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Published by ADILSHAH1983

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: ADILSHAH1983 on Nov 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Muhammad (PBUH)in holy Scriptures
Last Messenger and his Name
According to Hinduism, this is the last period of world's history and a great reformer willappear in this time and he will lead the mankind to the right path. This reformer is calledKilki Avatar. "The prophet who will be born in Kal Yag, His name will be 'SarwuAnama'." (Chapter Party Surg of Bhoshia Pran) .“Anama” is used for a person who is praised. And “sarwu” means more than others or the most of all. Word"Muhammad"(SAW) also means "A person who is praised more than others".Hindus believe that Kalki will bring to an end the present age of darkness anddestruction known as Kali Yuga. He will establish a new era based on truth,righteousness, humanism and goodness, called Satya Yuga. The origins of the name probably lie in the Sanskrit word "kalka" which refers to mud, dirt, filth, or foulness andhence denotes the "destroyer of foulness" (WIKIPEDIA)."He will then reestablish righteousness upon Earth; and the minds of those who live at theend of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as translucent as crystal." VishnuPurana IV:24,26-27 Note: Bhawishya Pooran means Future Events.
His Date of Birth
"Kalki will born on 12th of month of Besakh (in 7th century)" (Kalki Puran, Adhiyai 2,Ashlok 15)Besakh is famous month of Indian calendar. As per that calendar the date of birth of Mohammad (peace be upon him) is 12 Besakh 628 Bakrami. And that day as per Arabiccalendar, Month Rabi I, year AlFeel and 2nd Monday. And this day was very pious near Hindus.
His Mother and Father Names
"Kalki will be born from Somati and name of his father will be Vishnu Wesh".(Kalki Puran, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 11) , (Kalki Puran Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 4), (Bhagut Puran,Surg 12, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 18)The meaning of Somati is a "peace giver (Amina also mean this)" and Vishnu waish as"Servant of biggest God (Abdullah also mean this)". Vishnu means "The sustainer".It is further mentioned that "Father of Kalki Avtar will die before his birth and his mother will die after some time of his birth."(Kalki Puran & Bhagut Puran, Skand 12). Father of the Prophet Mohammad (peace beupon him) died 6 month before his birth and mother died 6 years after his birth.
Place of Birth
"So Kalki Avtar will take birth in 'Shumbal Gram' in the house of brahman Mahnt(religious leader) named Wishnu Wesh.(Kalki Puran, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 4), (Bhagut Puran, Skand 12, Adhyai 2, Ashlok 8) .Shumbal means the peaceful place. Makkah was such a peaceful city that even in the timeof ignorance no one used to fight in this city. The word Barahman “Mahant” used for religious leader. Muhammad (SAW) was born in the house of his grandfather AbdulMuttalib who was religious leader of Meccans at that time.
Marriage and Wife
"Kalki Avtar will marry a respected lady of Salmal Dip and this marriage ceremony will be arranged by one uncle and three brothers." (Kalki Puran & Bhagut Puran). Salmal Dipis Arabian Peninsula as per old Hindu traditions. The wife of Mohammad (peace be uponhim) was Khudija and she was most respected lady in Quraish. The marriage ceremonywas arranged by his uncle Abu Talib his three sons Jafar, Talib and Aqeel.
Mediation in a Cave
"Kalki Avtar will go to a mountain cave and there he will get knowledge fromPershoram."(Kalki Puran)It is well known that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was often going to thecave Hira near Makkah (still present) and there one night Angel Gabriel brought themessage of God, "Read with the name of God…." And this revelation process continuedall his life. And Pershoram is name of an angel with Hindu religion who bringsdestruction for disbelievers. And one name for Gabriel is Ruh Al Quddus (Holy Spirit),which is synonym of Pershoram in Sanskrit.
Hardship, Madina Migration, & Fatah i Makka
"Kalki Avtar will start preaching his religion from his city Shumbal Gram (city of peace),which is in Salmal Dip (Arabia). The people of this city will oppose him and treat him
cruelly. Then he will leave this city and migrate to another city in North which will besurrounded by rocky hills and mountains. And after a certain period He will come back tohis native city with sword and conquer it. And after that all the country will beconquered. (Kalki Puran)You see Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) started preaching in City of Peace(Makkah) and he was opposed by his people. The he migrated to Madinah which is400km to the North of Makkah, and is surrounded by the mountains. And after reachinghere the Makkans started fighting with the Muslims. And after eight years, he came withsword to Makkah and conquered it and then he promulgated the law of God. And after that all Arab was conquered.
Buraq and Ma'arag
Kalki Avtar will be given a riding horse which will be faster than lightning. And he, byriding it, will visit the earth and seven skies (heavens). (Bhagut Puran, Askand 12,Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 19-20). This tells us Meraj event, when prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) went formMakkah to the mosque in Jerusalem and then he visited the seven heavens as it ismentioned in Quran and Hadith. It is reported that this Buraq (horse) was faster thatlightning and its every step was going beyond the limit of vision.Hindu books say that the horse will be white at many places.Buraq was also white.Sahih al-Bukhari describes Al-Buraq:"...Then a white animal which was smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey was brought to me." ... "The animal's step (was so wide that it) reached the farthest pointwithin the reach of the animal's sight. ..." —Muhammad al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Bukhari[1]
His fighting with Enemies of God
Kalki will fight with the enemies of religion with sword and will destroy many Satannatured and bad character people in the disguise of rulers (Bhagut Puran).All history books tell about his fighting with the false and cruel people. No need toexplain.
Help by Angels
Kalki will be helped by the angel in his fighting (Kalki Puran, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 7).Quran and Hadith tell us that he was helped by angels in Badr fight. And at Ohd also, it isnarrated that angels Gabriel and Michael fought from his side. In Khandaq (trench)angels came and helped him and defeated his enemies without fighting by thunder andstorm. In the fight with Banu Qariza angel Gabriel came and told the Muslims to fight, hehimself went forward with angels and made a quake in them. And on the day of Hunain

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