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Inside Story on Benghazigate

Inside Story on Benghazigate

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Published by Vienna1683

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Published by: Vienna1683 on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 According to sources in the State Department and the CIA, and interceptedcommunications from the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama "staged" the attack in Benghazi inorder to create a monumental "October Surprise" that would guarantee him re-election.Yes, you read that right, and no, I'm not making this up. Obama, we now know, is and hasbeen working with the Muslim Brotherhood secretly to engineer the release of the "BlindSheik," Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Centerattack.In Obama's October Surprise, he intentionally set up the consulate to have no security sothat Chris Stevens could be kidnapped, and held for ransom by Al-Qaeda (and the MuslimBrotherhood). Then, several days before the election, the plan was to trade Chris Stevensfor the Blind Sheik, making himself look like a hero, and all but guaranteeing re-election.This was one of the top reasons why Obama was so insistent on the Muslim Brotherhoodgetting $1.2 Billion in U.S. Aid. They were to have a primary role in getting Obama re-elected. That is why, even though they knew days before the attack, that it was going tooccur, no effort was made to bolster security.It was intended to be non-existent. The Libyan security forces were intended to quietly slipinto the night when the attack began. And they did, just as planned. That is why, eventhough 2 C-130U gunships, which were built SPECIFICALLY for this kind of attack, andwhich could have saved the lives of our people there and were a mere 45 minutes away,were never scrambled at any time during the attack.There was to be no resistance whatsoever. That is why there were not one, but TWO armeddrones flying over the consulate during the conflagration... our CIA operatives on theground were painting targets because they knew air cover was available. That is why, eventhough requesting support and backup three times, their requests were not ignored, butwere intentionally, specifically DENIED three times, and they were told to "stand down,"which basically means to "surrender." That was part of Obama's plan.They were not to fight back. That would potentially undermine the kidnapping effort andcause unnecessary "complications." That is why, even though the CIA operatives and ex-Navy Seals were on the ground, providing real-time reports, and even though they were"lighting up" the source of the mortars attacking the compound with lasers, no gunships orsupport ever came. They weren't supposed to resist. That wasn't "part of the plan." It alsowasn't part of the plan for one of the CIA operatives to intentionally defy Obama's orders,and who rescued the body of Sean Smith and engaged the enemy who was attackingAmerican soil. It was supposed to be "Clean. Quick. Efficient".Kidnap the Ambassador and get out. Then Save The Day in the "nick of time." They didn'tfactor in a tiny group of highly trained ex-Navy Seals/CIA operatives... American Patriotsand heroes. Even though they eventually lost their lives in the firefight, they managed toemploy the full measure of their skills, and took out over 80 attackers in the process...

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