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Student Teaching Weekly Log #7

Student Teaching Weekly Log #7

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Published by Penny Watgen

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Published by: Penny Watgen on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student Teaching Weekly Log
Name Penny Watgen Date: 10/28/2012
Reflections for week number:
Reflection #9
Class(es) taught or assisted in this week:
and 5
grade TAG, Short Story Writing, ThinkingSkills, Math Enrichment, Literary Circle
Most satisfying experience(s):
My favorite moment this week came when I was meeting with agroup of my fourth grade TAG students. We were in the computer lab, and I was having themtake personality and intelligence-type tests. I told them the tests were meant to be fun, and I didnot want anyone to be stressed out. One student told me it was great, and she wished that I couldmeet with them everyday, and that she would even skip lunch to be able to do so. Anotherstudent mentioned he would do that, too, because humans could go up to a week without eating,but then he would have to go to lunch. It was wonderful to see they were so enthusiastic aboutwhat we are doing in that class!Another satisfying experience I had this week was working with my Short StoryDevelopment Group. The kids were so enthusiastic about what we were going to be doingthrough the 7 weeks I have them. They were excited when I handed them sheets and told them togo ahead and work on some of it at home. The discussions about the ideas got really excited, andthe kids were happy to share their ideas with one another and me. Once again, I got told that theywished we could meet more often because they were really enjoying what we were doing.
Teaching techniques that worked (Why?):
I think the students really enjoyed when we did atype of “round robin” story writing. I had each of the 5 students start writing on a prompt, thenevery few minutes, we would rotate the story to continue where the last person left off. Thestudents seemed to enjoy this because they got to see other’s ideas and it helped get them to bereally creative.Students also seemed to enjoy (for the most part; see below for downfalls) the personalityand intelligence-type tests I had them take on-line. I think these worked well because studentsenjoy learning about themselves, and it is interesting to see how the results come back. They alsoenjoyed having discussions with one another and look over one another’s results and comparingthem to one another’s. Students also seemed to enjoy this because they enjoy breaking up theirday by doing activities and getting to use tools (the computers) that they do not get to use asmuch in their regular classroom throughout the day.
Teaching techniques that didn't work as expected (Why not?):
For some of the students, theon-line tests bothered them a little, because while they got the results from the test, I told them toonly read the characteristics, but some of them scrolled down and read the disadvantages of thatcertain personality. Because of this, some of them were slightly offended, and began to disagree

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