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IELTS Speaking Clothes

IELTS Speaking Clothes

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Published by yonekyi

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Published by: yonekyi on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FashionAre you very interested in fashion (or, clothes fashions)?Are the clothes that people in your country wear today the same as people'sclothes in previous years? Do many people (in your country) follow fashion?What are the benefits of following fashion?Do you think your tastes in fashion will be the same when you are old?Whatdo you think of (or, about) fashion?What do you think about fashion nowadays in your country?Are people's ideas about fashion (or, ideas about what is 'fashionable') todaythe same as people's ideas in previous years?What types of clothes are in fashion now?Do you think fashion trends will be the same when you are old(er)?Clothes in generalDo your friends have the same tastes in clothes?Is the brand of clothes important to you? (Why?/Why not?)What clothes materials do you like best? (Why?)What kinds/styles of clothes do you like to wear? (Why?)Are you (would yoube) willing to wear a uniform at work?How do you feel about wearing a uniform? What do you think of modernfashions?Do your friends wear the same kinds of clothes as you?How (much) is traditional culture in your country being affected by foreignclothes styles?Do you think employees in a company should wear a uniform?Do the people around you wear the same kinds of clothes as you?)Do you think you will still be wearing the same kinds of clothes when you are

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