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12-32 List of Events Shelter Bus - TTC Nov 1-12 - All Depts (2) - Censored

12-32 List of Events Shelter Bus - TTC Nov 1-12 - All Depts (2) - Censored

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Published by The Globe and Mail

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Published by: The Globe and Mail on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shelter BusToronto Transit Commission
List of Events
November 1, 2012
15:42:28 TPS contacts Transit Control to request a Shelter Bus
Transit Control Control.
Hi, It’s Toronto Police calling.
 Transit Control Hi, how can I help you? TPS We were wondering if we can get a TTC bus ASAP over to a high school. Two football teams, I guess things may have gotten out of hand and they separated them but they need to get them shelter and out of the way Transit Control 
OK, what’s the address? 
 TPS It will be 1760 Martin Grove. Oh, they actually want you to go to Finch and JohnGarland.Transit Control Oh, okay.TPS Yeah, Finch and John Garland on the west side of the football field Transit Control So, on Finch @ John Garland? TPS Yup, on the
west side of the football field, let me see the attached ……
. football field on John Garland.Transit Control So, on John Garland.TPS Just south of Finch that is the football field Transit Control John Garland south of Finch and how many buses, 2 buses? TPS One bus they asked for at this time and an ETA if possible.Transit Control I have to call a divisionTPS Okay, I appreciate that Transit Control So do you have an event number? TPS I do. Keele 3322Transit Control Keele? TPS Yup, 3322.Transit Control 
3322. Ok, I’ll get an ETA and call you right back 
 TPS OK, thank you very much. Bye byeTransit Control Bye
15:44:15 Transit Control calls Malvern CIS to request a shelter bus on behalf of TPS.
Malvern (Bell) Malvern CIS
SpeakingTransit Control Its
at control Malvern Hi Transit Control We need a Shelter Bus Toronto Police called. This is a strange one, eh apparently there was a football game over at John Garland south of Finch.Malvern John Garland south of Finch.Transit Control And I guess the 2 teams got into it. They got the 2 teams separated, but they Need a shelter bus for one of the teams. They need it like 5 minutes ago.Malvern Yeah ok we will get Arrow cause they have buses right there. What was your badge? Transit Control 21689. What TPS has said is the field is on John Garland just south of Finch so if The bus could just pull up there.Malvern John Garland just south of Finch.Transit Control
hey didn’t say if it was northbound or southbound. Sorry.
 Malvern Ok  Arrow Arrow CIS
15:46:13 Arrow receives call from Malvern CIS requesting a shelter bus. Reason given is 2 footballteams are involved in a fight and a bus has been requested to shelter one of the teams. Location givenis John Garland south of Finch, school name not given.
 Arrow (43 Bell) Arrow CIS
.Malvern How are you doing?, its
at Malvern, how are you Arrow (43 Bell) Fine how are you
Good, umm, just got a call from transit Control…
  Arrow (43 Bell) YupMalvern Ahhh, TPS, police are requesting a shelter bus Arrow (43 Bell) A shelter busMalvern Yup, and they need it on John Garland just south of Finch Arrow (43 Bell) Okay, John (pause) Garland south of FinchMalvern Yup, had a school there, the school had a football game, apparently after thegame they all got into a big fight. Police are asking for a shelter bus to shelter the one team I guess that was involved. Arrow (43 Bell) Okay, football team fight, okay.Malvern And they need it ASAP sort of thing. What was your badge sorry? 
 Arrow (43 Bell) Ahh 60049.Malvern 60049 Arrow (43 Bell) Ya. Ok 
I’m gonna…
 Malvern Thank very much. Arrow (43 Bell)
I’ll call you back 
15:47:06 Transit Control calls Arrow CIS for an ETA
 Arrow (41 Bell)
 Arrow CIS this is UlricTCC 
Hi Ulric, it’s
at Control  Arrow (41 Bell) Hi 
 TCC I just called Malvern for a shelter bus for a football field  Arrow (41 Bell) For a football field TCC 
Ya, hopefully they’ve called for the bus cause I need an ETA, TPS are calling
 Arrow (41 Bell) Okay, they just got the call, so we have to take minute to search things, let mecall you back TCC Okay, just ask for 
  Arrow (41 Bell) Okay TCC Okay bye
15:50:41 Arrow Road (CENSORED) contacts 21/36/1359/60106 and gives instructions to off load andre route to provide shelter
 Arrow (43 CIS) 21 Run, 21 Run21 Run Hello Arrow (43 CIS) Hi, how are you21 Run Okay  Arrow (43 CIS) Where are you now 21 Run At (cannot understand reply, NextBus shows bus EB at Jayzel at 3:51pm) Arrow (43 CIS) Your going eastbound 21 Run Eastbound  Arrow (43 CIS)
Okay, we need you bus to do a shuttle bus, okay, it’s just a shelter bus
 21 Run Pardon Arrow (43 CIS) A shelter bus21 Run A shelter  Arrow (43 CIS) Ya, a shelter bus, so if you go out of service at the next one21 Run
I can’t, I have a fu
ll bus, do you want these people to lynch me Arrow (43 CIS) You have 3 buses right behind you

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