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Are You Having Difficulty Finding Motivated Sellers

Are You Having Difficulty Finding Motivated Sellers



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Published by REISkills2.com

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Published by: REISkills2.com on Jan 30, 2009
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Are you having difficulty finding Motivated Sellers?Are you new to Real Estate Investing?This e-book can help!================================================ How to Attract Sellers When Buying "Subject to"by "Charlie" and Randy France and Bob MeisterThis article is Step One in the series "10 Steps to Subject to: Get Paidto Buy Pretty Houses in Nice Subdivisions."--It's time to order your signs and flyers.--It takes about two weeks to actually get your signs printed, delivered,and placed in the right locations. We use this simple ad:We Buy Homesxxx-xxxxYou see, we don't want to educate our prospects with a sign. We just wantto get them to call. So we don't put an extensive message on the sign.The more information you put on your sign, the FEWER people will call. Somake your message simple to get more calls.Where should I put the signs?Picture this: A prospect gets fed up with his boss. He seeks newemployment and gets an offer from a new employer in a new city. He seesyour sign as he pulls into his subdivision.Thats where you should put your sign--at the entrance to the subdivision.
Put them up high if possible. Put them to the left, right, and centered atthe entrance.A spouse gets into an argument and is thinking about a divorce. As the carpulls out of the subdivision, he looks up and sees your sign.Get the idea?We use flyers, too. Lots of flyersthousands. We distribute them into the
subdivisions where we want to buy homes. We do this over and over again,every four weeks.A couple gets their property tax bill. Wow, it just went up over $500.Then they get your flyer that says you'll buy their home in seven days.What should the flyers say?Your flyer should have a call to action, examples of homes that you haveacquired, your phone number, and statements like..."What have you got to lose?""Call now""No obligation""Offers within minutes"
We place signs where drivers will see them entering and leaving thesubdivision. We use flyers that touch on major issues that will make animpact the sellers.What are those issues?First is our credibility. Would you give a real estate investor the deedto your home based on a single page flyer? Probably not.Thats because our flyer gets their attention, but it doesn't give us
credibility. So we must establish a message on the flyer that conveys ourcredibility. We provide our flyer in our course, Profits While We Sleep. It works. Itovercomes the sellers main objections about calling us.
Next, we use a flyer that has a call to action. We want the recipient tocall us NOW. We simply and frequently say What have you got to lose? by
calling us. Finally, sellers are pounded by Realtors looking for a listing. So we sayWe don't want to list your home--we want to buy it.
Be careful not to use phrases like We pay cash. Why? Because that may
turn off the seller who has no equity.Do we buy homes with no equity? You bet we do. If you use the AutoProfitsoftware, you'll see that we'll still make over $20,000 on deals that haveno equity.Remember the purpose of the sign and flyer is to get the phone to ring.Don't try to educate the seller on your technique. You can do that whenthey call. Remember that sellers want you to be credible, but you need toreinforce their desire to sell their homes.How often should I send out flyers?Pick the location where you want to buy homes. Pick a specific subdivisionwith three-bedroom homes and saturate the homes every four weeks.If you don't get any calls, move on. Our experience shows that if thesubdivision has homes that are listed with Realtors, then we'll get calls.Do other forms of advertising work? Sure, but not to the extent andpredictability that these two techniques do.When using flyers, you can determine where and when you'll get your calls.We like that degree of control.PS. If you don't get any deals from those calls, continue to read thesesteps because what you say on the phone is messing up the deals.Read Step Two: Use Your Business Phone to Maximize ResultsAbout the author...Charlie France is a super-successful real estate investor who specializes
in getting the deed (also know as subject to).In 1993, Charlie and her husband, Randy, started investing in real estateand bought a few houses. After attending a Ron LeGrand boot camp in 1995,Charlie and Randy got more serious about real estate and started seriouslybuying and rehabbing houses. By 1997, they were growing tired of usingtheir own money and charge cards to buy houses, and they were even moretired of dirty houses that needed repairs and deadbeat tenants who did notpay their rent.Charlie thought it would be great if she could get free houses and nothave to do repairs. The rest, as they say, is history. Charlie and Randydecided to start getting the deed. They have purchased over 100 housessubject to. They currently have 57 homes, and 46 of them were purchasedsubject to. ================================================ Finding Dealsby Dwan Bent-Twyford and Sharon RestrepoIt stuns us how many investors say, I can't find any good deals. Folks, youre
 not looking!There is an abundance of deals out there, but you have to actually work to findthem. We think that many new investors, who watch too much late-night TV, areunder the impression that if they decide to become an investor, the investor
 fairy will drop deals out of the sky. Not true!
Investors actually have to work just like the rest of the world. The difference isthat we are not stuck in a nine to five rut and bound by the bosses rules. Our
 job is fun, profitable, we make as much as we are willing to work for, and we helppeople along the way.We want to share a few of my favorite methods for finding deals.First and foremost, the oldest method in the book: knocking on doors! Were here
 to tell you that knocking on doors is still the best way to find deals becauseother investors hate to do it. The biggest problem is that investors dont know
 what to say. Its simple, just tell the homeowners that you were at the courthouse
 doing some research and noticed that they have a pending problem with theirproperty and youd like to help. NEVER mention the F word. get your mind out of
 the gutter.. we mean foreclosure. Ask them if they took care of it.Typically they say, Yes. Ask what they did filed an answer, sold it, brought
 the back payments current, what? You can tell by the blank look on their facesthat they havent taken care of anything. Offer your assistance and move forward
 with your deal.What about postcards?Do you religiously mail them? To whom? Most investors mail postcards to people inforeclosure. This is a great idea, but did you know that there is a wealth ofother information that is public knowledge? Try mailing to people in probate;going through a divorce; in bankruptcy; and landlords who just walked out ofeviction court. This information is public knowledge that the typical investordoesnt tap into. NEVER be typical.

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