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FDLE investigative summary

FDLE investigative summary

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This is the FDLE investigative summary for the Putnam police shooting.
This is the FDLE investigative summary for the Putnam police shooting.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: The Florida Times-Union on Nov 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is an Investigative SummaryFor a detailed account of this investigation, refer to the case file.
 On Thursday, July 19, 2012, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) wascontacted by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) to investigate the officer-involved shooting of Alfred Dobson. Agents responded to the scene of the shooting, andan investigation was initiated.
 Events leading up to the shooting
 On Thursday, July 19, 2012, PCSO Deputies Matthew Jones, Raymond Strickland andShannon Depew responded to the residence located atPutnam County, Florida. Deputies responded to the residence after thePutnam County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Alfred Dobson’s family member,asking for Deputies to respond to the residence due to Dobson makingunwanted sexual advances towards 13 year old daughter,and verbally threatening occupants of the residence, which caused a disturbance. Uponarrival at the residence, Deputies made contact with Dobson’s family members,andUpon arrival, Deputy Strickland stated that he learned from that Dobson hadmade sexual advances towards her juvenile daughter, Additionally, DeputyStrickland learned that feared for her and her daughter’s safety because of Dobson’s actions prior to Law Enforcement’s arrival. Deputy Strickland reported thatclaimed that Dobson was a paranoid schizophrenic who had past violent tendenciesthat included recent behavior pattern changes. further explained to DeputyStrickland that Dobson possibly ingested an unknown substance that could be describedas an illicit drug on the evening in question.
 2Once Deputy Strickland obtained pertinent information related to law enforcement’sresponse, he spoke with and interviewed Dobson in the front yard of the above mentionedresidence. Through a series of questions and observations, Deputy Strickland determinedthe best course of action was to Baker Act Dobson rather than arrest or criminally chargeDobson. Deputy Strickland’s decision centered around Dobson’s odd behavior, oddresponses to questions and Dobson’s inability to understand even simple questions askedby Deputy Strickland. Once Deputy Strickland made his determination, he informedDeputy Jones and requested Dobson to accompany him to an awaiting patrol vehicle thatwas parked within the front yard / driveway of the above mentioned residence. DeputyStrickland recalled Dobson appeared to understand his instruction and Dobson’sdemeanor and body posture changed.Upon arrival, Deputy Jones recalled noticing that Dobson’s behavior was strange and“flighty”. Additionally, Deputy Jones observed Dobson looking for an escape route awayfrom him as they spoke, which caused concern for the safety of Deputy Jones. AsDeputy Jones continued to speak with Dobson, he observed Deputy Strickland speakingwith about the incident that resulted in law enforcement’s response. Accordingto Deputy Jones, while Deputy Strickland spoke with he requested DeputyDepew to maintain visual observation on Dobson so that he could interviewThrough an interview with Deputy Jones learned that Dobson had madecomments about wanting to sexually moles daughter, which ledto the disturbance that was reported to PCSO Dispatch. Additionally, reported toDeputy Jones that Dobson had not slept for days prior to July 19, 2012. After DeputyJones’ conversation with he became concerned that Dobson was under theinfluence of an illicit substance.Upon arrival, Deputy Shannon Depew stated that he monitored Dobson’s actions.Deputy Depew observed Deputy Jones attempted to build a rapport with Dobson,however those efforts failed due to Dobson’s mumbled speech. At some point during theconversation, Deputy Depew overheard Dobson state “been smoking”. While DeputyJones spoke with additional witnesses at the scene, Deputy Depew began a conversationwith Dobson. During the attempted conversation, Dobson looked at Deputy Depew in anaggressive manner and began to pray. Additionally, Deputy Depew noted that Dobsonwould not allow law enforcement to conduct a search for weapons, “pat-down”, of hisperson. At some point during the field interview of Dobson, Deputy Depew learned thatDeputy Strickland intended to Baker Act Dobson. At Deputy Strickland’s request,Deputy Depew met with so that he could obtain a written statement from her.During the contact with Deputies learned that Dobson had been displayingschizophrenia symptoms throughout the day, Dobson had not slept for approximately six(6) days (since July 13, 2012) prior to the incident. further elaborated thatDobson went into explicit details that he intended to have sperm come out of his peniswhile he engaged in sexual intercourse with further provided detailsthat Dobson told that he would show how to engage in sexualintercourse.
 3When intervened with the sexual advances towards Dobson becameangry and a verbal altercation ensued at the residence. indicated she was scaredof Dobson and his intentions with her daughter. explained that Dobson’sbehavior on July 19, 2012 was worse than usual.During the contact with Deputies learned that Dobson had made comments aboutwanting to sexually molest daughter, which led to the disturbance.Additionally, reported to Deputy Jones that Dobson had not slept for several daysprior to July 19, 2012. After Deputy Jones’ conversation with Deputy Jones alsobecame concerned that Dobson was under the influence of an illicit substance.
Shooting Incident 
 PCSO Deputies Jones, Strickland and Depew began an interview with Dobson in thefront yard of Through a series of questions and observationsmade by PCSO Deputies Jones, Strickland and Depew, it was determined that the bestcourse of action was to Baker Act Dobson. Deputies Jones and Strickland attempted toconduct a search for weapons on Dobson prior to taking Dobson into custody, whichDobson resisted by walking away. During a series of verbal commands for Dobson tostop, Deputies Jones and Strickland attempted to gain compliance from Dobson;however, he refused to comply and began walking back towards and the abovementioned residence. Deputy Jones became concerned that Dobson might attempt toharm and/or other persons located within the residence. Deputy Jones physicallytouched Dobson in a fashion similar to an empty hand control technique as well asDeputy Jones positioned his body between Dobson and the above mentioned residence inan attempt to stop Dobson’s advance. Dobson then physically pushed Deputy Jones anda physical altercation ensued. During the physical altercation between Deputy Jones andDobson, Dobson pushed Deputy Jones onto/over a “field fence” causing Deputy Jones tobecome entangled in the fencing. As the physical altercation between Deputy Jones andDobson continued, Deputy Jones deployed his agency issued Taser in an attempt to stopDobson’s attack, however the Taser did not have the desired effect of incapacitatingDobson. Additionally, as a result of Deputy Jones’ Taser deployment, Deputy Jones feltthe effects of the Taser as it cycled. Dobson then positioned himself on top of DeputyJones in what could be described as a “mount” style position and began striking DeputyJones on the face and head with a series of closed fist strikes. As a result, Dobson’sstrikes caused Deputy Jones to enter into what could be described as a “semi-unconsciousstate”.As Dobson continued to strike Deputy Jones on the face and head, Deputy Stricklandcame to Deputy Jones’ aid and began a series of baton strikes with his agency issuedbaton to Dobson’s legs in an attempt to stop Dobson’s attack. Deputy Stricklandcontinued to strike Dobson with his baton; however Dobson was able to “fight through”the effects of the strikes from the baton. At some point during Deputy Strickland’s batondeployment on Dobson, Dobson stopped striking Deputy Jones and began aggressingtowards Deputy Strickland. PCSO Deputy Strickland began to retreat from Dobson’sattack towards him.

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