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Comeback Book - Chapter 1

Comeback Book - Chapter 1



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Published by qordjer
Tim Story finnest's
Tim Story finnest's

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Published by: qordjer on Jan 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harrison House
 Tulsa, Oklahoma
“The Pack is Back” topped the news headlines on January 27, 1997. The GreenBay Packers had won the Super Bowl for the first time in decades. Themomentum of their comeback positioned the “Pack” for a “back-to-back” win in1998. But football fans went wild when Denver Bronco’s quarterback, John Elway,played the comeback game of his life in what was believed to be his final chancefor a Super Bowl win before retirement, and took the coveted Super Bowl trophyhome to Denver.Everybody loves a comeback story. Abraham Lincoln ran for congress and lost,ran for the senate and lost, had a nervous breakdown and a troubled marriage;but he finally made it to the White House. George Foreman came back at forty-one years of age to become heavyweight champion of the world. EvanderHolyfield, another world champion heavyweight boxer, had a serious healthsetback that threatened to end his career, but he came back to fight and winagain. Moses, studying to be a great man of God, killed a man and ended upworking at minimum wage for his father-in-law on the back side of the desert, buthe came back and marched three million people out of Egypt. Joe Montanabrought the San Francisco 49’ers back to victory. People love to cheer for theunderdog. Look how many went to see Sylvester Stallone’s
movies. Rockycame back so many times he finally wore out his comeback in that last movie in’97! To be honest all of us experience setbacks in life at one point or another.Maybe as you are reading this, one of your children is in trouble or your financesare in crisis or your marriage is falling apart. Perhaps someone close to you isplagued by repeated setbacks, and you don’t know how to help. Whatevercaused you to pick up this book, I want you to know,
It’s Time for Your Comeback.
In the midst of a setback, people often take a step back. Then another setbackcomes, and they take another step back. Before long they find themselves so farfrom where they want to be they just give up. They can’t see the light at the endof the tunnel, and they are overcome by the darkness. Life is doing somethingwith them instead of them doing something with life.If you are saying to yourself, “I’ve stepped back so far I don’t even rememberwhere I started from,” just remember, no matter what took you off the yellowbrick road, it’s not how you start something, it’s how you finish that counts. Evenwhile you are feeling the sting of your setback, your comeback is already beingprepared for you.What do you envision for yourself in the coming year? I am offering you anopportunity for smooth sailing. By applying the solid principles in this book, youare going to sail over life’s obstacles; and use these tools to raise the roof onyour expectations — learn to dream again. Some of you have been living withfour-foot ceilings when the sky is the limit.I envision a comeback with your name on it. Your life has a purpose and anassignment. You were created to live by design not by default. You are beingpositioned to accomplish your destiny. When you come up against adversity, youwill run right on through it without drowning or being burned.Notice I didn’t say “if” adversity comes, I said “when” adversity comes. You’reprobably asking, “Why do I have to go through the storms and trials?” Becausesomebody needs your test to turn into a testimony, and somebody needs your
mess to turn into a message. Remember, someone worse off than you is alwayswatching you. Let me show you how to become a power of influence and leave alegacy of encouragement and accomplishment for others to follow. You may be at the point of giving up. You’re weary and you don’t know if youhave the energy to start again. But listen to me,
It’s Time for Your Comeback 
sodon’t step back. It’s too soon to give up. There is always time for one morecomeback, and it’s going to be a great one. Your limitations are youropportunities. You are a masterpiece in progress.What I am sharing with you in these power-packed chapters are the truths andprinciples that have brought me through pain and desperation in my own life. Itonly takes
to change a life, and I am forever thankful for that
in my lifewho encouraged me and set an example for me to follow. Allow me to start youon the path to your comeback right now.Don’t put this book down until you make a commitment to set aside a specifictime and place to finish reading it. Whether it is five minutes a day or an hour aday doesn’t matter. Just do it! Read it again and again until you plant theseprinciples and ideas in the depths of your heart. Your comeback is waiting foryou!

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