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The Knit Before Christmas Fall 2012

The Knit Before Christmas Fall 2012

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The Christmas at Sea program relies on personal recommendations. In this edition of SCI's volunteer knitting program newsletter, read about little things that make a difference like telling someone about SCI, knitting TEAny Hats, supplying your own yarn and helping SCI pack Christmas gifts.

The Christmas at Sea program relies on personal recommendations. In this edition of SCI's volunteer knitting program newsletter, read about little things that make a difference like telling someone about SCI, knitting TEAny Hats, supplying your own yarn and helping SCI pack Christmas gifts.

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Published by: The Seamen's Church Institute on Nov 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Founded in 1834,SCI is a voluntary,ecumenical agencyaffiliated with theEpiscopal Church thatprovides pastoral care,maritime education, andlegal advocacy servicesfor mariners.
The newsletter of theSeamen’s Church Institute’s
Christmas at Sea 
In this Issue
The Seamen’s Church Instituteseamenschurch.org
Fall 2012 VOlUME 6/NUMBER 2
The Personal Touch 
ocial media advertising appeals tocorporate marketers because it seizeson one o the most powerul salestactics known to humankind: peer-to-peerrecommendations. Through “likes,” shares,tweets and posts, companies get ans topromote their products with the kind o endorsements proven to move merchandiseand generate customer loyalty.O course, people share things on theInternet or other reasons, too. Throughsocial media, we share news with riendsand amily, testimonials rom our ownexperiences (like how to get a nasty greasestain out o leather) and pictures (how manymore cat photos can there be?).
Our inheritance
Lots o great things rely on people passingthem along. In act, the Bible beganas a collection o stories passed on byword o mouth. Even today, much o thedissemination o our customs, culture andvalues depends on an oral tradition.In similar ways, the spread o knitting reliesheavily on people passing it on. Sure, anyonecan pick up a pattern or some yarn at alocal store, but how likely is it that someonewithout a connection to another knitterdoes that? Many people come to knitting orcrocheting through the urging or inuenceo another person.
Weaving in new threads
The prospect o beginning any new endeavorrequiring careul hand-eye coordination—like playing a musical instrument, sailing,knitting orcrocheting—canpresent challengesto the newcomer.To begin a processlike knitting (learning a new set o skills),most people need a source (grandmother,brother, riend) to share valuable knowledge,perspective and encouragement.Perhaps this sustains the culture o knitting“communities” that develop out o learning.Both expert knitters and novices seekout circles—online or otherwise—toconnect to others. The power o a personalrecommendation continues beyond thenovice stage, as knitters share patterns andfnished pieces to inspire and claim victoryater a particularly challenging project.
Passing it on
Knitting never stops with one person.Teaching others seems an imperative—i not a delight. Passing on skill, insightand love make up a large part o knittingand crocheting’s culture. The same holdstrue with
Christmas at Sea
. A personalrecommendation o knitting or our charitygets people interested. Teaching others aboutthe need or their knitting skills and thejoy they can bring to another human beingthrough their stitches expands our programyear by year.We bank on your continued personalrecommendations to help spread the word.These connections not only yield more hatsand scarves but they also raise awareness o the very men and women who wear them.The behind-the-scenes work o marinersremains mostly untold, but their story—astory o sacrifce and devotion—must notremain hidden. Help us spread awareness andincrease the world’s knowledge o mariners.Pass it on!
Just s every stitch romevery knitter contributes tomriners’ wrmth during thewinter months,
every dollaryou give to SCI upholdsthe valuable services weprovide and on whichthe entire maritimecommunity depends
Christmas at Sea
Paige Sato
Program Manager973-589-5828
Fall 2012Published by theSeamen’s Church Instituteseamenschurch.org The Rev. David M. RiderExecutive DirectorEditor, Oliver Brewer Assistant Editor, Susannah Skiver BartonDesign & Production by BlissDesignThis newsletter is printed on recycled paper.
Patterns?Yarn?Ready to mail?
2 The Seamen’s Church Institute
The Knit Beore ChristmsF 2012
TEany Hts
This November, Tazo Tea iced tea bottles at twelve Starbucks coee shops in central New Jersey are getting new caps … TEAny Hats, to be specifc.
s part o a campaign to raise awareness about seaarers’ work andits impact on our lives, SCI has enlisted the help o the regionalmanagement o the world’s largest coeehouse company—Starbucks. Generously, they have agreed to dress up their TAZOiced tea bottles with miniature seaarer watch caps knitted andcrocheted by volunteers rom around the world.
The hats
SCI wanted to create a visual reminder that theingredients or many bottled beverages—things likeruit, coee and tea—arrive thanks to the work o international maritime workers. What better wayto draw attention than to top each bottle with theiconic seaarer hat?To launch the pilot or this project, David Thomas,manager or twelve Starbucks coee shops in the New Jersey area, agreed to coordinate the placemento 1,200 TEAny Hats on the Tazo Tea bottles in hisregion’s stores. SCI enlisted the help o knitting volunteersthrough Facebook, Ravelry and the
blog as well as theGeneral Convention o the Episcopal Church, World Wide Knitin Public Day and the trade show or the yarn industry (TNNA), hopingto get enough hats to meet this generous oer.
mpressively, more than90 knitters have contributed 1,778 miniature hats to date—farexceeding the goal of 1,200 hats.
Dressing up
Managers rom each o the 12 participating Starbucks will come to SCI’sPort Newark International Seaarers’ Center or a day o volunteering in lateOctober, each picking up his or her supply o TEAny hats. They have agreedto keep putting hats on bottles until the supply runs out.Each TEAny Hat, handknit by a volunteer, has its own individual character—no two look alike—mirroring the uniqueness and diversity o seaarers andtheir journeys. Knitters have signed the tags, which explain the project andthe importance o maritime commerce. The tagline, “Baby, it’s cold outside …but especially on the ocean this winter,” encourages tea drinkers to considerhow seaarers bring us the “comorts o our daily lives” through all kinds o weather and sea conditions.
Bottoms up!
Look or these TEAny Hats on select New Jersey Starbucks store shelves in November, and help spread the word. I you want more inormation about thisproject and how to make these miniature hats, email
.These represent only the beginning.
See the TEAny Hatmovement online:
And our Wall of Fame at
Come visit the
Christmas at Sea
knitting room inSCI’s Port NewrkInterntionSerers’ Center.Emi
  to fnd out how.
looking or  PDF o this newsetter tht you cnred on your iPd or emi  riend?Wnt to shre the work o mriners withsomeone? Send them the oowing ink:
http:// seamenschurch.org/iam
 h  r  i  s  m  s    S  
semenschurch.orgThe Knit Beore Christms
Fall 2012 • 3
TEAny Hat Pattern
YOU’LL NEED0.2 ounces worsted weight yarn (~12 yards)US size 5 or 6 dpns
CaST ON 24 stitches, dividing equy between 3 needes.Join to knit in the round, k2p2 or 7 rounds.Rounds 8 –16: knit.Round 17: *k4, k2tog repet rom * to end.Round 18: *k3, k2tog repet rom * to end.Round 19: *k2, k2tog repet rom * to end.Round 20: *k1, k2tog repet rom * to end. (8 stitches remin.)Cut 4” ti & thred through ive stitches with tpestry neede.Cinch top shut. Bring ti through center o ht, tck into pce & cut.Weve in ny oose ends with tpestry neede.Fod brim over. When compete, ht mesures 2
” t by 2
” wide.
November 3
Trinity Church,Woodbridge, NJ,Port Newrk @ 10:30m.Pcking event.
November 3
Cvry Church youthgroup, Port Newrk@ 12:00pm.Pcking event.
November 8
Tbernce Gir Scouts,Port Newrk @10:30m.Pcking event.
November 9–10
long Isnd, NY.long Isnd DiocesnConvention.
November 10
St. George’s by the River,Port Newrk @ 10m.Pcking event.
November 13
Grce luthern Church,Cpe My, NJ @ 12pm.On-site pcking event.
November 17
Gir Scout Troup 81918,Port Newrk @ 10m.Pcking event.
November 30
Gen Ridge Gir Scouts,Port Newrk @ 3:30pm.Pcking event.
December 7
Tbernce Gir Scouts,Port Newrk @ 1:30pm.Pcking event.
December 15
St. luke & a Sints, PortNewrk, @10m.Pcking event.

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