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Published by kvrmurthy666

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Published by: kvrmurthy666 on Jan 29, 2009
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Page 9Ch. 71. Determination of Longevity through the Ashtaka Varga
1-4. The sage said. I will now describe the method of determining longevity from theAshtaka Varga. For this purpose the AshtakaVargaas of Lagna and all the Planets haveto be studied. The Rekhas in all the R 
āśis have been allotted specific spansof life. The Rāśi, which has no Rekhas, has been allo
tted 2 days, that withone Rekha gets l days, one day for R 
āśi with 2 Rekhas, half day for Rāśi with3 Rekhas, 7 days for Rāśi with 4 Rekhas, 2 years for Rāśi with 5Rekhas, 4 years for Rāśi with 6 Rekhas, 6 years for Rāśi with 7Rekhas and 8 years for Rāś
i with 8 Rekhas. In this manner the spans of lifeshould be worked from Rekhas in all the AshtakaVargaas. Half of the sum total of allwill be the longevity, based on Ashtaka Varga.Ch. 72. Aggregational AshtakaVargaas1-2. The sage said. O Brahmin! Write down a R 
āśi Kundali with 12 Houses,including Lagna. Then insert the total of the Rekhas in all theAshtakaVargaas of the Planets in the Rāśi concerned. The AshtakaVarga with such Rekhas is called the Samudaya Ashtaka
Varga, or theaggregational Ashtaka Varga. From this should be judged good and adverse effects of the R 
āśi Kundali.
3-5. In the aggregational Ashtaka Varga the
āśi, which has more than 30Rekhas, gives favourable effects, that, having between 25 and 30
Rekhas, produces medium effects and that R 
āśi, who has less than 25 Rekhas,yields adverse effects. Auspicious functions, like marriage etc.,should be performed, when the Planet, on whose basis the time anddate of functions are performed, moves into the
āśi with favourableeffects. The Rāśi, which is productive of adverse effects should beavoided for these purposes. For example, the strength of Moon isgenerally acceptable for all auspicious functions. Thereforeauspicious functions should be performed,
or started, when Moon is in the
āśi with maximum number of Rekhas. The Planet in the Rāśi withfavourable number of Rekhas produces auspicious effects and thePlanet in the Rāśi with unfavorable number of Rekhas yields evilresults.6-6. Amongst the 12
Houses more than 30 Rekhas advance the effects of a House,
 between 25 and 30 Rekhas produce medium effects and the effects of the House, whichcontains less than 25 Rekhas, get damaged. Notes. From the above rules it can be interpreted, that, if there are less than 25 Rekhasin 6th, 8th and 12th House, their effects become favourable. The effects will becomeadverse, if these Houses contain more than 25 Rekhas.7-8. If in a R 
āśi Kundali there are larger number of Rekhas in the 11ththan those in 10th and
there are smaller number of Rekhas in the 12th than thosein the 11th and Lagna contains largest number of Rekhas, the native will be wealthyand will enjoy all kinds of comforts and luxury.9-10. Divide the 12 Houses in 3 sections. There will be sufferings and distress in that part of the life, which is represented by the section of the R 
āśi Kundali with moremalefics. There will be happiness etc., in the part of the life,represented by the section of the Rāśi Kundali, containing morebenefics. There wil
l be mixed results in that area of life, when the relative sectionof the R 
āśi Kundali has equal number of benefics and malefics. TheHouses from Lagna up to the 4th signify childhood, those from 5th to8th youth and those from the 9th to 12th represent ol
d age.11-28. There will be danger of death in the month of the R 
āśi (period of Sun’stransit in that Rāśi), which has 7, or less than 7 Rekhas in theSamudaya Ashtaka Varga. To ward off this evil effect 20 Tolas of goldand 2 heaps of sesame seeds, resem
 bling the shape of a mountain, should begiven in charity. … possibility of death …, … 8. Tuladan of camphor is recommendedto obtain relief from this evil effect. … danger of snakes …, … 9. A ch6thot with 7horses should be given in charity …. … danger from weapons …, which contains 10…. An armour together with Vajra should be given in charity to ward off …. … danger of disgrace for no cause …, … 11. An idol of the moon, made of 10 Tolas of gold,should be given in charity …. … danger of death from drowning …, … 12. Land fullof crops should be given in charity …. … danger of death from wild and violentanimals …, in which there are 13 …. A Shaligram Shila should be given in charity ….… danger of death …, … 14. A Varah Murti, made of gold, should be given in charity…. … danger of the wrath of the king …, … 15. An elephant should be given in charity…. … danger of 6thshta (calamity, disaster, or misfortune) …, … 16. A Kalpa Vriksha,made of gold, should be given in charity …. … danger from diseases …, that has 17…. A cow and jaggery should be given in charity …. … danger of conflict …, … 18. Acow, jewels, land and gold should be given in charity …. … possibility of banishment
from the homeland …, which has 19 …. Family deity should be worshipped …. … lossof intelligence …, … 20. Goddess Saraswati should be worshipped …. … distress fromdiseases …, that has 21 …. A heap of grains, shaped, like a mountain, should be givenin charity …. … distress to kinsmen …, … 22. Gold should be given in charity …. Thenative will be in distress …, … 23. An idol of the sun, made of 7 Tolas of gold, should be given in charity …. … death of the kinsmen …, … 24. 10 cows should be given incharity …. … loss of wisdom …, … 25. Goddess Saraswati should be worshipped ….… loss of wealth …, … 26. Gold should be given in charity …. … loss of wealth …,…27. Sri Sukta Japa should be performed …. … losses in several ways …, … 28.Havana of Sun should be performed …. … anxieties all-round …, … 29. Gh
 ī,clothes and gold should be given i
n charity …. … 30gains of wealth andgrains etc. …, … .29. There will be all-round increase in wealth, happiness in respect of children andenjoyments in the Samvatsar, month and Nakshatra of the R 
āśi, which has morethan 30 Rekhas. … increase in wealth,
property, children and good reputation,if the R 
āśi has more than 40 Rekhas.
30-31. The R 
āśi, which is auspicious in Ashtaka Varga Samudaya, isconsidered auspicious for all auspicious functions. Consequently theauspiciousness of Ashtaka Varga should be
got checked before performingany function, like marriage etc. If a R 
āśi is not auspicious in Ashtaka Varga,then its auspiciousness should be checked from transit effects. It isnot necessary to check transit effects, if a Rāśi is auspicious inAshtaka V
arga. Thus the auspiciousness of the R 
āśi in the Ashtaka Vargashould be considered, as paramount.
Ch. 73. Effects of the Rays of the Planets
 1-2. The sage said. O Brahmin! Now I am going to tell you about the number of rays of the Planets. When Sun etc. are in their deep exaltation point, their rays are: Sun 10,Moon 9, Mars5, Mercury 5, Jupiter 7, Venus 8 and Saturn 5. The rays are nil, whenthese Planets are in deep debilitation, the number of rays would be proportionate withthe number of R 
āśi. The f 
ollowing method is to be adopted for ascertaining the proportionate number of rays. Deduct the debilitation R 
āśi etc. of the Planet,whose rays are to be ascertained, from his longitude. If theremainder is less than 6 Rāśis it should be multiplied by the
number of rays of that Planet, mentioned above and the product should be divided by 6. The result

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