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Social Media 2008 Statistics

Social Media 2008 Statistics



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Published by Eric Stegemann
www.NMlab.com reported statistics for 2008 social media usage

www.NMlab.com reported statistics for 2008 social media usage


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Published by: Eric Stegemann on Jan 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2008 Social Media Statistics
Social Media Data Compiled by Austin's New Media Labnmlab.com
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2008 saw a rise in traffic and contribution levels on all major social networking sites andstatistics can be found scattered across the Internet (as are warnings about the reliability,subjectivity and interpretation of the various statistic sources) but we've simply compiled statsfrom across the web to demonstrate the explosive growth of social media and some of thedemographics of the space so that out of the trillion unique URLs indexed by Google(1)andthe two billion searches on Google each day(2), you can better gage your online presence.
Social networking site, Facebook grew 85% in 2008(3), has 150 million users(4)and is present in 170 countries(5)and is used on all continents, even Antarctica(4). Nearly half of  all Facebook users are on the site daily(4), over 35 languages are used on the site(4), and over 54.5 million people visit each month(6). Despite Facebook's origination as a networkingsite for college students, it has since evolved and less than 20% of users are under 18(6).Users average 100 friends(5)and currently, over 700 million photos are uploaded eachmonth(5)to the site.
Takeaway Facebook Statistics:
*150 million users, 54.5 million unique monthly visitors*Grew 85% in 2008 *In 170 countries, all continents and is in 35 languages*Under 20% of users are under age 18 *Users average 100 friends*700 million photos are uploaded monthly 
Microblogging site Twitter grew an unprecedented 752% in 2008(3)and has 4.43 millionmonthly unique visitors(3). As of the date of publication, there were 1,128,618,000 tweetssince the site's launch(7)(and if you watch the live counter, it moves faster than the worldpopulation clock). Twitter users are roughly 60% male, 40% female(8)and 45% have acollege degree while 15% have a graduate degree(8). Half of the users' household incomeexceeds $75,000(8)and it's no kiddo network- 20% are under age 35 while 40% are aged 45and over and the most dense age group of users is aged 35 to 44 representing 40% of allusers(8).
Takeaway Twitter Statistics:
*Grew 752% in 2008, 4.4 million unique monthly visitors*1,128,618,000 tweets so far *60% of users are male, 40% are female*45% have a college degree, 15% have a graduate degree*50% have household incomes over $75,000 *20% are under 35, 40% are aged 35-44, 40% are 45 and older 
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This professional site acts as a resume sharing site with networking functionality. AlthoughLinked-In has been around for several years, the site traffic grew 153% in 2008(3)and 319%since 2007(9), possibly as a result of a significant increase in the overall amount of peopleusing the Internet and consequently, networking sites. The lowest average user's householdincome is $87,500(10)and Linked-In has 30.1 million users(10). In September 2008 alone, the site had 11.9 million unique visitors(11).
Takeaway Linked-In Statistics:
*153% growth in 2008 and 319% growth since 2007 *30.1 million users, 11.9 monthly visitors*Lowest average household income is $87,500 
The video sharing site, YouTube is a great example of video viewing trends online. Althoughthe site's traffic only grew 21% in 2008(3), YouTube has 258 million users(12), half of which visit at least weekly(12). An average of 100 million videos are viewed every day(12), over 5 billion videos have been uploaded(13)and 13 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube everyminute(14). What's incredible about the site is that it hosts 44% of all online video(14)and did you know that 75% of Internet users view online video(13)?
Takeaway YouTube Statistics:
*21% growth in 2008, 258 million users, hosts 44% of all online video*5 billion videos uploaded, 13 hours are uploaded every minute.*100 million videos are viewed every day *75% of Internet users view video
Flickr is a photo sharing site that allows users to upload, comment on, organize and sharedigital photos. In 2008, it grew 29% and has over 27.5 million monthly visitors(3). Flickr hosted 2 billion images at the start of 2008, after several years in operation and in last year alone, the site increased to 3 billion images uploaded(15), showing a rapid increase in photosharing. Flickr users are evenly divided in half by sex(17)and more than 70% have somecollege education(8). Roughly 60 of users have incomes over $50,000(8). The age breakout may surprise some as less than 20% of users are under the age of 24, 40% arebetween 25 and 44 while 40% are over the age of 45(8), making it one of the more maturedaudiences in the top social networking sites.
Takeaway Flickr Statistics:
*29% growth in 2008, 27.5 million monthly visitors*3 billion images uploaded by the end of 2008 *50% male, 50% female users*Over 70% have some college, 60% have income over $50,000 *20% under age 24, 40% aged 25-44, 40% are over 45 
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