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Stout and Grimsby

Stout and Grimsby

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Last Paper written for Civil War History with Dr. Tebbinoff December 2012 at Luther College
Last Paper written for Civil War History with Dr. Tebbinoff December 2012 at Luther College

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Published by: Val Littlewolf(Heike) on Nov 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harry S.
writingstyle vs.Mark Grimsby
Harry S. Stout’s writing style vs. Mark Grimsby
History of the Civil WarDr. Ed Tebbenhoff Luther CollegeVal Littlewolf Heike11/30/2012 2:06:20 PM`
Mark Grimsby style is more enjoyable for me it allows me to think this isn‟t pure fiction.
The intrusive intelligence used to tell his thoughts about William T. Sherman. Grimsby allows
the reader to feel like we are listening to or as if I‟m a fly upon the
wall. Mark Grimsby wrote
The hard hand of War Union Military Policy toward Southern Civilians (Grimsby). Grimsbybelieves that the reason so many authors write about William T. Sherman is because of the factthat the Union General would go to such extents trying to explain his actions.Mr. Grimsby discuss the fact that the Civil War was the first to use the idea of 
” and how it is a precursor to the way the twentieth century would deal with conflicts they
would find themselves in. Mr. Grimsby puts out that readers of history especially futurehistorians should see history with perceptive, I felt like the point was that we should read historylike professors should teach without personal opinions. Only in that way are we the audience of any piece of educational literature open and responsive to that, which
is the writers‟ truth.
 Mr. Grimsby
 painted the picture of why the need of explaining all of Sherman‟s march
horrors as if Sherman saw his actions as realistically harsh so maybe the real reason in realitySherman dilute the actuality of his actions so the President would not be so troubled by theharshness of his actions to gain the best as Sherman saw it end results.Sherman appeared to really despise the wealthy, Grimsby writes how General Sherman,like the Irish King William. (Grimsby 173) Maybe this was one of the reasons the plantations
Harry S. Stout’s writing style vs. Mark Grimsby
were devastated.
The results of the horrors committed by Sherman would have been more
horrible if it hadn‟t been for Sherman‟s officers under him. There were many rules like in order 
to sack a house it had to come down in a form of a written order not just because the troops werecurious. Sure the confederates were the enemies but it was what seemed like a lifetime thesepeople were Americans, honored friends, and more family.One of 
William T. Sherman‟s officers during the “March to Atlanta”
was was
General George Thomas. (Trust) I was curious about who was at least one of his generals. I wasdelighted in reading the particulars about General Thomas definitely would have been involvedin deferring staunch mean spirited orders from a commander with venom in his veins towardthose he felt deserved harsh treatment simply because of maybe Sumner having been fired upon.Several of these officers later complained about the outright stealing of these residencehomes valuables making the soldiers of the North no better than common thefts. (Grimsby 199)
How is it possible that Sherman saw his March as statesmanship; that‟s asinine to this
(Grimsby212)reader?Last night I went through several pages finding very little referring to General Sherman
in Harry S. Stout‟s “Upon the Altar of the Nation”
(Stout) so I looked with clearer nuance oncemore and was astounded that I had missed so much. Upon page 419 (Stout) , I found that bothSherman and Grant were of the mind that the South deserves whatever was dealt out towardthem. That sentiment holds such harsh foreboding and malice.Stout on page 418 (Stout) stipulates that though harsh events took place Sherman neverissues the orders that as Captain Kirk of the U.S. Enterprise or Captain Picard would have
General Sherman isn’t the only general that took war to this extreme look at the Vikings or the or
the Roman’s,
Persians, It was harsh to the extreme but this was War not a picnic.

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