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If the fYR of "Macedonia" needs a lie in order to exist, its existence is redundant by M.A.Templar

If the fYR of "Macedonia" needs a lie in order to exist, its existence is redundant by M.A.Templar



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Published by Makedonas Akritas

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Makedonas Akritas on Jan 29, 2009
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The Former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaA Challenge to the Macedonism of the Slavs© Marcus A. Templar, 2008.ABSTRACT
Despite the fact that knowledge of the history, culture, language, and religion of mostof the Balkan nations is quite extensive, the sociology of the Slav inhabitants of the FormerYugoslav Republic of Macedonia (The FYROM) is not. This thesis examines the history ofthe ancient Macedonians, their language, ethnicity, and related issues. It further studies theinvasion of the
Seven Slavic Tribes
into geographic Macedonia, and their sequent settlements,their impact to the region in general and geographic Macedonia in particular.The thesis apprises as well the issues of the Treaty of San Stefano, The Council ofBerlin, the Krushevo Republic, Balkan Wars, and the Treaty of Bucharest along with thecommunist manipulation of the subject with protagonists Joseph Stalin, Josip Broz Tito, andGeorgi Dimitrov. The paper also acquaints the reader with the contribution of the SocialistFederal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) in general and the Socialist Republic of Macedoniain particular to the problem. Itexplains the latter’s ethnic Slavic population to the civil warin Greece, one of the goals of which was the incorporation of Greek Macedonia to theproposed new federation of the SFRY with Bulgaria as it was discussed at Bled, Slovenia.Moreover, it observes the roots and the evolution of the Slavic nationalism also calledMacedonism that drives the country to internal, but also regionalinstability.
I want to thank my dear mother, Fani Dimitriou Papazoglou for her pricelessinformation she offered me over the years on the customs, language, heritage, andhistory of her own hometown, Bitola, and her old country, theFormer YugoslavRepublic of Macedonia. Moreover, I would like to thank my wife Elizabeth for hersupport and assistance she gave me over the years and especially during myacademic career years.In addition, I want to thank my Thesis Committee for their valuableassistance and encouragement they gave me when I struggled. Furthermore, I wantto offer my sincere thanks to my friends and relatives who live in Serbia, the FormerYugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Greece.I want to make a special reference tothe Pan-Macedonian Association of theUnited States and especially I want to thank its President Professor Nina Gatzoulisof the University of New Hampshire for all the help she gave me during my research.Her cooperation and assistance made my research easier and more interesting.
Marcus Alexander Templar joined the United States Army in 1982 as a CryptologicLinguist. He studied Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, and Turkish at the DefenseLanguage Institute, French at Dawson College in Montreal, and Russian at Berlitz. Inaddition, he speaks Bulgarian and Greek. As an intelligence officer, he was appointed tovarious assignments in Balkan and Middle Eastern affairs. Retired from the U.S. Army,Mr. Templar advises the U.S. government on global intelligence issues.He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University in history and foreignlanguages, a Master’s degree from Northeastern IllinoisUniversity in Human ResourceDevelopment specializing in instructional design, and a second Master’s degree inStrategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College. He is a recognizedexpert in Balkan and Middle Eastern issues.

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