Ronny and have he time of your life !!!!mom
Carol Dillon
Tyler Dillon this will be a verycool experience for you and we want you toknow we're very proud of you. Have fun thisweek and do your best always!
Love Momand Dad
P.S. Caitlyn says come back re-spectful and nice :p
Cody Mc Gehee
To all CAP Family whoknows Cody McGehee have a great week besafe and have fun.
Tina Sawyer Lodenstein
make our boys proud !!! See u next saturday !!!
Adam Burgos
To: C/Airman Zak VanSlykeSubject: OORAH !!
Who is here at Encampment?
By 1st Lt Rita Fischer
Sunday, 14 August 2011 Edition 2
Welcome to Alpena!As I said to you last night in the wel-come briefing,
Welcome Home.
I wanteveryone to know that my staff and Ihave spent the last year planning, justfor this one week. They have dedicatedtheir time to make your week here themost memorable. I think by the end of 
the week you’ll agree, they’ve succeed-
ed.We have lots of awesome activitiesplanned for you. While it may seem bor-ing and tedious right now, the week willget better. Trust me when I say that
you won’t want to go home at the endof the week. We’ll laugh, play, learn and
grow.After spending this week together with
the members of your flight, you won’t
want to leave them. There is a goodpossibility that the friends you makehere this week could end up beingfriends for life.I hope that you are not feeling the bluesabout being here. Alpena is a place thatwe come to every year to teach, learnand most of all enjoy. It is a place of memories and a place of the future.Since you are the generation of the fu-ture, you are our future.
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Even thoughthe heat wave that has been affectingmost of the country may be over you allare keeping busy during the day and canquickly get dehydrated. All cadets aredoing PT every morning, It is not enoughto just drink water on the way to PT, youneed to be drinking water throughout theday. Even sitting in class indoors cancause you to become dehydrated. If youfeel sleepy during class have a drink ortwo of water this will not only help hydrateyou but will help keep you awake. Duringmeals you want to only drink water or juice, NO coke! It will actually dehydrateyour faster.Be aware of your surroundings this week,We are on an active military base and assuch there are other personnel out runningand driving, we do not want to march aflight into a unit doing PT or trying to drivedown the road.Road guards should be wearing theirorange safety vests at all times when outmarching around. Flights need to payattention when crossing roads because adistracted driver may not see the flight,always be proactive.Senior members when you are driving onbase be sure to follow the speed limits, thebase is patrolled by the Sherriff and theygive real tickets, Not only will you be outthe money but you can jeopardize Civil AirPatrols relationship with the base. Youcan NOT use your cell phone while drivingon base without a hands free devise.If you see any issues during the weekplease let the safety staff know.
Welcome To Encampment!
By Major Dave Watts, Commander
What is the Gold Brick?
By C/MSgt Surgalski
Encampment Safety
By Major WoolstonAh, the infamous gold brick. Perhaps you haveheard of it before; perhaps you have not.Either way, the gold brick is an essential andhilarious part of encampment. You see, yourcadet staff members are fantastic leaders.They are intelligent and very knowledgeable inthe Civil Air Patrol life. However, even the best
leaders make mistakes. That’s why the gold
brick was created for our encampment: it justhappens to point out these mistakes toeveryone! The brick is presented to an unluckycadet staff member each and every day in theevening PT session, and for the next 24 hoursthat member must carry around his or herbrick until it is given to another individual.However, if he or she happens to lose or
 “misplace” their brick while carrying it around,
they must not only report they have lost thebrick at the next mail call, but they get to havea two bricks for the next day! Losing a brick issomething every cadet staff member dreadswhile it is in their care. So, keep your eye outfor gold bricks around the encampmentcomplex, and if you see one lying aroundsomewhere, you may want to return it to itsrightful owner or they could be in for anexciting mail call!
You’ve Got Mail
By C/MSgt SurgalskiAlthough much of your time here willbe taken up by vari-ous activities, therewill be a few pre-cious free timeminutes in your daywhere you will havethe ability to writeletters to your fellow cadet members at en-campment. The letters distributed among en-campment members is known as mail call.With mail call, you can write a letter to anyone
on the base, and have it “mailed” out to them
at evening PT. That way, you can keep in con-tact with a friend, even if they might not be inyour flight or squadron. Cadets can also getmail from outside the encampment from par-ents, friends or relatives. Sometimes, just afew words of encouragement from family canreally help you make it through the week. Let-ters can be dropped off in the gold mailboxduring meals, and will be delivered to each andevery cadet by your flight commander.

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