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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

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Published by Mitchell J Stokes

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Published by: Mitchell J Stokes on Nov 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Annotated Bibliography
Vaccines: Helpful or Harmful?
Mitchell StokesProfessor Malcolm CampbellEnglish 1103October 17, 2012
Annotated Bibliography
"A 05 Autism Spectrum Disorder."
 DSM-5 Development 
. American Psychiatric Association. 26Jan. 2011. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is an organization that represents psychiatric physicians from all around the world. While caring for the members of theorganization, this association focuses on helping and treating all of those that are afflictedwith mental disorders. The APA publishes a book, entitled the
 Diagnostic and Statistical  Manual of Mental Disorders,
which is used to outline each mental disorder with specificclassifications of what constitutes each disorder. This website, which comes directly fromthe APA, shows the proposed revisions for the DSM-V, specifically for the AutismSpectrum Disorder (ASD), which is going to be released in 2013. It also contains whatthe DSM-IV says about the Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is important as well. Ithink it is important that these classifications of mental disorders are continually changing because the disorders themselves are continually changing as well, especially the AutismSpectrum Disorder. What is interesting about this website is that it shows the differencesand changes between the DSM IV and V. As ASD is changing and becoming more andmore common it is interesting that this parallels with the classification of the disorder. Inthe proposed revision, it seems like the number of “symptoms” has been reduced whichmeans that more people could potentially be diagnosed with the disorder. This websitewill be helpful for my paper because in order to write a paper about autism, it isimportant to know what exactly classifies autism as a mental disorder. This source will beused as a foundation for which I will be able to build my entire extended inquiry project.
Cook, Margaret. "Autism: The Mercury Trail." New Statesman 134.4752 (2005): 19. LiteraryReference Center Plus. Web. 14 Oct. 2012.Margaret Cook, “a retired consultant haematologist, formerly at St John's Hospital,Livingston” argues the relationship between mercury in vaccines and autism in thisarticle. While she understands the science, she writes that there are still many who areunconvinced and that people can still make a convincing argument for the correlation.Cook argues that mercury is a “nerve-cell poison” and that it is possible that it couldcause autism. It would work like this: Children who get autism have a genetic deficiencyin excreting mercury and that problem combined with the mercury in vaccines is whatcauses the autism. While Cook did not comment on autism rates after mercury wasremoved from vaccines, she did go on to claim that more research needs to be done. She believes that it will only be when people readdress the theory of mercury as a cause of autism.I believe that this article could prove to be a very influential article. Although very biased, Cook does bring up some interesting theories that are quite thought provoking.She also referenced outside sources that, along with her job history, do make this article areliable source to use contrary to ones that say that vaccines do not cause autism. Whilesome of her article requires additional research, it plants a seed of curiosity in the brain. Ithink that this source will be helpful for me because it provides an unwillingness to justaccept the popular opinion and makes me want to dig deeper into what other alternativeexplanations that there may be to the autism/vaccine debate.

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