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Patents Rad

Patents Rad

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Published by patanjali2

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Published by: patanjali2 on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Patents Relating to Radionics and Dowsing
Tony Scoeld
(This article is modied from the original since the accessing of patents is nowavailable from http:
ep.espacenet.com rather than from the British Patent Ofceand the instructions on the site are clear and simple and no further explanation istherefore necessary here).
Since the Patent Ofce has gone on-line (
www.patent.gov.uk) patents arenow available over the Internet. The earliest patents that are available willdepend on the country but for Britain patents earlier than 1920, which wasthe cut off date at start up and at the time of the original publication of this
le (2003), are now available. The les are best accessed through
. The US Patent ofce is also on-line at
www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html. A number of patents from around the world are alsoavailable although not all are available as a full description. Some patentshave ‘equivalents’ where they have been taken up in a number of countries.Below is a list of ones I have located but locating relevant ones requires
putting in the correct key-words and it is almost certain that there are others
of interest that I have missed. I have generally only included those for which
at least an English abstract is available and the titles of non-English texts
are normally given in English. If readers know of others then please let me
know, as I will add them to the list. Letters to the ofce at Baerlein House
over the years are testament to interest, particularly for researchers, in thepatents available. It is quite clear that by far and away the most commonarea for patents related to our dowsing interests is prevention of geopathicstress by interference with ‘earth rays’ or grids and these can be searched for
under classication group A6/N1/16 in the Patent Ofce records.To access the les go to
http://ep.espacenet.com and use the quick search
facility to obtain the patent either by typing in the number (including the GBor other prex) or some key words.
Please notify me of any new patents that may be of interest to readers.webmaster@radionic.co.uk
Based on articles by Tony Scoeld in the
Radionic Journal
(4) 32-35; 36-38(2002) and
(4) 20-27 (2003).Updated 30/9/2008
Inventor Date Title Number Description
Pendulums and divining rods 
Heber-Percy, J.R.1912A new or improved devicefor locating the presenceof water, minerals andthe likeGB191200979A recording device isprovided in conjunctionwith a divining rod forrecording the amount ofattraction or pull uponthe same when in useSchermuly, P.1921Improvements inapparatus of the divining-rod type for detecting thepresence of subterraneansubstances and for likepurposesGB146840Pendulum attached tosprung clip by a screwedrod in such a way thatamplitude of oscillationcan be measuredSchermuly, P.1921Improvements inapparatus of the divining-rod type for detecting thepresence of subterraneansubstances and for likepurposesGB147052Modification of above tomeasure also speed ofrotation of pendulumSchermuly, P.1921Improvements in orrelating to apparatus of thedivining-rod typeGB147186A pendulum to contain awitness in interior cavitySchermuly, P.1922Procédé et appareil dugenre de la baguette dessourciers pour indiquerla présence de l’eau, desminerals, du charbon,de l’huile minérale, ainsique pour étudier lessubstances parémanationFR534054Essentially the three GBpatents above in oneChaumery, L., J.& M. & de Bélizal,A., M. & P.1937Procédé et appareillageradiesthésiquesFR816132A novel pendulum withnatural magnetic polesfor use in a radiestheticprocedure based onterrestrial magnetismBaton, E.1952Perfectionnementsapportés aux pendulesradiesthésiquesFR1006125A complex sphericalpendulumAuscher, J &Auscher, S.1956Perfectionnement aumode de suspension d’unemasse ou d’un penduleFR1152637Method of suspendingpendulum by its cordBorgni, J.1980Pendulums forradiesthesia or waterdiviningGB1573007(AlsoFR2592961;1987)Pendulum with tunedelectronic detectorcircuit incorporated
De Marly, F.1985Pendentif radiesthésiqueFR2566243Pendulum withamplifying propertiesconferred by ageometrical patternKruhler, W.1985Divining rodGB2159856One-handed adjustabledivining rodRoth, J.1985Pendulum for radiestheticpurposesDE3339818Bob pendulum with astorage cap with clip(like a pen cap)Lembeye, C.1986Pendulum emittingenergy fluxes havingthe properties to curecertain cancers and otherillnessesFR2572290A device which has theproperty of transmitting,under certain conditions,sixty-six energy fluxes.Xulomenos, D.1986Improved horizontalmetallic dowsinginstrumentsGR861456Balanced telescopicdowsing rod(Application in Greek)Jaeger, H-E1989Divining rod with sensitivitycontrolDE3806435Angle rods withmoveable sleeve on thehorizontal arms to altersensitivitySchneider, R.1991Antenna for use asdivining rod or for scientificinvestigation – hasseparate conductorsin resonator circuitdimensioned to matchtransmission chambercharacteristic impedanceDE4011344Similar to the Lecherantenna i.e. two armsheld by the hands with asliding scale along whicha cursor moves as adowsing reaction occursFazzi, G.1992Test device determiningsensitivity to radiationDE4116941Has metal tube withhandle containingextractable springelement in form of wirewith non-magneticballast weight to act aspendulumWehrlen, R.1995Pendule radiesthésiqueéquipé d’une diode laserFR2711536Electronic pendulumwith a diode, foramplification of reactionKramer, F.1995Test instrument for diviningDE4341366An adjustable andcalibrated dowsers’wandKeding, C.R.1996Divining-rod for detectinggeobiological stimuliDE4423279Two forked armsconnected by electricalconductors which canslide relative to the forkarms. Latter may beconnected to voltagesource

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