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Healing Sounds

Healing Sounds



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Published by Hermit
Good write-up on Chakras & Healing sounds
Good write-up on Chakras & Healing sounds

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Published by: Hermit on Jan 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Goddess Saraswati "Essence of Self" Plays the music of creation.
The Vedic Epiphany: Key to the Mystery of Creation
The vedic epiphany reveals that the world is the self-sacrifice of thecreator...
God becomes the world.
..An omnipresent intelligence expresses itscreative potency through the creation. In the Vedic revelation, God does notcreate the world…
God becomes the world.
 Western religion and science offer a deist paradigm. In deist philosophies, Godlies outside creation. The Vedic worldview is profoundly different; here theworld is the self-sacrifice of the creator.
The world is God. All creation issacred. To know thy self, is to know God.
The World is Music:
The vedas reveal that the world is sung into being.
An unfathomableintelligence, conceives of a goddess...who sings the world into creation.Creation is vibrating as an expression of ultimate intelligence, ultimate wisdom,ultimate love... in a universal harmony of 
.The Goddess Saraswati is the personification of this mystery, the embodiment
of divine creative intelligence. Her vehicle is the swan...the highest flying bird,which symbolizes the breath of life. The Great Mystery of life, is carried onthe breath.Saraswati’s celestial instrument is the vina, which symbolizes creation.
Thus wehave Ultimate Intelligence, carried on the breath of life, playing the music of creation.
 For millennium musical instruments were often fashioned of the guts and hidesof animals. For these guts and hides, resonated most profoundly with themystery of music and the winds that carried these sounds to the heart and mind.There is no musical instrument more perfect than the human body. Indeed thehuman body... like all of nature... is a musical instrument. The ancientsunderstood this.
The latin word for breath is spiritus.
It is
that plays the instrument of nature. As we breathe the tissue of our bodies are stretched by the act of breathing in a cycle of atunement to nature and the cosmos. On cellular andmolecular levels the tissues stretches to modulate it’s musical pitch. As webreath there is a lengthening of the tissue to the keynote of resonance that, crossculturally and trans-historically, the ancients called the Air element. Thusthrough the keynote Air, life force stepped down from the subtle universalelements into embodiment. Then in quantum fashion the inhalation balloonedthe tissue into the radiant keynote of the creative potency of the solar Fireelement. Next in the cycle of breath is a still-point, where inner and outer forcescame into balance at the Earth element. Then the tissue contracts into resonancewith the lunar keynote of the Water element. Nature is a fabric of ultrasonicresonance, attuned to the keynotes of: Earth, solidity; Water, the resonatingfluid medium for life force; Fire, the functioning of creative intelligence; Airthe feedback process which is the essence of intelligence; and Ether whichmodulates sacred space between the subtle universal elements of the cosmosand the material elements of nature.All of nature is vibrating in a life giving state of praise attuned to the voice of the Goddess Saraswati singing the holy word... singing the music of creation.Saraswati means essence of Self.
This understanding is a key tounderstanding the great mystery of life force energy.
In Polarity Therapy we work with the body and nature through this ancientepiphany of the world as music. Our approach to energy healing is defined by a
constant intention to address the Soul...the animating intelligence in the body...holistically, through hands-on bodywork, healing diet, vitalizing movement andliberating insight into the unity and sacredness of all life.
 Healing ThroughConscious Sound Vibration
In the ancient wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma, the medium of creation is conscioussound vibration. According to the Vedas, the universe is sung into being. The Logos orthe Divine Word becomes all the worlds. The power of Parabrahman the Supreme Beingis Sabda-Brahman the Divine as the primal sound energy.Sanskrit, which means "perfected, well-made, polished," is an artificial language,"...patiently refined sound by sound, bearing in all its details the imprint of consciouswork, constructed on the very principles of thought, of creation, in a fashion very similarto mathematics but more flexible and wide ranging in its applications."1The Sanskrit language "is scientifically formed and co-ordinates with universal basicprinciples that build and unfold all manifested things. Its very alphabet is a mantra . . .revealing the song that was sounded in space when the world sprang into being. TheSanskrit language is constructed in harmonious relation with the very truths of existence .. . "2Mantra, which means "mind instrument," is psychoactive. Mantra is the scientific use of sound to manifest states of consciousness. The rules of Sanskrit parallel the rules of manifestation.In Sanskrit, "the word is not just a sound arbitrarily connected with an object or event,but is essentially a voice, a force producing an effect directly on the substance of being. Itpossesses to the utmost the power of any true and genuine poetry or music, to create aresonance in the subtle substance of being and to bring about in the listener a fineattunement to the experience of the seer, poet or composer."3

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