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Realistic View on God and His Divine Plan

Realistic View on God and His Divine Plan

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Published by Thuan Nguyen

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Published by: Thuan Nguyen on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Realistic View on God and His Divine Plan
Since ancient times, God has always been of great interest and one of the most controversialtopics for mankind. Does God really exist? How is God related to us? These questions have beenasked for thousands of years, and yet God still remains a mystery. Although our understanding of God is not clear, many people still worship God wholeheartedly.God is also called by different names, such as the Lord, Allah, Jehovah, Great Master, Messiah,Supernatural Being, Higher Power, Cosmic Computer, etc. In reality, not only followers of religions such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam worship God; non-religious people also worshiptheir own versions of Higher Power, which is another way to connect to God. Humans fromdifferent parts of the world comprehend God and His power in different ways based on their  perception, which is created from their limited life experience. As science evolves and expands,allowing us to have deeper and broader knowledge of our reality, it also gives us a different perception about God. From my experience and comprehensive research, I have a more realisticview about God and His creation/invention. I present my findings in detail in the book 
TheGreat Truth
 but in this article, I have condensed many explanations and only put forth my mainviewpoints. Thus, these viewpoints may come as somewhat of a shock to you. I invite you toread the book for more details.Many billions of years ago, after the universe was formed, God was the first and the only lifeform that existed on a planet far far away from where we are. He learned from the natural laws of the universe, and then He created the angels who then lived on the same planet. From there, Hecame up with
the divine plan—creating new lives in the universe
.Once the plan was formed, God and the angels used their supreme scientific knowledge andtechnology to create new lives and guide them through evolution and eventually to salvation. Astime passes, He continues to develop many lives throughout the entire universe. The lives thathave been liberated (after salvation) will help God to guide other lives that have not yet beenliberated.Life on Earth is a part of the divine plan. About 4.6 billion years ago, God and the angels createdthe Sun, Earth, and other planets in the solar system, made them orbit according to the naturallaws of the universe, and then have continued adjusting them to work accurately andharmoniously. God adjusted weight and volume and created satellites for the planets to acquirethe precise distance, orbit and speed to maintain life on Earth.After God realized that the solar system was running well, he sent angels to Earth by UFOs.Angels created the water and atmosphere, as well as constructed sites and other architecturalworks to reside and work on Earth. Examples of these sites are the nuclear reactors in Oklo,Gabon, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and the Tiwanaku site in Bolivia.Once God and the angels recognized that the Earth’s climate was stable enough to host life, Godhad the angels bring the genetic material of flora and fauna to Earth, make them reproduce, andthen introduce them to the environment where they could self-adapt and self-evolve.
Most of the existing lives on Earth were brought from outside of Earth by God and the angels,where they then cross-bred and multiplied. All species, from simple to complex, have differentsets of gene codes; depending on the stability of the Earth’s climate and appropriate timeline,God has released different species. All species must go through the process of evolution to self-adapt and improve in the Earth’s environment because evolution is a necessary process for alllives. Each of the flora and fauna species carry genetic information of their own kind. Genescontain information for physical, intellectual, and sentient characteristics that will be inherited bythe next generation.Humans evolved from chimpanzees. There are two stages in the formation of modern humanspecies.
Stage 1
: God adjusted the gene structure of chimpanzees to form the ancient humans,known as Homo. This species were spread, by the angels, to all continents exceptAmerica via UFOs, so they could adapt to the local weather and environment.
Stage 2
: God adjusted the gene structure of the Homo humans to form Homo Sapienshumans. In addition, God equipped this species each with a soul to become intelligenthumans. Only Homo Sapiens humans, our modern human species, have a soul. All other species on Earth don’t have a soul. The time period where Homo Sapiens humans firstappeared in the Americas over 10,000 years ago is known as the Last Ice Age.After modern humans appeared, once again the angels used UFOs to spread them all over theworld by groups of specific races. Then, the angels helped these groups settle into their lives,taught each group a language to communicate, and taught them how to cultivate with basictechniques. Time went by, and these groups self-reproduced, becoming populous enough to formclans, tribes, races, and eventually constitute nations. After God realized that the evolution of humans had reached the necessary level of stability, he commanded the angels to leave Earth andremove any traces of them being there. They continued guiding humans quietly from Heaven andfrom outside of Earth. As part of God’s will, sometimes biological robots and the angels arriveon Earth by UFOs to help humans.SOULHumans are superior biological machines created by God and the angels. At a basic level, theway a human operates is similar to a computer. The brain of a human is a biological processor while the brain of a computer is a mechanical processor (CPU/hardware). The function of thesoul to a person is analogous to the function of software programs to a computer. Data from anold computer can be copied to a new computer. In the same vein, God can take the soul of a dead person and install it to a new body. We call this process
.The soul of a person is a mass of information, including software programs with preeminentfeatures programmed by God, and it contains all of the information that the person hasexperienced in all of their lives (this life and previous ones). Since the very first humansappeared on Earth, every time a person dies, God retrieves the soul and has it reincarnated into ahuman fetus (about 4 months into pregnancy). God uses a type of wave called
super brainwave
to transmit souls. The speed of a super brainwave is infinite and no material can stop it from
traveling. Super brainwaves are transmitted by superior technological equipment which resideswith God. With our science and technology today, we are unable to read information from souls.Thus, we can only gain insights into how the soul works via the activities of our brains.The human soul is comprised of three major components: the consciousness software program,the spirit software program, and the repository of past lives’ information (RPLI).The
consciousness software program
’s mission is to manage the operations of the brain. After  being installed in the brain, this program helps the brain perceive and process information, perform introspection, think in the abstract, and use language.The consciousness software program distributes and forwards information received from the fivesenses and extrasensory perception to the spirit software program or the subconscious. When itarrives in the subconscious, it then contacts the RPLI and pulls the related information into thecentral brain for the consciousness software program to process and yield results. Theconsciousness software program also saves the results it processed into subconscious memory. Itcan also read the information it previously saved in the subconscious memory for use later viathe function of recall. At a lower level, we can understand the operation of the consciousnesssoftware program of humans as similar to the operation of system operating software of a

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